Easter Saturday

I have been so sick...
Have a cold, had a fever and it's just a terrible feeling.
However I had things to do, such as getting my car checked,
paying for 2008 ticket THAT WAS NOT MINE! but that the local
government decided to "assign" to me - 
the car was not even mine in 2008 !
The thing is the government staff are just so ... low in the food chain.
It's not even worth the try.

So after that, I went to see RIO !
The animated film that takes place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
I am not a fan of these type of movies and usually avoid them 
at all cost - however this film totally won my heart.
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KATHY said...

Buen dia lore!! la peli rio es maravillosa!!! mi territa

otra cosa..ame la camisa!! muy fashion!! besos y buen lunes