April Purchases

I was out of control in April.
I have no excuse.
Here are my purchases, that actually came from 
all over - let me explain.

First there were the on-line purchases, which were:
SHOES from Zappos.

Nude peep pumps from Fergalicious and TSUBO heels
these added up to 72.99 USD 

Then I went to a local store and did a little bit more damage.

Eileen Fisher lavender cardi  9.99 USD   American Ragpie rust cardigan 5.99 USD

Gentle Fawn dress 9.99 USD   Rachel Roy tan dress 9.99 USD

Then I traveled to Brazil for work and made a quick
stop at a shoe store. Yes, shoe store - 
and picked up some locally made goods.
43.71 USD
Tan laser cut wedges - check out those heels !

Barbie pink patent wood heels

Zapatinho de Luxo brand flats 

Both added to 75.89 USD

Came back from my trip and picked up some amazing
accessories: Ralph Lauren tartan and animal print scarf,
Animal print scarf from INC and a grey striped neck wrap.
Each one for 3.99 USD

Then I encountered this long fabulous flowing dress
from I heart Ronson for 19.99 USD - minus 25% off , it
was actually 14.99 USD

 Then I met this striped jacket by Modern Amusement,
who gave in for 9.99 USD

 A tan beret, for when I go back to Paris (wink*!) and a tan belt.

I had been looking for some orange and came across two items :
Bella long sleeve cotton tee for 1.99 USD and
Orange Sawary blouse 8.99 USD

Print TOP SHOP 1.99 USD

Finally, below are items that are from last month, which
I forgot to include in my March purchases...
Zora brand pleated grey skirt 13.99

Exclusive! brand jean flats 3.99 USD

Animal print jumper 8.99 USD

I went overboard.

It all added up to (gulp!)

319.74 USD

I am speechless.


Meli22 said...

I went overboard too. Wait till you see- i'll post it tonight. I think we spent about the same (or I spent a little more than you) between last month and this month- but you got waaay cuter stuff lol! I can't believe your bargains- <3 your choices. my fav's are the pleated skirt and the nude pumps and cutout wedges.

don't feel bad, unless of course you were robbing someone of their $ to buy stuff lol! you paid for it- you get to enjoy it!

I feel your pain though. I was going to put myself on a limited shopping budget for the rest of the summer because I felt bad about spending so much, but after thinking about it I have decided that I don't need to. I have made huge progress financially, have saved a lot of $, and just need to step back before I buy and evaluate a little more carefully. I don't regret my purchases either.

For some reason women can't seem to spend $ on themselves without feeling bad about it! I still feel guilty... and I did no harm to anyone!


jajajaja, te comprendo perfectamente, yo prefiero no sumar todo lo que me gasto!!!

Ya he visto tus dos nuevas adquisiciones naranjas, ya tengo ganas de ver como las combinas :)


Dr. Da said...

The grey pleated skirt is my favorite of all your purchases this month because it is trendy and classic at the same time.

Taylor said...

Can't WAIT to see those pink pumps. I am dying over all the shoes. I noticed the cutout wedges when you wore them - I LOVE the heel! And orange... yes. I find myself purchasing anything I can get my hot little hands on if it's orange.

Emma said...

All of the shoes are ABSOLUTELY HOT!!! I am in shoe heaven right now.

Biba said...

Wow!!! But, you know, it happens... sometimes... Great finds, though! Those wedges from Brazil - absolutely fabulous!

KATHY said...

beunas noches lore..cuantas cositas te comprastes..pero los zapatos son lindosss..beijossss

LyddieGal said...

I am happy for you. I dream about going overboard. I'm in NYC right now and I want to buy everything in sight.
I always have had problems with moderation. I'm more of an all or nothing kind of gal.

Those laser cut wedges are gorgeous! I want a pair!!

drollgirl said...

i lost my mind shopping in april. last week in particular. i had some time off, the weather was warm, and i shopped like i had money. don't get me wrong, i got some deals. B U T S T I L L. i am freaking out about the credit card bill that is coming my way. ack!

p.s. you got some great stuff!!! yeee! how fun is it to have new clothing and shoe options! it is a THRILL!!!!

Burkha said...

que lindas compras!!! que envidia! ajaja me encantaron los "Zapatinho de Luxo" son divinos!
te felicito, muy buenas elecciones!

gracias por pasarte por mi blog!!

Sheila said...

Hey, those yellow Tsubos are the same as mine! Yay, we are shoe twins, Lorena!

I think you got some really great bargains there, but I know that guilty feeling when you start adding up the bills...

Delane said...

I want to pack my bags and go shopping with you!!!!!!!