The roaring 20's..

A surprise birthday party with a 
"dress like the twenties" theme...
While I don't own a dropdown waist dress 
I figured a simple black slip dress could do 
the trick for posing as a lady from the 20's.
Black blue sheer slip dress Tiff Tiff - Vintage beaded bag
This one served its purpose, its about fifteen years old.
Fifteen. Never been worn for the last 7.
Black suede shoes Christian Siriano for Payless
Long gloves, a long strand of pearls, 
a feather headband and a French beaded 
vintage bag did the trick. 


Mind games

Oh, mind games.
Tahari floral print dress - Black cardigan H&M
According to Wikipedia mind games are 
"a conscious struggle for psychological one-upmanship
often employing passive–aggressive behavior to 
specifically demoralize or empower the thinking subject, 
making the aggressor look superior; 
also referred to as "power games".
Black patent shoes Zara 
That ability to make a person feel stupid.
Andy bag Carolina Herrera
So, you ever been that subject 
these are being played on ?

Did you become aware right a way or 
later on.. ? 


Flower print maxi

Maxi dresses are a must in my book. 
You've got to have at least one.
Blue flower print maxi dress H&M
They can be dressed up or down.
They're the perfect hiding place for unshaved legs.
You can be dressed with minimal effort 
in half a minute.
Brown tote bag Coach - Brown wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Maxis are almost miracle workers ;) 



I wear matching items together all the time.
Meaning that if the skirt and shirt are the same 
print, are a set, I will always pair them together.
Vintage pleated peppermint skirt Liz Claiborne
Today I thought I'd wear this skirt, which 
is part of a vintage set with a jean shirt.
Blue jean button down shirt Tommy Hilfiger 

The skirt was actually a garment I had given up on.

It was going in the give away pile.
Red flats Stradivarius - Brown tote bag Coach
Same for the button down shirt. 
It was also going away.
But today I am having second thoughts.