Fake hellos

Are there fake hellos ? 
Black trousers Star City - Black and white Hello Kitty top Forever 21 - Burgundy loafer heels Koaj
Its those messages you receive that say
"Hi" but that are totally empty and irrelevant.


Lose or Learn ..

Sometimes we are drawn to think that
everything is a competition. That we have to win.
White shirtdress Forever 21 - Red flats Stradivarius 
So, looking at it another way, I read somewhere:
"I never lose. Either I win or I learn."



The moment I saw this dress at Forever 21 I knew I wanted it.
Black blazer Theory - White waist tie dress Forever 21 - Zebra print heels Bershka
Yeah, sure,  I would have preferred another colour.
One that set it apart from looking like a lab robe or a nurse's 
uniform (as a co worker referred to it this morning).
Would have also loved it more if the fabric had 
not been so see through. But, since I could wear
it with a slip, I figured it was ok.  
White sunglasses Kate Spade
When you like something at "first glance", 
your judgement is clouded and you make
decisions based on other principles - that when sense 
falls back into place, well it's kinda late. 
So, today I finally wear my tied at the waist dress,
with flaws and little adjustments here and there, 
it was: Love at first sight.


White Wide Legged Trousers

Had been wanting to give these white trousers a last
opportunity before letting them go.
White trousers Ann Taylor Loft - Black tshirt Danskin -
Cable & Gauge snake print cardigan - Black patent flats Viascar
However this had not been possible as they did not fit.
Every time I tried them on, they were so tight.
However they fit today.
Through the day I realised the trousers were low cut,
the seam folded up does not help my small stature,
and since the hem is not long enough I cannot add heels.
I've heard you should never make promises when you 
are happy or make decisions when you're sad.
However this is one I won't regret, so, off they go.


The fake smile ..

the one you offer with your lips
but not with your soul.
Black culottes Forever 21- Horse print top Via Vai - Black patent shoes Vince Camuto 
There's been plenty of those lately.


We're done

Just grab and wear whatever. 
Jeans Unionbay - White button down shirt Gina Tricot - 
Vintage scarf Cacharel - Sunglasses Michael Kors - Boat shoes Aldo 
I wore this shirt and didn't wash it, could pass as "clean".
Just throw it on, no need to tuck.
Smile to make it through the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Or not.
We're done, or am I ?


At 7:18

Somedays just start off terribly...
Black blazer Theory - Jeans Zara - Grey flats Zara - Floral print scarf H&M
Wether it be insomnia, a knot in your stomach
 or a goddam bad hair day.
The best scenario is that the day evolves in a way
where is does get better… right ?
Lavender top Forever 21