Your most hated

A few posts ago I asked what your
 most hated house chore was.
Mint shorts Gap - Tank top - White blazer Monteau
Well, apparently it's: ironing.
The lack of ironing, creases, wrinkles, 
it is actually a pet peeve for me. 
That and lint. They are disturbing.
Blue bag Zara - Silver flats Zara - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction
Disturbing to a point it's the first thing I see.
My eyes will detect lint a mile away, same for
wrinkled garments. Total turn off. 
Funny thing is I chose to wear 
these wrinkled shorts today...


The Sweatshirt

Wearing this sweater I knew I'd be channeling 
the early 90's.
It was the must have item then:
Huge, thick, colourful sweatshirt with the 
Benetton logo across the chest.
Jeans Zara - Red sweatshirt vintage Benetton - Red flats Stradivarius
I had always wanted one.
Blue bag Zara
Even if it was warm, you'd still wear it...
However today it served its purpose, to 
keep me warm in a chilly afternoon.


Looking back

As I was ready to walk out the door
I looked in the mirror and felt this outfit 
was little too much Saturday for a casual Friday look.
Top Identity - jeans Gap - Yellow heels Tsubo - Blue bag Zara
I went back and grabbed a black blazer.
Black blazer Theory - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Never looked back.
Sometimes you really are 
better off not looking back...



they only emphasise our laziness in
writing our constant idea of "saving time".
Saving time for what I ask ?
Jeans Zara - Leopard print shirt Antilia Femme 
Recently I came across this one: JSYK,
or course I was clueless. 
Innovativi wedges - Brown tote bag Coach
Googled it and it's short for 
"Just So You Know".
Brown sunglasses Michael Kors 
So, JSYK..