March Closet edits

I've put editing on hold. I'm currently several pounds over my usual weight and editing would not be right as I may regret my edits, specially considering I plan to get back to my usual weight. Regardless there were some items that left the closet.
A "Bad Kitty" red tee shirt from Stupid Factory, it was too tight. The bright fuchsia satin like top from Apostrophe has been worn 11 times and has been around since 2011, however I have never loved how it looks in any of the eleven outfits:

Two items in on month is not what I aim for, but its what I have for march. What was your last closet edit like ?

Closet Additions for March

Image via Pinterest

None ! No closet additions for March as its been 3 months since I purchased any clothing, shoes or accessories.  However I did spend 28.00 USD on tailoring...
How much did you spend this month on new items ?

Laugh Now, Buy Later

Black and white trousers H&M, similar -White button down shirt Forever 21 - Black patent shoes Zara
Black velvet sunglasses, similar under 20.00 USD  - Black hand bag Nina Ricci - Black leather fringe necklace Prüne
You know it. You see something in a blog, magazine, maybe Instagram... its trending and you laugh and say to yourself or even boldly out loud: I'd never wear that, as you point to it in a derogatory manner. I have a list of those, these pants were once in that list: the list of things I would not wear, and yet here it is. What was that item for you, the one you'd never wear ?
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Outfit Inspiration from Jenna Lyons

Printed black trousers Wild Girl, similar - Striped tee shirt Talbots, similar - Black blazer Theory, identical - Black patent shoes Zara - Hand bag Nina Ricci - Black velvet sunglasses, similar - Silver tone flower statement necklace similar

Image via
These days I get my inspiration from wherever I can find it. It had been a while since I did an "inspired by" post, my last one here is from December 2016. So, I went through my Outfit Inspiration folder in Pinterest and came across a look by the one and only Jenna Lyons. Basically black and white printed trousers meet striped black+white top and adds a black blazer. Although the original look included bright blue heels, which I own, I needed to wear flats to get me through the day. Where are you getting your inspiration from these days? 

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The best deals are in your closet

We have to be honest about one thing: when it comes to adding an item to our closet: we do not "need" it 99% of the time, we can live without it. 
But, when we come across an item we like it's like falling in love, you are not thinking straight. 

You want that garment, period. You don't think if it will match other clothes, you don't ask if you're buying a multiple of yet the same garment. Wonder if it fits well, needs dry cleaning ? Will this item take my credit card to its limit ? 
Who cares ?
So when that list of must haves appears each season and kinda new stuff starts being showcased in blogs, we hit the stores or google them until we find our match. 
Our first choice is not usually to see what's in the closet, but it should be, as trends come back and if you've already invested in it, well get your money's worth. 
When I began seeing what's in for Spring/Summer 2017, I focused on 5 trends and even though "Bra-tops" and updated Oxfords are also tendencies they it did not make it into my cut. 

Here are the 5 Spring/Summer 2017 trends that happen to already be in my closet:

1. The Super Stripe: I've got them all ! Dresses, blazers and even skirts.

2. The Garden Party: I've got a floral maxi, floral skirts and even light pastel summery floral scarves. 

3. The Neon: Glad I did not toss out my bright neon trousers or top, I am also happy that I still have this dress..  

4. The Ruffles: I've got to admit over that last two years, I've been editing all things ruffles, but I still have plenty of shirts and dresses to keep me going.

5. The Mix Match: Since this trend came along I've had multiple attempts at getting it right, so to have more opportunities to finally nail it at pattern mixing is on my to-do list.

Have you shopped your closet for the best deals ? What trends are already there ? What do you really need ? 

BTW: I've been on a 3 month shopping ban since the beginning of the year, it's almost over. My tips on how I've made it through these 12 weeks are on this post

One thing led to the other

Blue shirt Forever 21, similar, another one - Mint skirt Worthington, similar and this longer pleated one I like 

Gold flats Fabrizio Gianni - Coach handbag - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
I suddenly remembered the mint skirt and thought I would wear it, but I did not know what to pair it with. When I tried it on to see if it fit, I saw that the lining was bright blue and it reminded me of the Forever 21 blue button down shirt. I found it in the closet and placed it next to the skirt and thought "this could work". Checked for accessories and saw that a necklace that had beads in both colours: blue and mint, placed it on top of the shirt, yep it matched perfectly. I began to play with the turn lock on the skirt pockets and remembered my Coach bag with a similar matte turn lock closure...and the outfit came together, because one thing led to another. 
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Follow the color scheme:

Turquoise Straw Bag

White shorts Larry Levine, similar - Pink Polo shirt Ralph Lauren, similar - Silk on shoes flats - Straw bag no brand 

I admit to having mixed feelings when I saw that straw bags in all sizes, shapes and of all eras (hello there vintage!) were back. I was just to put this large turquoise straw bag with sequins in the give away bag when I saw its peers in blogs everywhere. I'd usually wear it to the beach and on Sundays to our weekend home. But now you may see it more often as its staying and getting some wear with everyday outfits. Have you resuscitated the straw bag ? 

