Brown headband

Believe it or not I have a drawer full of headbands.

Orange laser cut top Mango - Jones New York printed skirt - Forever 21 blue blazer -
Venezia bag - Black patent shoes Zara  
I only wear them about 4 times a year.
This time around I needed to wear it to disguise 
grown in roots… 


Lots of reading

I have been doing a lot of reading lately.

Red and white stripe shorts - Stradivarious button down shirt
Mostly as research for school papers and 
projects that are due in these days.

Flower and stripes flats Nine West - Venezia bag 
So, yeah my blogging time has been taken up by
other responsibilities ...



On Sundays I am usually outdoors.

Flowers and stripes flats Nine West - Red and white shorts - Red top - Blue bag Zara
Pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, planting sunflowers, 
picking red peppers, cutting flowers to take home…
What do you do on Sundays ?


Full day

Today was supposed to be a day 
full of fun activities that had been planned ahead.

DKNY dress - Zara silver flats - Zara blue patent bag - White cardigan H&M

Original plans included an outdoors flea market, 
visit to a new museum, lunch and then 
a Christmas concert where a friend was performing.

The continuous rainfall forced us to readjust the plans,
our flea market visit was cut short, we had to skip the museum
but were on time for the Christmas concert.

I guess there will be other weekends for the museum.


Almost there

I am almost there..

Orange trousers Sculpture - Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Flower and stripes flats Nine West 

By April I should be able to get my degree, so I can finally 
apply for a job in teaching.

Venezia bag - Light blue paper flower earrings
I've wanted to teach since I was a little girl, but
just a few years ago I finally went back to the
university to work towards that specific goal.

I'm really excited to sometime soon be able to 
check "teaching" off my of my list.


Shopping mistakes

I wish I could say that shopping mistakes
are in the past.. but they're not.
NYDJ blue jeans - Black t shirt - Black cardigan Forever 21 -
Brown wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction -  Bag Venezia
One of them is: buying an item because its on sale, another is 
not trying the item on (specially if its on sale it cannot be returned). 

I plead guilty to both.
I went into a store and dresses were 25% off.
I picked three and without trying them on 
headed to the cashier.
When I was finally home and tried them on, the verdict 
was clear: one was too big, the other was too long and
the third one was sewn poorly.

So now instead of a good deal, I have 3 dresses
I cannot return :(

What was your last shopping mistake ?


Russian Doll

Not long ago I dove into a Russian doll frenzy.

Blue jeans NYDJ - Red top Covington - Beige cardigan Forever 21 - Innovativi wedges - Bag Venezia 
All I wanted was to own garments, accessories with the
well known Matryoshka.

Forever 21 Matryoshka earrings

While I only came across earrings and bracelets with the
"nesting doll" (which of course I purchased).
Now I look at my babushkas and wonder what 
overcame me...