Blue dress Charlotte Russe - Red tote bag Victorinox - Straw hat 

Walking around bright white domes, blue skies... it's the colonial city of León in Nicaragua, specifically the roof top of the colonial church of Asunción.

The moment I stepped barefoot (you're asked to remove your shoes) on the white floor and looked up, I was totally in awe. 
The bright whiteness reminded me of a white field of snow, being on a cloud or a sight of Mykonos, although I've never been to Mykonos. 

The sole idea of discovery was a thrill. 
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Outfit Globalisation

Black and white polka dot pleat skirt and top Liz Claiborne, similar skirt here and here - Black cardigan H&M, similar  
Red velvet heels Melissa similar - Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino, almost identical here and here 

As mentioned yesterday I packed polka dots and flower brooches for this business trip. Today it was all about this two piece set that actually looks like a dress. Its easy to wear, does not need to be ironed and fits marvellously well. Interestingly, the polka dot top and skirt were hand me downs, the red velvet shoes I bought in Brasil, the flower brooch is from an artisan market in Buenos Aires, the cardigan (made in China) bought at H&M during a NYC trip, the bag, the newest of them all, a Moschino quilted bucket bag was purchased in Panama. Talk about outfit globalisation.

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Polka dot travel capsule

Black trousers - Blue polka dot shirt - Black cardigan H&M - Blue flower brooch - Taupe heels Breckelle's -
Quilted bucket bag Love Moschino 

When packing for my trip to Managua I thought I would focus on polka dots and flower brooches as a theme for my travel capsule.  First of all because I love polka dots, second I have not worn them in a while and third they all worked with my black cardigan. As for the flower brooches, I figured they would distract anyone from paying attention to me wearing the same black cardigan day after day. Tricks of the trade ;) 
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I am the first to admit its been ages since I got a "blogger award" however it was really nice to receive one as it reminded me of when I began blogging years ago and to keep that spirit alive I will happily abide.

The Unique Blogger Award Rules:

1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you :


2. Answer the questions ask by the person who nominated you;

My answers to Cris:

*. If you could pick a person anywhere in time and in history to have a 30 minute conversation. Who would you pick? 
It would probably be a relative I did not meet, a great grandfather or great-great grandmother.

**. If you could change 1 thing in the world. What would it be?
Stop the production of plastic.

***. What makes you happy? 
Achieving goals.

Feel free to choose an answer and leave your reply.