My shoe sale

In case you're interested I have a shoe sale on e Bay,
which can be seen in the Pinterest folder here .
These are all size 6 and the brands listed are Moschino Cheap
and Chic, Kors by Michael Kors, Me too, Nine West, 
Adolfo Dominguez and Giuseppe Zanotti.

If you have any questions leave a comment.



Today was one of those days I got up
late and for which I had not prepared my outfit.
Navy blue boatneck top Charter CLub - Brown button down skirt Zara - Brown shoes Baci
Meaning I pretty much grabbed the first things I saw.

Half asleep I put together three colours that I 
really thought looked good together…
 when I was fully awake ;)

This outfit took me from work to school
and then finally home.

Vintage gold shell and pearl necklace 
My last couple of days have been over 15+ hours long,
so there's not been much time for anything.


That scarf you don't know how to wear

This is it, we all have one:
that scarf that you don't know how to wear.
Jeans Saltworks - Blue striped blazer Forever 21 - White tshirt -
Brown wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction -
Tartan and leopard print scarf Lauren Ralph Lauren  
In my case, its a tartan and leopard print 
Lauren Ralph Lauren scarf. Its ruffly and short.
I've had it for a few years however its only
been worn 3 times and unless I can find a
really amazing way to wear it, I am going to
have to let it go.
Vintage gold shell pearl necklace
Any ideas ? 

Below is how it has been worn before.

2011 "cowl neck"              2015 tied on a tote

How would you wear it ?


Closet edit thoughts

If you have been around long enough you 
know I am constantly editing my closet.
AGB cream dress - Baci brown heels - Red suede belt
I usually wear things one last time to give
the garment and me a last opportunity
 to change my mind… sometimes feelings
get in the way, because yes, admit it, sometimes 
we just get attached to things - as stupid at it may sound.

This AGB cream dress ABS tan dress however
I am not attached to. Its not a great colour, the fit is
not my favourite, the button seems like its gonna
pop, its high waisted and lets be realistic, 
I have better dresses.
Why waste a day wearing this ?

Here is how it has been worn before.

By the way … if you are interested in anything 

from my closet edits, I am willing to ship it your way.


School break

I am making the most of these last *free* evenings. 
Dress Antonio Melani - Nude heels Sam Edelman -  Book clutch Kate Spade - Earrings vintage Chanel 
In a few days I will be back in school, attending class 
until a little after 9:00 pm.

So, yeah, in my world, this is what a break from school looks like.



I am always eager to try pattern mixing 
even if the approach is subtle.
Striped dress H&M - Leopard print flats Me Too - Black tote bag Michael Kors 
This time around it was stripes, leopard and tartan.
Tartan and leopard print scarf Lauren Ralph Lauren
A simple mix.

By the way … if you are interested in anything 
from my closet edits, I am willing to ship it your way.


Vintage chandeliers

I attended an event this weekend.
White lace dress H&M - Nude heels Sam Edelman
It had been a while since I wore my gold mother of pearl
vintage chandeliers - so today it seemed appropriate.
Book Clutch Kate Spade
The chandeliers were a gift from my
grandmother when I was little.
They don't get much wear, because, well
I tend to think they are a little costumey.

But now that I look at them, I think they're not.
It's evident our tastes and views change.