DIY: Basic Stuff

I don't know about you but, I take a while to get to things.
For example back in November I purchased a couple of things in order to do some projects ... that I am getting to now 3 months later.
It's 2 really simple ones: 
-Studding a garment or two, 
-ironing on a patch (no rocket scientist needed here) 

Remember that I am in a shopping ban, these projects keep me away from the mall and also add "new" items into rotation.

Studding a garment... I was not sure which one to iron on the studs to, so I went for two black garments, a black dress and a black jumper.
The iron on studs I picked up at Walmart, it was the only ones they had. The positive part is that as soon as I am tired of them I can remove them without
ruining the item. 

I followed the instructions step by step but, for some reason some of the studs did not stick on the dress, maybe it was the fabric. So I put those on with UHU clear glue which works with wood, textiles, metal... 
And voilá, above you saw the jumper, below is the dress

Now, the iron on patch. Call me useless, I had never done this before.
I purchased a brown dress on sale only to notice as I was wearing it, that it was torn, no wonder I got a 100+ dress by Anne Klein for a little over ten bucks.
So after a cutting the right size for the patch, turning the garment inside out and ironing on the patch, I have another dress in rotation...


Clau! said...

I did also a DIY using similar studs but in different color... well done ñ_ñ

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What a transformation. Better late than never.