Not getting dressed

Sometimes I feel like I am throwing on 
garments and not thinking them through.

Brown skirt - Neon blouse H&M - Michael Kors sunglasses
 Leopard print flats Me Too - Purple bag Coach
Today is one of those days.

It's not the same as getting dressed.


Eye call

I'm pretty sure this has happened to you,
you've been "eye called".

Blue plaid jumpsuit Zara Trafaluc - Burgundy heeled loafers - Purple bag Coach

Its that moment when you look at someone, well
because they have been looking at you and 
somehow even though you are not seeing it,
the stare is so strong you can sense it...



When you feel like quitting,
Black shorts - Black tshirt Daisy Fuentes - Purple Coach bag - Black flip flops Soda
Think about why you started.


3 ways

This is probably the last time you will see me wear this
colourful cardigan like piece.

Black dress ABS - Printed cardigan -
Purple Coach bag - Black flats Sam Edelman 

 I don't think it is working for me, I also found a tiny hole in it.

So, on this last time wearing it I thought it could try
wearing it three different ways: 
knotted at the front, open and tied at the back.

While I kind of liked the tied at the back version, I
felt constrained in it, I guess its what a straitjacket must feel like.


If you want to know..

If you want to know where your heart is..

White dress H&M - Jean Jacket -
Gold flats Nine West - Purple bag Coach
look where your mind wanders…."

I must admit my heart is all over the place ;)


Self made

A few months ago I picked up this colourful fabric with
the intention of sewing a skirt for myself.

Black short sleeve button down - Skirt - Red shoes Biviel - Purple bag Coach 
It took me a while, as not only have I never taken
a sewing class, but I did it without any patterns.

While I can only look at the imperfections: 
high waisted, pleats are not the same size, 
finish is poor and so on - I have to admit that
I am quite proud that I sewed it on my own.

The best part of it all was getting compliments and humbly answering
"It's not perfect, but I made it myself".


Terrible hair day

All I could think of when I uploaded 
this picture was " Wow, what a terrible hair day".

Leopard print button down shirt Antilia Femme - Brown skirt - Brown flats Franco Sarto

How did I manage to walk out the door that day ?
Yet… it happens.