How long does a moment last ?

A moment lasts 90 seconds, it is actually a British or medieval unit of time. 
I heard that somewhere, don't believe me.
I have moments that I wish I could go back to and others that I have deleted from my memory or at least try to.

What are your favorite moments ?
I have a few, I'd like to share with you...
- Growing up in my grandparents' home
- Sliding from my grandfather's green car top - under the rain
- Pretending to be Firemen 
- Going to the farm Grandpa´s brother had

I have noticed that every time I think of good moments I usually go WAY back to my childhood. It makes me sad to think that it was so long ago and that for some reason I do not find recent moments to be so fulfilling. 

Today is a holiday, it's hot and windy, I stayed home and wore:
- 7 For all mankind jeans
- Flower top My Michelle
- Silver and lapislazuli stone butterfly earrings (Peru)
- Silver necklaces and pendants (Peru, Argentina)
- Silver and blue lapizlazuli stone ring
- Brown peep toe suede shoes Kenneth Cole Reaction

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The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Good moments?
1. The birth of my four children. One moment each.
2. The moment I crossed the finish line at the New York Marathon in 2002.
3. The moment I completed a charity ball and raised £8,000.
4. A moment in 1995 just after the birth of my second child. I was sat in the garden on a summer's evening having just complete dmy first feature for a national magazine. I was watching my eldest child (then 3) play and I thought "it doesn't get any better than this." It hasn't.
Thanks for joining the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge look forward to seeing your outfits.