Little jacket

I vividly recall when I purchased this little jacket.
Black dress ABG - Military button short sleeve jacket -
Black and nude flats Marc Fisher - Bag Venezia
It was in a local department store, there were very few 
of them and the label had been removed, 
so I had no idea what brand it was.

Then somehow the excitement wore off and I could only find I
wore it twice in almost five years - and then today.
So, its probably also going on the donation pile.. or not.



Loosing it

I usually don't lose things.

Green dress J. Jill - Black cardigan Forever 21 -
Black knot belt H&M - Bag Venezia - Wild Girl print Flats 
Last thing I lost and could not find was a vase.
Yeah,  I know a vase.

How about you ?

What was the last thing you lost ?
Did you ever find it ?


Starting a conversation

Have you ever been in one of those rather
uncomfortable situations where there is
silence in a table and you feel obligated
to start a conversation ?

White puffy blouse Zara - Jeans NYDJ - Innovativi wedges
Bag Venezia 
I've had my fair share of those.

My go-to topics are usually weather
and traffic then transitioning into
something else.

How about you ?

How do you start a conversation ?


If I wrote a book..

If I ever got around to writing a book, 
it would be about history.

Red blouse MNG Mango 
My second book would be about
manners and common sense.

Nude heels Sam Edelman - Bag Venezia
How about you ?

If you ever got around to writing a book
what would it be about ?


Going in the bag

Here is another one going in the bag.

J. Jill dress -  Sawary beige striped jacket  
This jacket is cropped and is not an easy garment to wear.

Innovativi wedges - Bag Venezia
Believe me, I tried it on with al least five other outfits 
before deciding on this one.

Open or buttoned up, it does not really make me comfortable.

If its not an easy item to wear, it's just taking up space
as it's only been worn four times in 5 years.

That's more than enough reasons.

Here's how its been worn before:



Green good bye

Made up my mind.
White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Fuchsia top Apostrophe - Green jacket Tangerine - Silk on Shoes flats - Venezia bag
The green jacket is leaving my closet.
Sometimes just you cannot beat around the bush.


Genuine Smile

This was a genuine smile.

Dress Richard Chai for Target 
Sometimes you have to fake those.

Grey shoes BCBG Generation - Bag Venezia 
In this case I was "caught" by the concierge
as I took my pictures.


I just smiled :)