No ironing

Light blue, black and white jumpsuit no brand - Double G belt

I do not know about you, but these days I try to wear garments that do not need ironing. This jumpsuit is one of them, wash, dry and hang. 

While it was a quarantine purchase and its been worn a few times I am still not sold on it. 

Staying sane

Gray jeans Gloria Vanderbit

Anchor top Joie

These days it's all about making it to the next day and staying sane.

It's been a while

Black leggings Bershka - Black satin tunic oriental style Zara 

Burgundy flats French Soles 
What can I say, it's been a while.
We are in quarantine month number 5, it's surreal.
Hospitals, both public and private have collapsed, there is no space. 
Malls, car dealerships, schools, everything has been closed since March.
So yes it's hectic and there seems to no plan from the government.
My dear pup Canela passed away a few days ago, I cannot  begin to tell you how terrible it has been.
I am off now, hope to be back soon.