Black trousers Zara - Black sweater doily neckline Forever 21, another option here 

Off white block heel shoes Ricatti Italy, similar - Black satchel Rebecca Minkoff

Doily collar sweater, here long sleeve option

I often fall in love with the same "traits"or garments with certain qualities. For example a vintage like doily neckline, I couldn't say no.  How about you ? Is there a certain attribute you always fall for?


Black and white gingham dress H&M - Black flats Parfois - Black satchel Rebecca Minkoff


I was going through my accessories drawers and came across this black and red coral with turquoise earring and necklace set. I love the colors, its beautifully made but I never wear it. Today I took it out for a final spin. After some thinking, one of the things that hold me back is the earring hook type and the fact that I rarely wear any sets. 

June Edit

June's closet edits began with a mint cardigan from 2012 H&M that I took down to 1.00 USD cost per wear. I passed it on to a friend who really needed it and wore it the next day I gave it to her :) 
The blue striped blazer from 2011 Modern Amusement that I also took down to 1.00 USD cost per wear I sold through my instagram closet sale account.


The black, red, turquoise earring and necklace set was a gift from years ago, I wore it very little so I decided to also sell via IG. The taupe block heel shoes from Breckelle's date to 2017 and were worn over 30 times, taking them to 0.39 cents per wear, the ripped on the side.


Burgundy tank top That's not Funny dates from 2010 and black block dress Nicole by Nicole Miller  from 2011, purchased at 7.15 USD, worn 5 times, taking it to 1.43 USD cost per wear.


Finally a neon top by Fiory, a gift from a friend. I had to tug on it every time I wore it and finally it tore.


7 items in one month. 7 items with great cost per per as it should be.