Two paisley hankies

White skirt Zara - Blue boat neck top Charter Club - Red flats Stradivarius 
Grey circle hand bag vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
A few months ago I picked up several paisley print handkerchieves to wear tied around my neck. I love them, they add color, they are light cotton and have a vintage vibe. Today I thought I'd wear one around my waist as a belt, however either my waist is too big or the handkerchief is too small. Depends how you want to look at it ;) 
So, I figured I'd tie two of them and hide the tiny knot under a wide belt loop in the back and bring them together at the front with a big knot. The idea is quite simple and it makes the look less ordinary don't you think ? 

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Paris souvenir

Black and white printed skirt Zara - DNA black top - Black double Mary Jane Bata - Grey bag vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
During my shoe edits last week I came across a pair of double strap leather Mary Janes that sat in my top shoe shelf, last worn in 2015. While I do not recall the exact year of purchase, I do remember walking the streets of Paris in the midst of a chilly breeze and entering a small shoe shop. As it tends to happen, I tried on every other pair of shoes available while my husband patiently waited. Finally I opted for these comfortable pumps that since then have walked several countries during business trips. While they are in perfectly good shape on the outside and sole is practically new with price tag still on, the inside is another story. When I put them on this morning I was fully convinced it would be its last wear, however I am having second thoughts regardless of the how bad the inside is. Also, I am pretty sure that if I do get rid of them, Mary Janes will be in full trend three seconds after they are gone, as it tends to happen. So, for now, you'll be seeing these around: my souvenir from Paris. 

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In my overalls

MNG Mango jeans - Olive green tshirt - See by Chloe Harriet tote -
Silk on Shoes flats - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole 

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Jeans Levis - Pink button down shirt Chelsey & Jack - Grey heels Vince Camuto -
See by Chloe Harriett tote bag - Purple sunnies from the Dollar Store -
 Pearl and safety pins necklace DIY
If you visit this blog once in a while you know I am constantly editing the closet. I have been doing so and documenting it for years. In 2014 I chose to get rid of a pair of Levi's 1974 Sandybell re-issue, purchased in 2009 as they were too tight. For some inexplicable reason instead of throwing them in a bag and giving them away, they hung in a spare closet. I glanced at them once in a while but never reacted on them, until today. I figured I'd try them on, see if they fit. They kinda did (still tight), since they were flared, flared is back, I thought I'd wear them. I think I'm keeping them. Funny thing is this is the first time ever I've actually kept something I was to give away, its a true survivor, you know I can be pretty ruthless when it comes to edits. Is there a "survivor" in your closet, a garment that is on the edge, yet never makes the cut ?