In Citrus

When I think of "citrus" I automatically
imagine lemon, grapefruit, yuzu, lime and the 
colours yellow and orange.
Orange trousers Scupture - Vintage printed button down shirt - Innovativi wedges 
So, I figured I'd do citrus this morning…
How's your week coming along ? 


How High Will You Go ?

While browsing the March 2015 issue of In Style
I came across their reader poll, where the question
asked was "How high will you go?".
Image via InStyle March 2015 issue
So, I looked for my pair of shoes with the highest heel… 

I realised that am part of that 21% that owns a pair of 
shoes that is 5 inches tall, in this case my Cheap and Chic heels 
by Moschino, that as you can imagine, gets very little wear ;)


In green

My day began a little before six in the
morning and ended at midnight.

Jeans Liz Claiborne - Green tube top Polo Ralph Lauren -
Innovativi nude wedges - Straw bag 
As tired as I was by the end of the day,
I was quite happy with all that we were
able to do.  
We were finally able to finish some work
in our weekend home that was long overdue.  

And then hit a bbq…
I love days that give me a sense of


The Turkish Inspiration

I got a green silk bracelet from Turkey.

For me what is most remarkable about it 
are the bold unusual colours brought together
through fabric, stones, metal and pearls.
Burgundy trousers Valerie Bertinelli - Light turquoise top Septima -
White blazer Monteau - Zebra print heels Bershka  
I figured I would use it as inspiration for 
today's outfit and wear an odd combination.


Thoughts on sets…

I am the type of person that if I buy a set, be it a suit, 
a cardigan+top or similar, I will always wear it together.
Black short sleeve jacket Mossimo - Black skirt Mossimo 
Because, well yes, I am boring like that and have a
senseless way of thinking that they are meant to 
be worn together, period. 
Red tank top - Black patent bow flats Kate Spade  - Brown bag Madison Coach
So, I found in the depths of my closet this black 
Mossimo skirt+jacket set and of course, wore them together
only to realise that it was last worn in 2009…  

Same as in 2009, the skirt does not suit me - 
so I am giving up on it. But, the jacket… 
I think I will try to wear again.


Not Utilitarian

While reading the March 2015 of In Style Magazine I cam across 
a term I had not heard in fashion before: "Utilitarian".

Image via InStyle March 2015 issue 
Utilitarian is defined as something serving a purpose, a uniform that
is practical for a job - an item that is "useful rather than attractive". 
I automatically remembered that I had a garment that might fit the trend
even though it has not pockets or zippers… but it's got plenty of buttons ! 

It's my white My Michelle blazer.

Which I have described before as a restraining jacket 
but which I also refer to as my astronaut jacket. 
Black pencil skirt Apt. 9 - White jacket My Michelle -
Nude Sam Edelman heels  - Brown tote Madison Coach
I have to be honest about this garment, it 
does not get any wear at all… so at the end
its not really "practical" and "useful" as utilitarian
is supposed to be…  

Do you have any real utilitarian garments in your closet ? 


Another one bites the dust

It's amazing how I can still find stuff
in the closet that I had forgotten about.
Burgundy jeans Bandolino - White top Solitaire - Silk on shoes flats - Turquoise clutch
This time around its this white top.

Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Wrong length, top part keeps falling off the shoulder
and its totally see through.
Garnet silver vintage pendant
This is the last you'll see of this one. 

It's going in the pile for the flea market !

Above are previous wears: 4 times in 5 years.