The day I got rid of polos

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A few weeks ago I put together a box of shirts to take to the consignment shop. About half of them were polo shirts. There were striped ones, bright pink ones and more conservative hues. I was not wearing them anymore so why hold on to them?
Years ago I would wear them a lot. In fact I wore them so much that I did a series of posts on how to wear a polo shirt to work. I did five looks: worn with a white skirt, denim skirt and blazer and even under a vest. The above pictures are from that series of posts that date to 2010.
What can I say, as it tends to happen, the moment I got rid of the polos I saw a huge campaign from Polo Ralph Lauren and how these were making a come back ! 
Luckily I think I left two or three in the back of the closet ;)

Are you a polo shirt wearer?

Every other post

Signature trench coat Cole Haan 
Jeans Zara - black tote bag Furla - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender 

You may have noticed that on every other post I am wearing this trench. Well, it's because its been cold and it's the only cover all I brought on this +10 day trip. Many days I have not taken an outfit picture because I have left too early or arrived too late to the hotel and on both occasions it was dark. 
As it usually happens, when its so cold I just miss the heat, yeah that same humid heat I miserably complain about. Human nature, will we ever understand it ?

Previous life

Striped dress Gap, here sleeveless option with pockets 
Nude Florence flats Coach, similar - Harriet Tote bag See by Chloe, similar under 20.00 USD 

I must have lived a previous life. It's how I explain the innate love I have for all things vintage, all things with a previous life, all things with history. How I am drawn to old neighbourhoods, old homes, old furniture and always tend to think that the past was always better. Sometimes forgetting to look ahead.