Time Out

A fun night out to celebrate a birthday.

Black jumper Praia Collection - Zebra heels Zara - Vogue magazine clutch

The black jumper did the trick.


Flea Market Coming Up

There's a flea market coming up where  
I'm gonna be participating in as a vendor.
It's my second one.

Green top Apt. 9 - Black shorts - Green flats 
I am looking forward to the possibility of selling some of my clothes.
Currently, I am in the process of cleaning the closet and deciding
what to sell. 
Black corduroy Guess bag 
This time around the green top I am wearing and the black corduroy bag from Guess will be on the clothes horse for sale :)


The collar

I have several vintage collars .

Banana Republic brown trousers - Beige George top  - Vintage collar
Blue suede shoes Zara 
I really like them, however, I have a really hard time wearing them.

I thought of giving one of them a try with this look.

Now that I look at the pictures, I can confirm that 
I was not happy with the results.


Three holes

I've been wanting to wear clothes from my closet 
that I had forgotten about.

Pink jeans Papaya - Striped tank top Forever 21 -
Black jacket Nine West - Black shoes Zara 
I was already reconsidering this top when I put 
this outfit together.

The pink striped top is long, material is very thin, 
I almost never wear it and it keeps moving around 
providing with the audience with a cleavage if I am
not careful. 

So, you can imagine I was not very saddened by
the fact that the top had three holes in the back.
This, I realised at the end of the day,
luckily I did not take the jacket off during the day.


People you just have to meet

I think that there are people who are meant to be
in your life, people you just have to meet.

Levis jeans - Calvin Klein - Geroge - Tsubo yellow heels
It doesn't matter if they play a significant role or not.
But for whatever reason, you just have to meet them.
Your paths have to cross.

With this is mind, I have two cases I can think of.
One of them is a guy who use to come into the office for 
weekly meetings when I worked at an advertising agency.
 For at least 6 months I saw him come in every Monday.
I don't recall ever having a conversation with him, 
but I have to admit I was a fan.
Then a few years back, I "met" him and had the 
opportunity to get to know him and he was quite a guy.
The other example, is a family who lived next to my grandparents'
home who we came to know and love as family.
Had we not met earlier, we would have met in 
another apartment also as neighbours, as they happened
to rent in the same building we later moved to - not knowingly 

So they say, there are no coincidences..   


Similar fabrics

It was one of those crazy mornings when
you wake up late and don't have too much time to
think about what you are going to wear.

Brown trousers Banana Republic - Brown jacket Apt. 9 - Green printed top Apt. 9 -
Marc Fisher flats - Black patent flats Kate Spade 
As I ran my fingers through my jackets I realised that this particular jacket 
had almost the same fabric as my Banana Republic trousers.

Without giving it too much thought I decided to wear them together.
I was not that happy with the results, but I think it was actually
the fit of the trousers that just did not work for me.


Old School

Recently I had the opportunity to visit one, if not the 
poorest town in my country.

Its small and hours away from the capital city, many inhabitants are indians. 

Black mini skirt Forever 21 - Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Black flats Jessica Simpson
The children have the highest malnutrition rate here, there is no secondary schooling available and their natural resources are currently being polluted by open air gold mines.

This is the old school...