Product Review: L'Occitane

First I must make a confession:
I love all L'Occitane products.
I love walking into their stores and smelling everything and I love the samples
they send me when I buy on line.
However I do not love that the products are pricey, pricey but good.
I have been using their Shampoos and conditioners for a few years now.
Not only do they smell wonderful and totally transport me to
the fresh French meadows everytime I wash my hair but they are
gentle enough for frequent use.
They do not leave any residue and they leave my hair clean and
ready to style.
Although, I have to be honest here, I rarely do anything to it
but let it air dry...


Emma said...

I LOVE their products too! You have great hair you are lucky.

Bombshellicious said...

I like their products too xx

Michelle Lee said...

i love loccitane :) great smell and products right? awesome!

KATHY said...

Lore,,,,o que mas gosto sao os sabonetes liquidos..heheheh
beijos e boa pascoa!

Delane said...

I too am a fan