Desigual Dress

A few days ago I had a birthday.

Black and white dress Desigual  - Black patent shoes Zara - Grey bag 
This black and white retro print dress from
Desigual was one of my presents.

I loved the print, the 60's feel and
the fact that it fit perfectly.

Don't you just love it when you are gifted something 
and I totally works ?

Chanel pearl brooch.
You get the feeling the person really knows you.

Black silk bracelet from Turkey
And can imagine them picking something special for you.

Pearl rings Parfois 
It just makes you feel special.


Blue suede flats

These blue suede flats from Zara
were purchased in February 2012,
almost 3 years ago.

Blue trousers Jones New York - Blue flower print shirt Tommy Hilfiger -
Striped sweater Tommy Hilfiger - Blue suede flats Zara - grey bag 
I remember seeing them on another blogger
and then hunting for them.
I went to several Zaras, several times and
they I found them on sale.

When I got dressed this morning I looked down at them
and realised that they were in really bad shape...
I paid 30.00 USD for them and wore them at least 34 times,
so I truly got the bang for my buck.
Off they go.


Busy schedule

I was just looking at my schedule this
week and it seems busy.

Blue trousers Jones New York - Striped sweater Tommy Hilfiger -
Grey flats Zara - Grey bag - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction
I've got a bridal shower, a wedding,
a rehearsal dinner, a baptism and then some.

The downside is I'll be beat next week,
on a bright note, I get to dress up and 
have fun.



When I uploaded these pictures 
I realised that most of my outfit came from Zara.

Jeans Zara - White top Zara - Silver flats Zara - Grey bag 
I have a love-hate relationship with this store.

I like their garments.

However lately I have noticed some quality issues,
like crooked hems, piling fabrics and dresses sans lining.

Pink leather Swarovski bracelet - Vintage cameo silver ring 
Its still difficult to stay away :) 



During December something happened
with my eating habits. I admit they have
never been really healthy, but this time 
around I ate and ate and then ate some more.

NYDJ Jeans - White tshirt - Green cardigan American -
Green necklace - Silk on Shoes flats -  Grey bag
Then at the beginning of this month I travelled 
and indulged in room service, deserts included.

So you can imagine how uncomfortable I feel, 
every time I grab for something in the closet
and its tight… sigh.


Not what you say

It's not about what you say.
It's about how you say it.

Printed skirt Jones New York - Laser cut top MNG Mango - Yellow heels Tsubo
When the Caribbean market was within my territory I
 had to visit a lovely store in the Cayman Islands.

Jean Jacket Forever 21
Usually my visit was at the same time 
as another brand's representative.

The girls at the store would be terrified 
of her (I will keep the brand name to myself)
and all over the place, getting the store ready 
for her visit.
She always found something not to be enough,
there was always something wrong.
They told me she would shout and be very rude,
they were obliged to sell her brand but they did not like it.

I learned something from them and her, it was
that sure, we all need to get the job done -
but, I can tell you the exact same thing
by just adjusting the voice tone, body language,
and keeping it cordial. 


Breaking the rules

I shopped this dress breaking one my
my rules: never buy something without trying it on.

Blue striped dress Reserve - Tsubo yellow heels - Grey bag 
I just had to skip it this time around.
It was so cold.

I had a jacket, a sweater, a shirt, scarf, 
gloves and a hat to remove before trying it on.

Just to think of having to remove all of these to just
try one dress on, seemed totally unrealistic.

Gold tone bird necklace Forever 21
So without much further at do, I just looked at it and thought
"it fits", luckily it did.