Things I love...

 I love....
Taking something new like this IKEA lamp which hangs in my dining room -and mixing it with old crystals from antique chandeliers from Argentina.
Antiques, all things old are appealing to me.
It does not have to be anything fancy, everyday items do the trick.
When I got married one of my dreams was to have a gramophone/phonograph.
We brought this beauty back with us from our honeymoon in Peru.
I love nature ... and being able to look at this tiny patch of green from my balcony is a blessing... 
I admire it everyday and do not cease to wonder when some $%!&@ developer will buy this house, chop all the trees and build 10 condos...
I love fresh flowers... and try to have them at home

I love this tiny piece of ocean I have left to look at...
I love being on time !!!
You can get so much more done, when you rise early.
It's also a sign of respect towards others to be on time and makes a hell of an impression !
OH... and as a friend of mine says.. it's free.
(camera is dying)
I love plants.. and taking care of them.
Which reminds me I have to go out and find bigger pots.
Love to look up into the heavens and know that for certain there is someone watching over.
Love my grandmother and all the amazing things she has done and continues to do for me... 
what a woman!
Gotta love these babies... my girls: Vanilla and Marshmallow
All things vintage... have a special place in my heart
Good food and desserts.... take my breath away
I  also love traveling ...the leisure kind of course.
I also love my friends (some more than others) and the guy that sleeps next to me every night.

Happy Valentine's !


B a la Moda said...

I love fresh flowers and being very punctual too.

B* a la Moda

Sheila said...

Happy V-Day! Some lovely things there, and thank you for such a nice reminder to be thankful.

Bombshellicious said...

Love the chandelier xx