The Prada top

I've had this Prada top for quite a few years.

Da Moda bermuda shorts - Prada white top -
Innovativi wedges - Kenneth Cole teal sunglasses
It's light, comfortable and can be dressed
up or down, depending on the need.

Today, it went with me to work.
I think I need to wear it more.


Elle inspired

Last night while I did some organizing I came across
some magazine clippings of Elle.

Brown jeans Style & Co. - Personal Identity Top - Brown flats Franco Sarto
I had saved these so I could use them for inspiration,
which is exactly what I did today.

Image via Elle Magazine

And in my book, these colors worked.


Because of the brand

I plead guilty to buying something just because of the brand.
Mint skirt Worthitngton - Scarf print top Feline - Blue wedges BCBG - Pink bag Tommy Hilfiger 
I have been infatuated by the name brand on the label 
and have purchased the item just for that.

Have totally disregarded fit, paid little attention to the fabric and cut
and have been fully convinced by just the name of the brand.

However when you actually wear the item, the name tag is no
longer visible and then those important things begin to show.

Are you like that ?
Get all excited just because of the brand name, 
get carried away, buy it and 
then end up with an ill fitting garment ?



Over the weekend a friend moved to her new house.
Black shorts Worthington - Light turquoise top Septima - Jessica Simpson black flats - Pink bag Tommy Hilfiger
When we called her to see how she was doing, we realised that she
was on the verge of having a panic attack due to the large amount 
of boxes sitting in there living room.
So we drove over, helped unpack, find a place for things, 
drilled a few holes…

A few hours later, the place looked like a home.


Ace of Hearts

Out of my nail inspiration folder in Pinterest come these 
two fabulous manicure images.

 I headed out to the salon thinking which one I would get, 
because I couldn't make up my mind.

 I kind of mixed a few elements.

The results remind me of the Ace of Hearts.


New, to me

I have written about hand me downs before.
I have absolutely no problem in receiving them,
although I do have a few friends that would 
flip over and die if they had to wear anything 
that was not new to them.
In fact recently I went a a thrift shop with a  
friend who cringed at the idea of even entering 
the place. She did not want to touch anything.
Thankfully, that's not my case.
This month three fabulous items entered my 
closet as a result of hand me downs.

One of them was a black suit from Collezioni Armani.
It was my mom's and since she is no longer wearing it, 
it's now part of my wardrobe.
Suited for warmer climates, it may come in handy for future business trips.

Also new to me is a beige pair of trousers from Valentino and a matching grey cardigan also from Valentino - these pieces also came from my mom's closet. 

Finally, a pair of black Salvatore Ferragamo shoes a hand me down from 
my 96 year old great aunt - these are almost new.

These new to me items are quite an addition.

How about you, any new to you items entering the closet ?


Black flats

In case you were wondering…

Jean skirt Sawary - Blue top Zara - Pink bag Tommy Hilfiger
today I am wearing black flats.

Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
Yeah, I know I cut them off.

Well, at least I do know now.