Two years ago today

Black pencil skirt Apt. 9 - Nude heels Sam Edelman
Just a few days ago I wore this black pencil skirt in another post. I thought I'd see how I wore this same garment two years ago and searched the blog. I have to admit that it looks so much better in 2015, the skirt fit better, the nude heels are superior to the Mary Janes shoes that make my legs look shorter as they visually cut my legs.. the entire outfit had better styling. You'd think after wearing it right once, I could only improve, well it's not the case, it's a constant hit and miss.

Original post here

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Kimono wear

Printed open kimono Forever 21, similar - White shorts Larry Levine - Mint tank top - Nude flats Sam Edelman 

Coach tassel hand bag 

If you are a regular visitor, you probably know that I have multiples of everything. I am a collector.
But, I will not be getting into that subject, at least not today. 
So, I have several kimono, kimono-esque garments in the closet that I literally never wear and when I see fellow blogger Mica wear hers so well I tell myself that I should wear mine.  
Today I I finally did and now that I look at it, or at least this particular one, I think the reason it does not get much wear might be the odd length. Also, the fact that I don't really know what to do with the ends: let them hang ? tie them like I did ?  How to you wear yours ? Feel free to leave a link ;) 

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Summery kimonos:

Better untucked

Jeans Gap - Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Houndstooth print hand bag no brand

I have to admit I felt good wearing this outfit but after seeing the pictures, all I can say is that it must have looked so much better with the shirt untucked..
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Heels, maybe ?

Black jeans overalls Zara, similar - Green tee shirt No Supervision Required - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
Pink blazer Poetry, similar under 20.00 USD  here - Black bag Nina Ricci, other Nina Ricci bags I like here and vintage one   
I have been wanting to try this pink blazer with the jeans overalls for a while, results were not were not what I had in mind. Maybe with heels ?

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Pleasingly ugly

DRESS: Printed bell sleeve dress Charles Henry, similar and in orange
 SHOES: Red shoes Biviel HAND BAG: Black handbag Nina Ricci NECKLACE: Kate Spade Saturday

Just the other day I was making a comment on a blog when the idea came up. The idea of something being pleasingly ugly. It's not easy on the eyes, but so nice. It's bad, but good. It's odd, it happens and this outfit is proof. Allow me to explain. This dress does not need much accessorising, its printed and with long sleeves, so shoes, a handbag plus a pair of earrings should do. But, like I've said before I tend to add instead of subtract.
So, a moment before heading out the door I picked up a black and white chunky fabric link necklace from the Kate Spade Saturday collection (R.I.P.) and something clicked. It looked terrible. But, I liked it. In my head it worked, just for me ; ) 

Oh, and I'll be posting a close up on my Instagram, on the right bar of the blog you can see it.

White things

SKIRT: White pencil skirt Nine West - SHOES: Black patent shoes Zara - HANDBAG: Houndstooth print no brand

TOP: Black boxy satin top H&M - SUNGLASSES: Dark burgundy sunglasses from the Dollar Store 

White pencil skirt, check. White pleated skirt, check. White eyelet skirt, check. Two white mini skirts, check
Lost count of how many white shirts, blouses, tee shirts and such, but ask: most likely I'll have it. The white Halston dress from Sex and The City ? Yes, I have it too. White handbag, check
You get it, I love white garments and accessories. It's an easy wear, white is canvas and does not take much thinking. As much as I love it, the only thing I do not own in white are shoes, although I did have a pair of sandals not that long ago. White shoes remind me of the shoes nurses wear. 
How about you, is white a basic player in your closet ? Where do you draw the line, what would you never wear or have in white ? 
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A Timeline

What hangs in our closet is a bit of a life timeline, it reflects stages we are in, jobs, trends, daily activities among many other things.  Today I thought I'd share some random looks from my own blog's timeline.  

2009 Full Post here                                                   2010 Full Post here
Looks like '09 and '10 were my first years experimenting with coloured shoes, I also think color block was trending. I loved that yellow clutch however it fell apart shortly after.
 2012 Full post 

The striped dress era must have been sometime around 2012. This one got a lot of wear. Looking back, all of the items I am wearing here are no longer in the closet.

From 2013 the dress is very Pretty Woman like, so I can only guess I must have seen a rerun. Funny thing, this dress looked so good in pictures, but in real life it was falling apart and odd fitting. However this picture makes me nostalgic for it. 

                          Full post                                                                    Full post
In 2014 I held on to striped dress momentum, I also wore this dress a lot and then I gave it away, same as the shoes. 2015 chambray and bangs. I have thing thing with bangs, I want them and then when I get them I suddenly don't want them anymore.

Full post
2015 was probably one of the years where I dared to wear skirts and flats. In my head skirts must be worn with heels. It took me a while to get there. So you can understand why the skirt and sneakers thingie does not seem to be done around here.
Full post
Last year, 2016, all I can say here is that I love this dress. I feel like me in it. 

From this timeline exercise of picking random pictures through the years I can tell you that I have gotten rid of about half of the items I wore. I can also tell you that sometimes I wear things just because they are on trend and not because they look good. Not good. I can also say that you can tell I am wearing heels less and less these days. Also, not good. On the bright side, well, there's always room for improvement ;)