Upsetting People

Three weeks ago I attended a meeting with
government authorities.

Gap jeans - Yellow blouse LuckyCom  - Purple bag Coach -
Silk flats  Silk on Shoes 
We were working on a law proposal.
Upon finishing the meeting, we set
the next meeting date: in two weeks.

The day before the scheduled meeting, I had
not received the document draft with the changes.

So I sent an email informing that I was attending
the meeting the next day but, that I had not received
the document we had worked on.

The lawyer assigned to the task was very upset 
that I had made this remark.

Sometimes I feel that I have this God sent 
ability to upset people, but come on, 
What are we in,  high school ?


Early o late ?

I am the type of person that would rather
go into a room when its empty rather than
when it is full.

Black dress George - Zebra print heels Bershka - Purple bag Coach
 - Pearl handcuff necklace Forever 21- Pearl bracelet Forever 21
In order to accomplish that, I try to 
be as early as possible anywhere I go.

How about you.
Early or late ?


Vintage Clip Ons

I usually don't do clip on earrings.

Black trousers - White sleeveless button down shirt Intrigue -
Black flats Sam Edelman - Purple bag Coach 
They tend to be heavy and smash my earlobe to a 
point that I usually remove them during the day.

However I recently got a vintage gold tone and white pair 
from my 98 year old great aunt, I could not say no.

I wore them today and they were not bad.
Sometimes when I chose to wear things that I do not consider
"my style" I get out of my own comfort zone and am 
able to explore other possibilities.
In this case it was clip ons and earrings larger than usual.
I think they worked.



Have you ever been in a situation where you are lead to 
believe its all a "big coincidence" ?

Richard Tchai for Target - Purple bag Coach - Grey flats Zara  
I have.

But, this time around, it was me making someone
believe an encounter was just a "coincidence".

I can only wonder if he bought it.

Gold tone Bird on a branch necklace Forever 21 -  Invicta vintage watch - ioblu wrist scarf

Sometimes I can be quite mischievous.


Inspired by...

On the multiple boards I have on 
Pinterest, there is one dedicated 
to nail art- where I pinned this:

I have to admit I limit nail art to hands, 
I do not like it on toes, period.
However the above image inspired me
to get something similar done in my hands.

Once again, limiting it to one nail as I find more than one a bit too much.

I have always thought that you can usually wear anything, you just have to 
adapt it to you and what feels right for you.

Oh, and before you ask, no I did not do it myself ;)


Six shorts

In a country where it's sunny
most of the year, you'd think I 
own at least a dozen shorts.

Black shorts - Bow blouse Forever 21 -
 Black flats Sam Edelman - Purple bag Coach 
Happens I don't.

First of all, in my country we don't dress
for the weather - yeah, I know -
and even laugh a little at the tourists in flip flops.

SO, finding this pair of shorts was actually
quite a win … 
Oh, and in case you're curious, I own 
6 pairs of shorts 


The perfect accessory

As I have said it before, one of my favourite
accessories is 
a pair of sunglasses.

Green jumper MNG Mango - Leopard print flats Me Too -
Purple bag Coach 
The brand is the last thing I look at. 
I look at shape, colour, coverage and comfort. 

Beige cardigan H&M 
Sunglasses important for maintaining 
good eye health and in addition they 
automatically take the your 
look to the next level.

I wear them often on the blog
and in "real life" you'll always 
see me with a pair on hand.

Michael Kors sunglasses

Don't you agree on how these
elevate the look ?