I had a really weird encounter a few days back.

White mini skirt Calvin Klein - Pink tank top Zara - Turquoise tank top Septima 
I was taking some pictures and this young guy comes up 
and starts talking to me about situations I am confronting
and my future.
First of all I was really surprised then, when he began
getting 95% of things right I just got spooked.
His name was Milton and he said he was "enlightened".

Have you ever been approached like this ?


Cars and I

I once confused a Mitsubishi with a Lexus.

That should tell you how much I know
about cars.

For me a car is  just a means of transport. 

NYDJ jeans  - Pink sweater Daisy Fuentes - Printed flower scarf H&M
If its nice, well its an added bonus.

Now, if you add the word vintage to it … it becomes an automobile!
and you have my full attention.

The opportunity at riding one of these beauties was something 
I've wanted to do for a long time.

My plans also included driving it, however that will be for next time.
I could not convince the car owner...


Feeling played

Ever been played ?

Striped dress Reserve - Fuchsia bag Tommy Hilfiger - Gold gladiator sandals Follies - Flower print scarf H&M - Pearl hoop earrings - Straw hat 

I wish I could say no, but I have a feeling I was played recently. 

Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
For some reason I did not realise it until a few days after when 
things started to sink in and I began to rethink certain situations.

I will spare you the details, as it is kind of embarrassing and
also I am not a hundred percent sure about it.

Also the fact that I have to admit that in order to be fooled 
you have to be naive or just not paying attention.. makes me upset at myself.

I should have known when I asked him "What year is this ?
and pointed to roman numerals on a building 
on the corner of the old plaza and he said "I don't know".
At that moment I should have known that he was not a history professor.
Or at least a good one -


Twenty-third street

One of the best ways to get to know a place is to walk it.

Black shorts Willi Smith - Scarf top Zara - Black flats Wild Girl - Pink bag Tommy Hilfiger 
It's exactly what I did today, walked one of the longest streets, 
which took me more or less two hours.

It was so much more than I expected and then some.


My cat friend

I did some walking this morning before heading to
my meetings.
Striped dress Reserve  - Blue shoes Salvatore Ferragamo vintage
I had this little fellow accompany me through part of the journey.

If I must chose between cats and dogs, it will be dogs.

However cats have a certain independence and carelessness 
that are admirable.

I need some cat traits. 


The grounds at Hotel Nacional

Before heading out to work this morning
I got up a little earlier just so I could explore
the hotel grounds.

Black and white Desigual dress - Black patent shoes Zara 

I walked in the shadow of the tall trees.

Crossed lush green gardens, roamed the old halls,
stopped to gaze at the ocean and feel the wind.

Played with the friendly and majestic peacocks.

Overall admired the building structure.

I have to admit that when having to chose 
from a the usual modern hotel chain to one that
is almost a hundred years old… 

I will always chose the latter. 

My love, admiration and appreciation of old things transcends antiques 
and vintage garments.

Its the constant search of the soul in things, in places…

I certainly found a soul here.


Ava's room

During a short trip I was treated to an room upgrade, 
courtesy of the hotel.

I did not think much of it as I got on the elevator on to the 6th floor
where my room was.

When I got there I realised that I had been assigned to the 
room Ava Gardner had stayed in during the 1950s.

I must admit it was quite a surprise.

NYDJ Jeans - Pink sweater Daisy Fuentes - Flower print scarf H&M - Grey flats Zara  
The room was equipped with what seemed to be antique furniture
and had an outstanding ocean view.

Being there was like traveling back in time..

As I looked in the mirror, I could only imagine her getting
dressed for an outing…