Green good bye

Made up my mind.
White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Fuchsia top Apostrophe - Green jacket Tangerine - Silk on Shoes flats - Venezia bag
The green jacket is leaving my closet.
Sometimes just you cannot beat around the bush.


Genuine Smile

This was a genuine smile.

Dress Richard Chai for Target 
Sometimes you have to fake those.

Grey shoes BCBG Generation - Bag Venezia 
In this case I was "caught" by the concierge
as I took my pictures.


I just smiled :)


Green Tangerine

I did some organising in the closet,
specifically blazers and cardigans.

Black dress George - Green jacket Tangerine - Black shoes Moleca
I pulled out five, those that I never wear and decided to try 
them and see if I really, really wanted to keep them.

Purple bag Coach
In that group was "Green Tangerine".
This green jacket made by "Tangerine", 
I've had it for at least 3 years.
Worn 4 times since 2012, apparently in 
2012 it was quite popular.

These days, not much.
It's cropped, has a hole inside a pocket and 
I am no longer a fan.

So, I'll be trying Tangerine once more before I let go.


Food and I

I have a love-hate relationship with food.

Chambray Shirt Stradivarius - Jeans NYDJ -
Flowers and stripes flats Nine West
I love it, but hate that too much of it makes you fat.

In this same topic, if you could only eat 4 different foods 
for the remainder of your life, what foods would you choose?

Certainly two of mine would be pasta and chocolate...


Cut in Krakow

Sometimes I like to dare myself.

Grey bicycle dress FCUK - Blue suede flats Zara
Like the day I went in a Polish
beauty salon and without speaking a
word of Polish, asked for a hair cut.

Purple bag Coach
I closed my eyes and voilá:
a fringe.


From Krakow

After my work trip I took a few days off.

Gap jeans - White t shirt - Grey jacket Suzie Shier 
Spent some time in Krakow mostly to 
see historic sites, specially those related to
World War II.

Purple bag Coach - Blue suede shoes Zara 
It's a dark period of history that interests me.
I loved every minute of it.

Now, I am back home and 
back to work.


Portable closet

As mentioned before, this time around
my suitcase, aka "portable closet" was all
about basics.

Basic garments and basic colors:
black, white, nude and grey.

In Brunnen
When I pack I usually do it around one outfit.
I will put together my main outfit head to toe
and then work the outfits for the next days
using garments from the "original" first outfit.
This time, my "main" outfit was the one above.

On Lake Lucerne
For me its a lot easier and that way
I use everything that I pack.
I don't leave any space for guessing
or creativity.

At Einsiedler
This time around, however if had to pack again, 
I'd probably pack half of what I took.