Fluevog You !

Ok when I heard that name: Fluevog for the very first time it sounded like anything... an insult, a disease, the word for flying in German, anything but a comfortable pair of shoes.
I heard or actually read about Fluevogs for the first time in Sheila`s blog and then some more through Sal's Already Pretty blog.
So yes you can call me outdated and ignorant ... never heard of them.
Now, after that I came across a pair a few months ago and today is their debut:
- Fuchsia and black dress Kensie girl
- Black tank - to avoid overexposure
- Black and white pearly lace cardigan F21
- Black shoes Fluevogs !!!
- Black patent tote Neiman Marcus
- Silver earrings and necklaces 
So, tell me do you have any Fluevogs ?
How about a brand of shoes that you have discovered that rocks your world ? Wanna share the name ?


Sheila said...

*gasp* Lorena, those are fabulous! They look amazing on you! Were they comfortable?

I also love Poetic Licence (a UK brand) and Miz Mooz.

tatyana said...

amazing dress

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I love your dress!!



Lola said...

me gusta tu vestido

E said...

My friend is a big fan of Fluevogs and i have to say they have some cool designs. Love your necklace, too.

K said...

I love your dress! That color is so bright and wonderful. I've become sort of addicted to Naturalizer shoes. I'm wearing a new pair of boots today from them and they have been comfortable all day, which is a happy surprise.