My Make Up Packing Essentials

For work related travel, I usually ALWAYS bring the same stuff along and NEVER need anything else... this is my "make up case" if you want to call it that:
- Some type of perfumed lotion or perfume (here the CH Body Lotion)
- 5 Smashbox brushes: eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, crease and my kabuki brush for applying my....
- Smashbox powder (it rocks!)
- Smashbox lip and lid primer (keep my makeup intact)
- Smashbox blush
- Smashbox eyeshadow (browns and beiges)
- Smashbox eyeliner palette (all the colors you can wish for)
- Smashbox lipgloss
- Smashbox lipstick with spf 
- Rimmel mascara
- Decleor  mattyfing oil blotter paper (these are AMAZING)

I almost never carry my moisturizer or make up remover - I use the lotion in the hotels.. I never leave out my lint remover as I usually pack dog hair with me OH ! and I always have a couple of band aids in my wallet - just in case I get blisters from walking!


Jane W. said...

For some reason, I love looking at other people's beauty stuff! I take it you've had good experiences with the Smashbox? I've never tried but have always been curious about their projects.

hillary said...

I go nuts to see in people's bags. NUTS

I am impressed how light you can pack I feel like I bring as much as a makeup artist to a photoshoot. My purse daily has like 6 lipsticks in it. I HAVE ISSUES

Sheila said...

I love seeing other people's make-up cases, it feels so intimate. :)

When I travel, I don't take any of my at-home daily make-up - I actually have two bags of "extra" make-up that I've gathered over the years (mostly from those Clinique bonus packs). I am a MAC girl for most of my make-up and I would be so sad if I lost it in my luggage, but I don't care about my travel stuff.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I have two overseas trips line dup for the next two months so this is a very useful tip as I want to just take a carry-on bag.