Monday: Not !

This is a post I did not want to do.
Mostly because I think the pictures are awful
and because as much as I love this dress,
I am just huge in it.

Blue Dress Freesite - Zapatinho de Luxo pink heels - Urban Expressions bag - Vintage pendant and ring 

However either I accept it as my new reality or I begin doing something about it.


Taylor said...

Um, if you're big than I am a Mack truck. I think you look fantastic, esp in the second picture (where we can see your head!).

Sheila said...

You're not big, Lorena, but that dress is doing you no favours. I say toss the dress!!

La Mary said...

Hola Lore!!! como estas??? yo estuve de vacaciones diez diitas por mi tierra y he andado un poco alejada de los blogs.
Un besito, guapetona!

KATHY said...

Buen dia Lore!! hermoso el vestido!! adore!

Emma said...

I am Loving your shoes!!

Meli22 said...

I second that you are not big at all!

I would hem the dress to just above the knee and try a skinny belt with it. The length cuts your leg off at a wider part of your leg = makes your legs look bigger than they are. Also, wear some tall heels with it! See if you can give it another go this way ;) If not- there are more dresses in the sea!

Jenava said...

You are aboluely lovely in this. You do not look huge at all! This dress is very flattering on you.

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