Another Valentine's Day..

Just a small rant... Valentine inspired.
It's supposed to be the day of love, the day of friendship but, remember that before you can pass on that love, you have to love yourself.
Think it over if you are in a destructive relationship that is going nowhere.
It's ok to be alone.
I have amazing friends who have married guys just thinking that being in their early 30's - they would never find anyone to marry them, so they married the first guy that came along. 
I went to these weddings thinking that they could have done so much better.
So please, think it over. Is this guy really worth your time ?
Will this guy respect you ?
Love you first.

In the meantime, I can tell you that my guy, sent me flowers this morning.
He had to leave for work to Barcelona last night, but he remembered !
Here's what I wore today:
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Brown and pink top Aeropostale
- Animal print peep toe flats Qupid
- Silver necklaces, earrings and ring
- Vuitton bag (fake)


Kari said...

That's a good message to remember, too.

It's not worth just sticking with someone only because you're lonely or afraid to be alone. Every person deserves to be with someone who gives them genuine love and respect - and if a relationship can't provide that, it's not worth staying in it.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day! Your sweetie sounds like a keeper.

nurmisur said...

Hi Lorena,

It was very nice to have visiting my blog and hope you come back.
I was looking at other posts of yours and I know(from pictures only )the temple you live near by.Are you related to that temple or your just in the neighbourhood(I'm curious but you don't have to answer if you don't want to)
I will come back to your blog.

nurmisur said...

Hi agin, no I've never been there but I'm a baha'i and would love to visit one of the temples. I hope to visit the one in Chicago. All the temples have an amazing arquitecture.
Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Great message! It is so true too... never settle, everyone deserves the best!

Your flowers are beautiful!