Catching up: Listography Wednesday !

 List where your daydreams 
take you for spring break.

I am traveling in time !
For Spring Break I am going to the mountain side
where my Grandfather had a brother.
It was a huge coffee state on the top of a mountain.
It had a river going through it and had mountains full of pine forests 
and hundreds of orange trees.
Here we would play with the chickens, pigs and horses.
The weather was cool and all of my cousins would get 
together and play all day long - until dawn....

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Loca por los tacones said...

que bonitos son los perritos que tienes al margen, se parecen mucho a la mia, que es una shit szu pero casi blanca entera y tiene la misma cara que los tuyos...jaja
bsos guapa!

Loca por lo tacones