Guess What ?

Something really interesting happened, 
that I thought needed a post on its own...
Maybe it will not be that interesting to you
because it's more "normal".

I (heart) Ronson dress - Alfani sandals - Urban Expressions bag - H&M headband - Vintage pendant & ring

However I ran into another blogger !
Which is totally odd ... specially where I live.
I can't see very well from afar (yep, I need glasses), so I doubted a little.
Because in the past I have gotten up to say hi to people I think I know - 
only to realize when they are right in front of me - that my poor eyesight has tricked me - into saying hello to a complete stranger.

So, I was at a brunch yesterday and saw a familiar face.
It was so weird. It's like meeting someone you already know, 
but, that you don't. Does that even make sense ?

Anyways I ran into Marie from 

She is so tall and so much prettier in person !
I certainly hope I didn't scare her as I went over
to say hi.

I have always thought I may run into someone I read if I
were walking the streets of New York or while on the DC metro, 
certainly not here at the brunch in hotel that is right next to where 
I work.

It was certainly a nice Easter surprise !

How about you ? 
Have you ever met a fellow blogger ? 


Emma said...

That is Awesome! I would Love to meet a fellow blogger but haven't had the good luck. I Love your dress!

LyddieGal said...

that is so fun! marie seems like such a sweet and lovely girl, i'm sure you didn't scare her!
must be so fun to meet another blogger - i have yet to do so myself.

Chic on the Cheap

drollgirl said...

so glad you were brave enough to go and introduce yourself!

i have not met other bloggers in person that i didn't already know. i think i would be scared! i am really not that interesting in person (lol), so i am pretty sure i would be a let down. lol oh well! the joys of being an anonymous blogger! :)

ana said...

Si he conocido otras bloggers pero nos ponemos de acuerdo jaja jamás en la calle! aunque yo también he pensado que si voy un día a NY o a París igual me encuentro una de las muchas fashion bloggers famosas!

Loca por los tacones said...

no creo que me las vaya a encontrar...jajaj

Loca por lo tacones

Frances Joy said...

Jealous! I am forever wishing I'd run into fellow bloggers. Maybe someday....

Stacey said...

NO WAY!! I think that is awesome to meet a fellow blogger. I have not met any fellow bloggers. You do feel like you get to know the bloggers that you follow and consider them just like a friend. Is that crazy? Loved the dress!!

Delane said...

How fun. I follow her blog too.

Michelle Lee said...

great outfit
and i love her style too!

Bombshellicious said...

How lovely to meet a fellow blogger. I met one last year when she came to UK to see family and she is here again and this time coming to stay with me for a couple of days, it was like we had known each other for years xx

Sheila said...

That's so cool! I have never run into a fellow blogger, but I'd love to.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Aaaawww!! This is so sweet that you made a comment just about our encounter. You did NOT scare me at all, in fact, you really made my day!! I felt so so soooo happy and surprised to meet a fellow blogger. I'm SOO happy you came up to say hi, you really made me happy. Thanks so much!


Jenava said...

Hehe...that is awesome! Happy Easter!