In Valentino

I'm in Brunnen for work.

As I talk to someone while we wait for other people to 
arrive she says she likes my grey cardigan. I thank her.
She then asks the brand, I mutter "It's Valentino"
and quickly add "it was a gift from my mother".

Nude wool trousers + Grey and nude cardigan Valentino - Nude pumps Flexi
I thought that was the end of it. Well, no.
As the people we were waiting for begin to arrive she suddenly 
finds it amusing to tell everyone who my outfit is made by.

I want the earth to open up and just swallow me.
What is the point?

Some people are just… (fill in the word).


Straight from Zurich Airport

I took a flight Sunday only to arrive
the next day in the afternoon to Zurich.

Liz Claiborne jeans - Black sweater
Although the flight was ok, 
you know any flight takes a toll on you.

H&M scarf - Geox black flats
However in order to avoid the jet lag you
need to keep on going.
So, right after I arrived the hotel it was time
to work.


Little or no effort

I have a little riddle for you today.

FCUK French Connection  grey bicycle dress - Brown flats Franco Sarto 

What happens when you make little or no effort, 
throw anything on and then and
go out for breakfast ?

Want to guess ?

You run into everybody

and of course the day you make an effort and 
look great, you only run into your shadow.


Saturday 6:45 am

I walked out the door at about 6:40 am
on Saturday, headed out for class.
Red jeans Old Navy - White button down shirt Forever 21
I got to the classroom at 7:00 am sharp and sat there for at least
15 minutes before my professor walked in.

Bubble necklace - Nine West flower and stripes flats
You thinking what I'm thinking ?
Next Saturday I will leave home at 7:00 am
and get 15 more minutes of sleep :)


Crisp white shirt

Ever since I read about Carolina Herrera's
white crisp signature shirt, I've been on the hunt for one.

Gap jeans - Gold vintage belt 
I guess it is one of the reasons why I have over 
20 white tops in my closet.

White button down shirt Forever 21
However the white crisp shirt is yet to be found.

Gold flats Nine West
In the meantime, this one from Forever 21 will do.

Have you found your perfect white shirt ?

What brand is it from ?


Repeat H&M

As you  may have read before, one of the reasons
I keep a blog is to avoid outfit repeats.

Blue skirt H&M - tan and blue top H&M - Franco Sarto tan flats 
Today I am not living up to this pledge.
I just changed shoes and bags.

Below are from 2011...
I guess it's been that long, it really doesn't matter.


The Swiss Cardi

This cardigan has been around for over ten years.

Trousers Valerie Bertinelli - Isola burgundy flats - Purple bag Coach
Looks vintage, but it's not.
I actually bought it at a local store, but did take it on a trip
to Switzerland a few years ago.
So it brings fond memories.

Tan button down shirt Tommy Hilfiger
It does not appear often on the blog as I just don't wear it
and I am having second thoughts on keeping it.

However, for some odd reason, 
I feel I cannot part with it.

What do you think, is this a keeper ?