Printed jumpsuit Jolly Chic, this one looks NOTHING like mine but it's FABULOUS and just 12.97 USD! 
White blazer Suzie Shier, similar 
Black velvet pumps Juicy Couture, similar 
Black tote bag Furla 
Statement necklace, similar in a lighter colour
The other day I was reading this post  and it reasoned with me in so many ways. The part that reasoned the most is how we are more scrutinised than men when it comes to what we are wearing. Because as Cee says in her post "how can we possibly live to the pressure of knowing what to wear when what we wear and how we look is apparently still the most important thing about who we are..." 
Unlike men, we are constantly scrutinised based on appearance, it does not matter if you are a queen, a first lady, a CEO or the neighbour. As Cee best says it "if a woman goes to the moon, it is almost guaranteed that how she looks in her space suit will garner more attention than her actual trip to the galaxy.."  No doubt here, it would make the cover of the magazine and read "she wore a tight long jumper... while during her moon trip", as if what we wear takes merit from what we do.
I have to say I've felt this many times. Regardless, I have learned that first we must feel good in what we wear, it must feel like us, not as if you're wearing a costume. I've understood that first and foremost we must dress for ourselves. The only opinion that really matters is mine.
Have you felt this scrutiny?

Grey mini dress

Grey mini dress Zara, similar
Lilac nail varnish Sally Hansen - See By ChloƩ Harriet tote bag, similar - Woven Florence nude flats Coach, similar

If there is one thing I am conscious about is exposure, intentional and non intentional, I try to avoid both. I think it does not add but, instead it subtracts from an outfit. 
Is this a concern for you? 

Same jumpsuit 4 years later

Black and white printed jumpsuit via Jolly Chic - Black blazer Theory "Gabe", identical here
Black tote bag Furla, similar here 
Nude patent heels Flexi, almost identical here
Sometime in 2014 I ordered this black and white print jumpsuit. Back then I wore it twice (here and here) and that was the end, it was never worn again. Fast forward four years and I'm wearing it again, this time around with heels and a blazer. I now realise that the reason I probably never wore it in the last four years was because I never had it hemmed, the printed fabric on the bottom part of the jumpsuit is really clingy and from the back it looks like I am wearing diapers (you really don't want a glimpse) - it's terrible ! Now, I have to say I like how it appears in pictures and that after another wear it's going on consignment.