The Magic Castle

A few years ago while in Los Angeles for 
a cosmetics marketing meeting we 
were invited to a magical dinner at:
The Magic Castle.

It was "magical" enough for me to be in Los Angeles
however this night was really special as it made me
feel like a kid again.
A great magic show and a good dinner where magicians
would come up to your table and turn 1.00 USD dollar bills into twenties...
Forget David Blaine or Kris Angel (ok, let's not - he's hot) 
this was the traditional magic I would see on shows, circuses,
or even in private presentations at birthdays while growing up.
I loved being able to experience it again: the wonder, the surprise, the intrigue...
I totally hate shows like "Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally  Revealed" - seriously what is the point of ruining the magic for us ?

Black trousers - White blouse Da Moda by Periorities - Urban Expressions bag - Michael Kors heels - OUT jean jacket
So last night when I was cleaning out a drawer and came across my yellow Magic Castle button pin, it brought back nice memories.
 So I decided to pin it on my jean jacket this morning.

We can all use a little magic in our lives.


KATHY said...

Hola Lore..hermosa!!
adore la linda!! beijos

Judy C said...

Your blouse is so great. The outfit is fabulous.


Un Lolo de 10!! Me encantan las cazadoras vaqueras para el entretiempo!


Emma said...

Those shoes are Amazing! I also love the story behind the pin.

Megan Mae said...

Those are some fierce sandals. We can definitely all use a little magic in our lives. =]

Taylor said...

I hope you're feeling a bit better today!

I LOVE this outfit - a perfect example of rockin' the neutrals and looking interesting *and* chic.

jamie-lee said...

aww that sounds like a lovely memory! gorgeous bag :)