Still Sick but happy

800 Posts !?
MNG Jeans - Carven tank- Junction West cardigan -
Urban Expressions Bag - Zapantinho de Luxo flats - Tiffany silver accessories

How about that ?
A ROYAL WEDDING and my 800th post ?
I think I just made your day :)

Have a good weekend !


KATHY said...

felicitaciones..que lindo!!
vos mereces !! y hermosa cartera Lore!!

Biba said...

Congratulations! To you and to the happy couple...:)

Ruby Girl said...

cute. "i think i just made your day" :) lovely jacket! <3

Emma said...

I have that same Tiffany Necklace! Great minds think alike. Hope you feel better soon.

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

wow it's a co incidence..i love the bag...get well soon...

joshylola said...


Meli22 said...

feliz 80th post!

That jacket is gorgeous! I think I may need to start seeking out a white jacket for myself ; )

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