Thoughts on goals, dreams and aspirations. . .

This is not a fashion post :) it's about small and big dreams.
It's a post about aspirations and accomplishments.
It may not seem like a great deal to you. 
Some of you may relate, some might not.
As I have mentioned before I am the eldest of 3. It's my two brothers and me.
I was brought up mostly by my grandparents which I love dearly.
During my upbringing I remember grandma always doing something to earn that extra penny, I learned the value of work, the rewards of saving and many other things.

So every time I accomplish something that I know is the result of nothing but hard work, I cannot tell you how excited I get. I try to be careful and avoid it sounding like show off. It's just me patting myself on the back and being grateful, honestly.
While I was a teenager I remember wanting to travel for vacations but this was not always possible.
We visited friends and family in Montreal and in New York but my dream was Spain. Madrid. 
I honestly dreamt of it. My favorite group at the time was from there: G MEN or Hombres G.
Had a Spanish girl in class and I dressed like her, it was real time imitation.
She looked at me kind of odd sometimes, I figured she thought I liked her.
Living in the Americas and not having any family to visit in Madrid - and money being spent on necessary things, a trip to Madrid was not an option. 
So, today, as you read this I am happier than a bird with a french fry. 
Probably jumping up and down as I land in Madrid (this is a scheduled post)
Yes, Madrid !
I cannot tell you how I feel, it took me over 20 years to get here.
I am aware that this Madrid I am in today is not the Madrid that I wanted 20 years ago. But, I am still happy and grateful.
Long story short, sometimes we get things when we are destined to. 
Not before, not after, but right when you can appreciate and value them more.

So, GO after your dream, start with small achievable goals.
One of my first "big" accomplishments was buying a tv.
It took me like 5 months to pay for it on layaway... little by little, one step at a time -  until years later I was able to pay for my MBA.

You have to start somewhere...  for me it all begins with a dream, a thought, a sigh.

What are your dreams ? 


Bug said...

YAY!! I'm so excited for you. I hope you have a wonderful time. Look forward to seeing wonderful pics. Here's to you and your lovely dream come true :)

Bombshellicious said...

Brilliant news hope u have a lovely time, I always wanted to live in Spain and finally went in 2004 sadly I was back 2 years later but I went with my dream too and so glad I did. Looking forward to the pics too xx

nurmisur said...

I'm so happy for you! Actually things that come with effort always taste better.
Hope your time in Madrid meets your every expectation.