The Ralph Lauren Overalls

Polo Ralph Lauren Overalls (in transit) - White sneakers 

Salvatore Ferragamo mini tote bag 

White tee shirt no brand 

I thrifted these jean overalls and had planned on keeping them until I realized I'd have to hem them, so out the door they go into my re selling pile.

During this quarantine I wore them at least 4 times only to notice that the patching and holes were too crowded for my short frame, plus I already own two other overalls. 

Too many reasons to let go.

Linking to On the Edge

Afternoon tea party

Panama Hat, similar - Vintage kimono flower print like house dress No Brand, another option here 

Yellow flower textile earrings 

So this is what it's gotten down to.
Getting dressed to see girlfriends, drink tea and talk all things vintage on zoom. 
Sometimes it's good to give yourself an excuse to get dressed. 

2 hours of freedom

Brown velvet velour jogging track suit 

I may or may not have mentioned what my 50+ day quarantine has been like. 

Basically its home all week long. Women can only go out 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 hours. There is police presence in the streets and if you go out, the odds are you will be requested your id at least 3 times in 2 hours. Those hours can be used just for going to the supermarket and drugstore. Masks are mandatory by law. 

In those two hours I usually pick up something that is needed or drop things off at my grandmother's house. I also go by my uncle's house, as his washing machine stopped working in the midst of this pandemia. I also pick up medicines and run frequent trips with Vanilla to the vet. 

When possible I take my pup Canela aka Cinnamon with me on these rides, in those two hours of freedom.