My Pinterest Outfit Fail

Black dress George, similar - Jean Jacket OUT, similar darker wash
Black flats Parfois - Black tote bag Furla
White fabric flower necklace Forever 21, almost identical in grey

I had something else in mind when this outfit came together in my head and trust me, it looked nothing like this.  
In fact it looked something like this image which I have saved in my Outfit Inspiration board on Pinterest. 
Meet my Pinterest Outfit Fail - do you have a Pinterest fail ? Something you tried inspired by a Pinterest image, but that did not quite make it?

Black Missoni

Black dress George, similar - Black top Missoni, similar - Black tank top 
Black tote bag Furla 

Black silver pad lock belt Michael Kors, another padlock option - Silver block heel shoes SM, sim under 20.00 USD

I purchased this Missoni top sometime ago. Wore it recently with trousers and it felt and looked big and bulky. Now I am trying it over a dress with a belt. Have to admit it looks better on the pictures than it actually felt. 
How else would you style this bulky top?

Complimented Items

The other day I attended a wedding and had someone stop me to inquire about my Kate Spade book clutch. I was so flattered and went on to explain it was an old collection and that she could find it on Ebay.  
Then I spotted someone not ever complimenting the bag, sitting and chatting to me, taking a picture of the bag without me noticing... guess she liked it too.

Anyhow this got me thinking of the items I have received most compliments for in the last few months. Here it goes:
1. Kate Spade Book clutch, much more affordable options here, here and here.

2. Printed H&M Maxi dress. I wear it backwards a lot, its such a versatile garment. Options here, here

3. Céline Sunglasses. These not only protect my eyes but always add a style factor to the look. I really love them, similar here.

How about you, what items get you most compliments when worn?