My Make Up Packing Essentials

For work related travel, I usually ALWAYS bring the same stuff along and NEVER need anything else... this is my "make up case" if you want to call it that:
- Some type of perfumed lotion or perfume (here the CH Body Lotion)
- 5 Smashbox brushes: eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, crease and my kabuki brush for applying my....
- Smashbox powder (it rocks!)
- Smashbox lip and lid primer (keep my makeup intact)
- Smashbox blush
- Smashbox eyeshadow (browns and beiges)
- Smashbox eyeliner palette (all the colors you can wish for)
- Smashbox lipgloss
- Smashbox lipstick with spf 
- Rimmel mascara
- Decleor  mattyfing oil blotter paper (these are AMAZING)

I almost never carry my moisturizer or make up remover - I use the lotion in the hotels.. I never leave out my lint remover as I usually pack dog hair with me OH ! and I always have a couple of band aids in my wallet - just in case I get blisters from walking!

DIY: Basic Stuff

I don't know about you but, I take a while to get to things.
For example back in November I purchased a couple of things in order to do some projects ... that I am getting to now 3 months later.
It's 2 really simple ones: 
-Studding a garment or two, 
-ironing on a patch (no rocket scientist needed here) 

Remember that I am in a shopping ban, these projects keep me away from the mall and also add "new" items into rotation.

Studding a garment... I was not sure which one to iron on the studs to, so I went for two black garments, a black dress and a black jumper.
The iron on studs I picked up at Walmart, it was the only ones they had. The positive part is that as soon as I am tired of them I can remove them without
ruining the item. 

I followed the instructions step by step but, for some reason some of the studs did not stick on the dress, maybe it was the fabric. So I put those on with UHU clear glue which works with wood, textiles, metal... 
And voilá, above you saw the jumper, below is the dress

Now, the iron on patch. Call me useless, I had never done this before.
I purchased a brown dress on sale only to notice as I was wearing it, that it was torn, no wonder I got a 100+ dress by Anne Klein for a little over ten bucks.
So after a cutting the right size for the patch, turning the garment inside out and ironing on the patch, I have another dress in rotation...

Closet Edit : Boring Wear...

As I continue my shopping ban I have been wearing new items that had the tags on and others I seldom wear.
I have made it a "goal" to empty that closet where I keep new items and unworn, so I have been sporting things that have not seen the light in months.
Below are some of these and you know what ? they are boring !
So as you read this, they have been washed and packed and probably on their way to a better home...
One of the things that I notice out of this set, is that these items were either a bargain at time of purchase OR they were gifts.
The items that left are ill fitting - bra strap popping out, uncomfortably showing too much cleavage, too tight, too loose, fabric too thin, plain unflattering.
I had been delaying getting rid of these pieces I have no reason why as they were not working for me.
I want clothes that I look good in, period.
This shopping ban is helping me in more ways than I thought and so is this blog.
I can look back and see what works, what doesn't and keep track of it all...
How do you chose what to keep and what to give ?
Brown, red, turquoise top - GONE     Light turquoise Lacoste polo - GONE
Yellow tube top - GONE          Green, yellow and white top  - GONE
Brown Bongo top - GONE    Brown and pink top Aeropostale- GONE

Green top - GONE            Rose Top and Bolero wrap - GONE 

Thoughts on goals, dreams and aspirations. . .

This is not a fashion post :) it's about small and big dreams.
It's a post about aspirations and accomplishments.
It may not seem like a great deal to you. 
Some of you may relate, some might not.
As I have mentioned before I am the eldest of 3. It's my two brothers and me.
I was brought up mostly by my grandparents which I love dearly.
During my upbringing I remember grandma always doing something to earn that extra penny, I learned the value of work, the rewards of saving and many other things.

So every time I accomplish something that I know is the result of nothing but hard work, I cannot tell you how excited I get. I try to be careful and avoid it sounding like show off. It's just me patting myself on the back and being grateful, honestly.
While I was a teenager I remember wanting to travel for vacations but this was not always possible.
We visited friends and family in Montreal and in New York but my dream was Spain. Madrid. 
I honestly dreamt of it. My favorite group at the time was from there: G MEN or Hombres G.
Had a Spanish girl in class and I dressed like her, it was real time imitation.
She looked at me kind of odd sometimes, I figured she thought I liked her.
Living in the Americas and not having any family to visit in Madrid - and money being spent on necessary things, a trip to Madrid was not an option. 
So, today, as you read this I am happier than a bird with a french fry. 
Probably jumping up and down as I land in Madrid (this is a scheduled post)
Yes, Madrid !
I cannot tell you how I feel, it took me over 20 years to get here.
I am aware that this Madrid I am in today is not the Madrid that I wanted 20 years ago. But, I am still happy and grateful.
Long story short, sometimes we get things when we are destined to. 
Not before, not after, but right when you can appreciate and value them more.

So, GO after your dream, start with small achievable goals.
One of my first "big" accomplishments was buying a tv.
It took me like 5 months to pay for it on layaway... little by little, one step at a time -  until years later I was able to pay for my MBA.

