Nude Quest Top

A nude top from about 7 years ago brought
this outfit together.
Black blazer Theory - Black trousers Red Valentino - Brown rose pin
It's barely been worn in the last 6 years - 
maybe two, three times ? 
Not enough to stay in the closet. 
Nude top Quest - Black patent shoes Zara - Brown tote bag Coach
So, today it makes its last appearance.
Brown sunglasses Michael Kors
The sad thing is that I actually like how it looks
but I just never wear it.
Makes no sense to hold on to it. 
See below one of the very few times it was worn.
May 2011
Are you holding on to garments that you 
never wear even though you really like them ?


The Striped Suit

During a trip to the US in March 2014 I visited 
JC Penney minutes before heading to the airport.
You know, one of those last minute purchases.
Black sweater - Striped skirt Worthington - Black patent heels Vince Camuto
There I came across this striped skirt and matching jacket.
I was too lazy to go to the fitting room and bought the 
two garments without trying them on. I chose to buy a skirt 
that was a bit larger than I would normally wear 
considering that if it was too big it would be easily tailored. 
When I tried my new striped suit back home, 
the skirt was too big and the jacket too tight. 
So I took the skirt to the tailor and ordered a bigger jacket on line.
I'd try to sell the smaller jacket and that would solve the issue.
Wrong. My tailor misplaced the skirt. 
After about 10 months I began to search for another 
skirt on line and was lucky to find one via e-bay,
the skirt would still need tailoring.
When I finally received the skirt, I took it to her so she 
can fix it. The day I picked up the skirt she tells me 
she found the original one, so I now have two skirts.
Luckily for me a friend bought the second suit from me and
it fit her like a glove.

Have you had a similar experience with your seamstress or tailor ?


Black Black and Brown

Workwise, this week was announced to be a busy one. 
Natural Exchange black blouse - Red Valentino black trousers 
When you know you're going to have "one of those", 
the idea is to "prepare".
Zebra print heels Bershka - Black tote Coach - Sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger
Prepare and be ready for whatever comes your way.

While it does not make it any easier, 
at least you're not caught off guard.

That kind of helps, helps you cope with 
the longer days, the stressful moments and
the continuous meetings. 
It's a state of mind.  


Beach day

The wedding was held at the beach, so staying an extra day made sense.
 Horse print jumper Millibon USA - Black flip flops Soda - Beware of Sharks tote Kate Spade
It had been ages since I had been to the beach.
When was the last time you went ? 


First Wedding

My first wedding of the year took place this weekend at the beach.
I was so happy to attend, as its an honour to be invited to any wedding,
as making the list of guests is just an endearing task.
For this family wedding, a bright flowy dress seemed like the way to go.
Accessorised with a bright blue Zara bag, Swarovski leather bracelets 
and gold cocktail rings. 
The ceremony was out of a fairy tale, the bride arrived in a horse drawn carriage.
While sitting in an open air ceremony, guests given water and parasols 
for the heat and cold mimosas afterwards.
Such a beautiful event...


First 2016 Closet Additions

Many of my January closet additions were
actually gifts, such as this 3 piece KlickKiss set, this Active USA 
grey sweater, the nude Punto Roma scarf and Italian printed top.

A gift from grandma was this vintage small embroidered handbag.

A hand me down was this sleeveless top with small nude dots.
Another gift was this grey / brown light weight scarf from Punto Roma.
Also gifts were this ocean theme gold tone necklace, the grey 
and white pearl bracelet, the silver tone evil eye charm bracelet
and a pair of Swarovski earrings (not pictured).
Also gifted this grey pashmina and a pair of Nike tennis shoes.

I picked up an Adidas running shirt for 16.05, 
maybe, just maybe I will run in it.  
A Bershka black pair of trousers for 21.40 USD, a Philip Lim for Target 
dress for 6.40 USD and I exchanged my Red Valentino Cherry pink 
glitter flats for pair of black trousers that fit quite well.
A trip to the thrift store allowed me to score these two dresses:
a striped one by Zara made in Spain, Marni 2009 dress made 
in Portugal, at 1.07 USD each.
A marvelous vintage find was this small evening beaded bag, 
made in France for 10.00 USD.

Oh, add 10.00 altering for trousers ... 
66.00 USD.

First 2016 Closet edit

Starting off with one of the most short lived items
 in my closet: the pink salmon Jolly Chic pant set
purchased just two months ago.
Let's be honest, it did not fit well. The color was not flattering.
An Eileen Fisher lavender cardigan with a hole in it.
A Zara white top, hand me down from about 2012, worn 7 times.
Stained, odd fitting Rachel Roy dress and a cream Worthington 
cardigan that was snagged. 
A brown turtle neck was also in the bag, worn maybe 3 times in 
several years, I am not a turtle neck person.  My black blouse by 
Natural Exchange, worn 5 times in 6 years, it's time to go.
A light blue jean dress by Gentle Fawn, purchased in 2011,
worn about six times, I noticed by looking at the pictures that
it was high waisted and unflattering in addition to having faded
in the under arm area.
Also a Esley dress from 2011, not easy to wear, not a great color.
So sad to let this Carolina Herrera bag go, but it was
unwearable in this state, I don't know what happened to it.
Worn only ten times, paid 30.00 on ebay in February 2014. 

A pair of stainless steel firefly earrings that were happily received by a good friend and finally a gold tone two hears necklace from 2011, Forever 21 - that was not so bright and shiny anymore.

13 pieces.