Past work

Sometimes, it feels like it was in another life.

Printed trousers Wild Girl - Printed white tshirt Zara 
But it was just other jobs.

Black blazer Nine West - Red pumps Melissa - Grey bag 
I've worked in military and federal environments,

insurance, advertising, customer service.. 

 The beauty mass market, shoes and bag design industries.

I've learned so much and come across some amazing people...

I'd do it all over  ;)



One of my hobbies is philately.

Jeans Liz Claiborne - Printed top H&M - White blazer - Innovativi wedges - Black bag Givenchy
Before I use to dedicate a lot of time to it, but lately not so much.
It's truly a different way of learning about the world.

Swarovski mother of pearl necklace
Are you into stamp collecting ?


Forgotten Givenchy

I feel so guilty when I come across an item
I have not worn in … years.

Brown and gold bow top Mossimo - Gold tone vintage earrings Chanel 
This time around it was from the bag department.

Black pencil skirt Apt. 9 - Nude heels Sam Edelman
My black Givenchy handbag had not been worn ever, 
during the last six years.

It's been so long since it has seen the light of day, 
I am considering calling it "vintage".

I don't know how I have overlooked it for so long.

Maybe it was because it was in a trunk, in its dustbag with other bags..

You know how they say "out of sight, out of mind".

If it would only apply to people..


Go to gifts..

For specific celebrations,
I have "go-to-gifts".

Black dress Diane von Fustenberg - Black flats Sam Edelman - Grey bag
For example, if a child is born, 
 or a Christening is coming up…

The odds are I will be buying perfume.

Something light, delicate, with no alcohol content.
I've found that it's something most 
people do not give.

For bridal showers, its always a card with cash.
I've seen the most absurd things being given as a gift
for a bride to be - I  mean, really you're starting a new life..
why would you want Post its ?

How about you ?

What are your go-to-gifts ?



Sometimes I stop to do some
"people watching".

Pink shorts Lacoste - Printed top H&M - Silver flats Zara
There is a particular specimen that I 
can never understand, tourists.

I watch them stroll by and can only 

why someone would someone pay
a copious amount of money to travel
to a foreign place, then stand in front of a landmark 
and take pictures badly dressed ?

Is it just me or is it difficult to see tourists who 
are well dressed... ?


Saturday Chain

Today I am wearing my Saturday by 
Kate Spade  black and white necklace.
White shorts Larry Levine - Black sweater no brand
You have no idea how many times I have tried 
it on with different outfits,
only to remove it the moment I walk out the door.

Grey bag - Black flats Sam Edelman - Saturday Textile necklace
It's not an easy piece to wear.

But, today it finally made it out of the house...


Sloth pendant

I've been rediscovering my accessories
over the last few weeks, specially necklaces.

Beige puffy bubble top no brand - White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren
Today, its my sloth pendant.
Sloths are cute medium sized mammals,
who are extremely slow.

Grey bag - Brown wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction 
This sloth pendant is actually made from a seed
called tagua that resembles ivory and is also called
vegetable ivory.

This little guy has been around for quite a fews years.

Its carved and hand painted and I don't think I have worn it
in way too long..