In San Salvador

A short trip midweek to El Salvador.

Jeans Zara - Sweater Tommy Hilfiger - Black flats Sam Edelman
A lot to accomplish in a few days.

Blue bag Coach - White sunglasses Kate Spade - Scarf Fendi
Trainings, meetings, press,
store checks and then some...

Let's see how that goes.


Coin Necklace

During my failed attempt at organising my
accessories, I came across this coin necklace.

Grey skirt Casual - Yellow blouse LuckyCom - Grey and yellow pumps Kelsey Dagger 
Its been worn once or twice - maybe.

Silver envelope clutch bag Zara - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Today, I thought I would give a try to wearing it .

While I am grateful for so much, I cannot but
have mixed feeling on the many unworn items
that just take up space- 

I have been down this road before and
have yet to find a way out.

In the meantime I will just keep on trying.


If it were a sport…

If "binge watching" was a sport… 

Black bow top Mossimo - Trousers Zara - Black sandals Red Lips - Black tote bag Michael Kors 
I'd be at the Olympics !


Wedding attire

Lately it seems like I have a wedding to attend to every other month.

Black gown Teri John 
This year I have at least one more - that I know of. 

Silver envelope clutch Zara - Vintage cameo ring 

Whenever I am invited to one, I always attend. 
I know how difficult it is to make that list.

I love to dress up.


I am terrible at...

One for the things I am terrible at
or simply cannot do is take pictures at night.

Black dress Diane von Furstenberg - Black flats Sam Edelman
However this does not discourage me from trying.

BCBG Clutch - Silk bracelet Turkey
Someday I'll get it right.


Urban Market

A quick visit to the urban market over the weekend.

Pink shorts Lacoste - Brown sequinned top Forever 21
Brown sandals Habaneros - Bronze for ring Krakow
Brown bag Coach - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors 
I had wanted to go for a while.

In a much, much smaller scale it reminded me of the Union Square
market in NYC, well specially the green concept where you 
buy directly from the producer.

The more I think of it , the only way to survive is to go back 
to where we started… basics.


Sample Sales...

I heard about an upcoming sample sale.

Black jeans overalls Zara
At first, I did not even consider going…
then I thought I'd just go and get me a decent 
keychain for my car keys.

White button down shirt Decoded - Black bag Michael Kors - Black patent flats Michael Kors
So, yeah - I went.

Swarovski necklace 
Bought everything but the keychain.