Just 3 more

I have three more weeks to go 
and then it will be my last semester of school.
NYDJ Blue - Gingham JCP Button down shirt - Striped flats Nine West -
Beware of Sharks tote Kate Spade - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
I will then have more resources and time 
to do other things I like.
Or so I say...


Thoughts of a blogger

Have you ever had one or several posts that 
have a lot of views but no comments ?
Pink dress Valentino - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Blue bag Coach 
This happened recently on a post from a few days ago
and I could only wonder, as one of the things
I love about blogging is the interaction.
What makes you comment or not ?


Tweed and pearls

I am attracted to tweed and pearls.

Black short sleeve jacket Mossimo
Maybe its because they exude a Chanel vibe or 
it could be the vintage feel to them.
Black trousers Zara - Black patent shoes Zara 
Regardless, I chose to pair them today.
White ruffle blouse - Black bag Roberto Cavalli 
A pearl brooch and a short sleeve 
 jacket I am debating I should 
part with… or not.


Unthought of

For as long as both of these garments have been
in my closet, I never ever thought of pairing them

Flower print button down shirt Liz Lange - Burgundy trousers Valerie Berntinelli -
Black cap toe flats Zara - Black bag Roberto Cavalli
It was a great coincidence they matched so well 
and to think it was unthought of...



I am unable to pronounce the letter r.
Zebra heels Bershka - Black trousers Zara - White lace blouse vintage
Well, at least in my first language, Spanish.
Black sweater C'est - Black bag Roberto Cavalli 
I cannot roll my rs, so when I have to do 
any public speaking, its something I am 
conscious about.. but it's never stopped me.


A white party

My last few weekends have been filed with social events.

This time around it was a birthday celebration, a white party.

So, from the depths of my closet comes this little strapless dress,
which is actually off white - but who cares.

I purchased it years ago and wore it then to a baby shower.
It was the first and last wear - until today.

Vintage bag Bloomingdale's  - Owl ring Forever 21
The kid is 8, so I am guessing the dress is about 9 years old.
As you can imagine, this dress is leaving the closet.
I am really intrigued on how its remained in the closet
for so long after so many edits...


Beware of Sharks

I am a sucker for bags and
shoes, and well other things.
So you can imagine how I'd easily fall for 
this "Beware of Sharks" tote.

Saltworks Jeans - Striped tote bag Kate Spade - Innovativi wedges -
 Off whilte sweater Tommy Hilfiger 
Although to be honest, what we really 
have to beware about is people.

Sharks do no harm.