So, So Sick

My cold has become an awful and 
painful ear infection that requires 20 days
of antibiotics - yes, just what you wanted to hear !
Well, at least you CAN hear !

Black dress - H&M beige cardigan - Biviel red shoes- Neiman Marcus black tote

However, I am at work today as
I have plenty to do.

Ralph Lauren scarf
I have some stuff in my head that I would like to have
your input on....
You have 3 children, all 30+, all college graduates.
The Middle child is married and works.
 The youngest is living with a partner and works.
The eldest lives in your home and doesn't work.
You own a house (that you live in) and a huge plot of land.
You see the need, even though you are in good health - to sit
down first with your "kids" and then with a lawyer, 
so all is taken care of in case you die.
What would be the correct or in any case, how would you
distribute this ?
If you need additional information to give an answer, 
please let me know....


KATHY said...

Ahora si Lore!!! hermoso el vestido con los accesorios!! beijosss

ana said...

mmm... pues yo digo que lo mejor es vender la casa y repartir el dinero entre los tres y el terreno depende que tan grande sea dejarlo a los tres por partes iguales...
creo que es lo mejor... así después no hay problemas... creeme estoy en una situación similar...

Emma said...

Your outfit is very well put together. Ear infections are the WORST! I really feel for you.
As far as the situation with the kids, I would divide things evenly among the 3 kids and would tell the eldest (if they are healthy and able to work) that they need to get it together.

Stacey said...

I have two children and one is self sufficient and the other is not - I struggle with this dilemma as well; however, in my will I have everything distributed evenly.

Anonymous said...

Is this a trick question? You're not living at home are you? LOL. I sense some frustration, but seeing that I have grown children, I have chosen to distribute the wealth equally. Now should one of my children be the cause of my death (and convicted), then the finances will be distributed differently. ; )

Feel better, and I do like how your scarf and shoes look together. I've been thinking all day about a creative way to work my thrifted red shoes into my wardrobe.

Bombshellicious said...

I would distribute the wealth evenly too unless any one of the children had a drug habit then I would ensure that they had to be drug free before they would benefit plus I would add in other stuff as well. Not that you have said anything about drugs at all though hahahahahaha. Loving the scarf in the outfit xx

Bombshellicious said...

oops and sorry forgot to put hope you get better soon xx

Megan Mae said...

Hope you feel better soon. I think it's a matter of distributing the wealth appropriately. Some people are going to be more attached to physical heirlooms, others will not be as attached. I think a living will and a traditional will are both very good things to have. I think it's a tough decision to decide to do things evenly or not, but if there is difficulties in the family - consider stipulations in the will.

Kristen said...

So sorry you are sick! But that scarf is awesome. I love the clashing patterns.

Your question hits pretty close to home for me, as I am in a family of 3 children where 2 of us are successful and the other is a mess, of her own volition. I have a terrible feeling my parents will leave more to the messy one out of guilt, and I can't really come to terms with that. I think it will only make things worse in distancing us from her. My hope is that they would split it evenly but it's a pretty distant hope. Frankly, I am not sure they will have much to distribute as they are getting in bad health already in the mid-60s and are retired. So it may be a moot point.