Lamest Closet Edits Ever

Totally lame closet editing coming your way.
Happens that on an earlier post today I
realized how many new things I had bought
in April and that none had left my closet during this month.
So out of total guilt I just pulled out some ill fitting bras along with
a cracked red belt and a top I have not worn in at least a two years.

Skinny red patent belt                                                Exclusive! brand top 

SO, yes these are my closet edits.
I told you these were lame.

April Purchases

I was out of control in April.
I have no excuse.
Here are my purchases, that actually came from 
all over - let me explain.

First there were the on-line purchases, which were:
SHOES from Zappos.

Nude peep pumps from Fergalicious and TSUBO heels
these added up to 72.99 USD 

Then I went to a local store and did a little bit more damage.

Eileen Fisher lavender cardi  9.99 USD   American Ragpie rust cardigan 5.99 USD

Gentle Fawn dress 9.99 USD   Rachel Roy tan dress 9.99 USD

Then I traveled to Brazil for work and made a quick
stop at a shoe store. Yes, shoe store - 
and picked up some locally made goods.
43.71 USD
Tan laser cut wedges - check out those heels !

Barbie pink patent wood heels

Zapatinho de Luxo brand flats 

Both added to 75.89 USD

Came back from my trip and picked up some amazing
accessories: Ralph Lauren tartan and animal print scarf,
Animal print scarf from INC and a grey striped neck wrap.
Each one for 3.99 USD

Then I encountered this long fabulous flowing dress
from I heart Ronson for 19.99 USD - minus 25% off , it
was actually 14.99 USD

 Then I met this striped jacket by Modern Amusement,
who gave in for 9.99 USD

 A tan beret, for when I go back to Paris (wink*!) and a tan belt.

I had been looking for some orange and came across two items :
Bella long sleeve cotton tee for 1.99 USD and
Orange Sawary blouse 8.99 USD

Print TOP SHOP 1.99 USD

Finally, below are items that are from last month, which
I forgot to include in my March purchases...
Zora brand pleated grey skirt 13.99

Exclusive! brand jean flats 3.99 USD

Animal print jumper 8.99 USD

I went overboard.

It all added up to (gulp!)

319.74 USD

I am speechless.

Still Sick but happy

800 Posts !?
MNG Jeans - Carven tank- Junction West cardigan -
Urban Expressions Bag - Zapantinho de Luxo flats - Tiffany silver accessories

How about that ?
A ROYAL WEDDING and my 800th post ?
I think I just made your day :)

Have a good weekend !

The Magic Castle

A few years ago while in Los Angeles for 
a cosmetics marketing meeting we 
were invited to a magical dinner at:
The Magic Castle.

It was "magical" enough for me to be in Los Angeles
however this night was really special as it made me
feel like a kid again.
A great magic show and a good dinner where magicians
would come up to your table and turn 1.00 USD dollar bills into twenties...
Forget David Blaine or Kris Angel (ok, let's not - he's hot) 
this was the traditional magic I would see on shows, circuses,
or even in private presentations at birthdays while growing up.
I loved being able to experience it again: the wonder, the surprise, the intrigue...
I totally hate shows like "Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally  Revealed" - seriously what is the point of ruining the magic for us ?

Black trousers - White blouse Da Moda by Periorities - Urban Expressions bag - Michael Kors heels - OUT jean jacket
So last night when I was cleaning out a drawer and came across my yellow Magic Castle button pin, it brought back nice memories.
 So I decided to pin it on my jean jacket this morning.

We can all use a little magic in our lives.

So, So Sick

My cold has become an awful and 
painful ear infection that requires 20 days
of antibiotics - yes, just what you wanted to hear !
Well, at least you CAN hear !

Black dress - H&M beige cardigan - Biviel red shoes- Neiman Marcus black tote

However, I am at work today as
I have plenty to do.

Ralph Lauren scarf
I have some stuff in my head that I would like to have
your input on....
You have 3 children, all 30+, all college graduates.
The Middle child is married and works.
 The youngest is living with a partner and works.
The eldest lives in your home and doesn't work.
You own a house (that you live in) and a huge plot of land.
You see the need, even though you are in good health - to sit
down first with your "kids" and then with a lawyer, 
so all is taken care of in case you die.
What would be the correct or in any case, how would you
distribute this ?
If you need additional information to give an answer, 
please let me know....

Listography Wednesday : Still Catching Up

When I commit, well I commit.
However, I am so behind on my Listography Wednesdays !
-it's not even funny- 

As I continue to try and catch up, today's list is:

 List your favorite romantic comedies.

So, here are my picks:

50 FIRST Dates - Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore

Image via

There's Something  About Mary - Cameron Diaz & Ben Stiller

Image via

Music and Lyrics - Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant

Image via 

How about you ?