You have to start somewhere...  for me it all begins with a dream, a thought, a sigh.

What are your dreams ? 

Running Out the Door !

Literally ran out the door this morning !
But, I made a quick stop to take this picture to show you what I wore:
- Black trousers
- Black top Express
- Fuchsia cropped cardigan Fever
- Black shoes Fluevog
- Black patent tote bag Neiman Marcus
- Textile raggy necklace /Argentina
I am running around because I am going on vacation tonight and have a heavy day at work today!

Fluevog You !

Ok when I heard that name: Fluevog for the very first time it sounded like anything... an insult, a disease, the word for flying in German, anything but a comfortable pair of shoes.
I heard or actually read about Fluevogs for the first time in Sheila`s blog and then some more through Sal's Already Pretty blog.
So yes you can call me outdated and ignorant ... never heard of them.
Now, after that I came across a pair a few months ago and today is their debut:
- Fuchsia and black dress Kensie girl
- Black tank - to avoid overexposure
- Black and white pearly lace cardigan F21
- Black shoes Fluevogs !!!
- Black patent tote Neiman Marcus
- Silver earrings and necklaces 
So, tell me do you have any Fluevogs ?
How about a brand of shoes that you have discovered that rocks your world ? Wanna share the name ?

Plain and Normal

That's all I can say about today, it's plain and normal, just like what I wore:
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Rose tank and bolero wrap Orange brand
- Purple ruffle suede shoes Payless
- Vuitton bag (fake)
- Hello Kitty earrings and necklaces

How long does a moment last ?

A moment lasts 90 seconds, it is actually a British or medieval unit of time. 
I heard that somewhere, don't believe me.
I have moments that I wish I could go back to and others that I have deleted from my memory or at least try to.

What are your favorite moments ?
I have a few, I'd like to share with you...
- Growing up in my grandparents' home
- Sliding from my grandfather's green car top - under the rain
- Pretending to be Firemen 
- Going to the farm Grandpa´s brother had

I have noticed that every time I think of good moments I usually go WAY back to my childhood. It makes me sad to think that it was so long ago and that for some reason I do not find recent moments to be so fulfilling. 

Today is a holiday, it's hot and windy, I stayed home and wore:
- 7 For all mankind jeans
- Flower top My Michelle
- Silver and lapislazuli stone butterfly earrings (Peru)
- Silver necklaces and pendants (Peru, Argentina)
- Silver and blue lapizlazuli stone ring
- Brown peep toe suede shoes Kenneth Cole Reaction

Another Valentine's Day..

Just a small rant... Valentine inspired.
It's supposed to be the day of love, the day of friendship but, remember that before you can pass on that love, you have to love yourself.
Think it over if you are in a destructive relationship that is going nowhere.
It's ok to be alone.
I have amazing friends who have married guys just thinking that being in their early 30's - they would never find anyone to marry them, so they married the first guy that came along. 
I went to these weddings thinking that they could have done so much better.
So please, think it over. Is this guy really worth your time ?
Will this guy respect you ?
Love you first.

In the meantime, I can tell you that my guy, sent me flowers this morning.
He had to leave for work to Barcelona last night, but he remembered !
Here's what I wore today:
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Brown and pink top Aeropostale
- Animal print peep toe flats Qupid
- Silver necklaces, earrings and ring
- Vuitton bag (fake)

Life is What Happens While You Are Making Other Plans...

I have a friend who has that saying on her Facebook status: "Life is what happens while you are making other plans" and I could not agree more.
We have a lot of things going on in our lives and while we are always planning it is important to stop and cherish all around you.
More sooner than later, you will be missing it all.
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Tiny flower printed ruffly tank top
- Brown top Bongo
- Vuitton bag (fake)
- Brown suede peep toe shoes Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Silver earrings and necklaces

Things I love...

 I love....
Taking something new like this IKEA lamp which hangs in my dining room -and mixing it with old crystals from antique chandeliers from Argentina.
Antiques, all things old are appealing to me.
It does not have to be anything fancy, everyday items do the trick.
When I got married one of my dreams was to have a gramophone/phonograph.
We brought this beauty back with us from our honeymoon in Peru.
I love nature ... and being able to look at this tiny patch of green from my balcony is a blessing... 
I admire it everyday and do not cease to wonder when some $%!&@ developer will buy this house, chop all the trees and build 10 condos...
I love fresh flowers... and try to have them at home

I love this tiny piece of ocean I have left to look at...
I love being on time !!!
You can get so much more done, when you rise early.
It's also a sign of respect towards others to be on time and makes a hell of an impression !
OH... and as a friend of mine says.. it's free.
(camera is dying)
I love plants.. and taking care of them.
Which reminds me I have to go out and find bigger pots.
Love to look up into the heavens and know that for certain there is someone watching over.
Love my grandmother and all the amazing things she has done and continues to do for me... 
what a woman!
Gotta love these babies... my girls: Vanilla and Marshmallow
All things vintage... have a special place in my heart
Good food and desserts.... take my breath away
I  also love traveling ...the leisure kind of course.
I also love my friends (some more than others) and the guy that sleeps next to me every night.

Happy Valentine's !