Any romantic comedies that crack you up ?

Inspired By: Jil Sanders

Oh color !
I have been staying away from it.
However last night going through the March IN STYLE I just 
fell in love with this look from the Jil Sander collection.
How could I not ?

Image via

So I did the usual: searched the closet until I came up with garments
that had similar colors, however these were totally different.
Black trousers - Bella orange top - Sagos fuchsia beach wrap - Lela Rose for Payless green pumps -
Turquoise skinny patent belt Forever 21 - Black Neiman Marcus tote bag

For me the fun part about being "inspired by a look" 
 is the fact that usually the outfit would have been something
I would have never come up with on my own.

Monday: Not !

This is a post I did not want to do.
Mostly because I think the pictures are awful
and because as much as I love this dress,
I am just huge in it.

Blue Dress Freesite - Zapatinho de Luxo pink heels - Urban Expressions bag - Vintage pendant and ring 

However either I accept it as my new reality or I begin doing something about it.

Guess What ?

Something really interesting happened, 
that I thought needed a post on its own...
Maybe it will not be that interesting to you
because it's more "normal".

I (heart) Ronson dress - Alfani sandals - Urban Expressions bag - H&M headband - Vintage pendant & ring

However I ran into another blogger !
Which is totally odd ... specially where I live.
I can't see very well from afar (yep, I need glasses), so I doubted a little.
Because in the past I have gotten up to say hi to people I think I know - 
only to realize when they are right in front of me - that my poor eyesight has tricked me - into saying hello to a complete stranger.

So, I was at a brunch yesterday and saw a familiar face.
It was so weird. It's like meeting someone you already know, 
but, that you don't. Does that even make sense ?

Anyways I ran into Marie from 

She is so tall and so much prettier in person !
I certainly hope I didn't scare her as I went over
to say hi.

I have always thought I may run into someone I read if I
were walking the streets of New York or while on the DC metro, 
certainly not here at the brunch in hotel that is right next to where 
I work.

It was certainly a nice Easter surprise !

How about you ? 
Have you ever met a fellow blogger ? 

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a special day.
For those of us who believe: HE HAS RISEN.

For others it's just a long weekend, a good excuse to 
get together with the family - and it's all fine  :)
For me it was early mass followed by a brunch.
Huge brunch. The "I am still full the day after" type of brunch. 

I (heart) Ronson dress - Alfani sandals - Urban Expressions Bag - H&M headband 
I felt so comfortable in this dress !
But my H kept picking on me saying it was a pijama that belonged
to my grandmother and that she was calling because she needed it back.
So, maybe I'll belt it next time ?

How was your Easter ?

Easter Saturday

I have been so sick...
Have a cold, had a fever and it's just a terrible feeling.
However I had things to do, such as getting my car checked,
paying for 2008 ticket THAT WAS NOT MINE! but that the local
government decided to "assign" to me - 
the car was not even mine in 2008 !
The thing is the government staff are just so ... low in the food chain.
It's not even worth the try.

So after that, I went to see RIO !
The animated film that takes place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
I am not a fan of these type of movies and usually avoid them 
at all cost - however this film totally won my heart.
image via

Product Review: L'Occitane

First I must make a confession:
I love all L'Occitane products.
I love walking into their stores and smelling everything and I love the samples
they send me when I buy on line.
However I do not love that the products are pricey, pricey but good.
I have been using their Shampoos and conditioners for a few years now.
Not only do they smell wonderful and totally transport me to
the fresh French meadows everytime I wash my hair but they are
gentle enough for frequent use.
They do not leave any residue and they leave my hair clean and
ready to style.
Although, I have to be honest here, I rarely do anything to it
but let it air dry...

Catching up: Listography Wednesday !

 List where your daydreams 
take you for spring break.

I am traveling in time !
For Spring Break I am going to the mountain side
where my Grandfather had a brother.
It was a huge coffee state on the top of a mountain.
It had a river going through it and had mountains full of pine forests 
and hundreds of orange trees.
Here we would play with the chickens, pigs and horses.
The weather was cool and all of my cousins would get 
together and play all day long - until dawn....

Pale, pale, pale

I am so pale that I have a friend who calls me

Gentle Fawn dress - H&M cardigan - Michael Kors sandals - Urban Expressions Bag 

Some friend I have !

Modern Amusement

Modern Amusement is the brand name of the
jacket yours truly is wearing this morning.
I fell in love with it over the weekend.

Levis Sandybell reissue jeans - Forever 21 ruffle tank - Striped jacket Modern Amusement

What I am totally amused at is the fact that I paid 8.99 USD plus tax for it.
And I just found it on line HERE being sold for 99.00 USD.
So, yes.... SCORE !

                                      Vintage pendant                                                        Sleeve detail 

Happy Wednesday !