White things

SKIRT: White pencil skirt Nine West - SHOES: Black patent shoes Zara - HANDBAG: Houndstooth print no brand

TOP: Black boxy satin top H&M - SUNGLASSES: Dark burgundy sunglasses from the Dollar Store 

White pencil skirt, check. White pleated skirt, check. White eyelet skirt, check. Two white mini skirts, check
Lost count of how many white shirts, blouses, tee shirts and such, but ask: most likely I'll have it. The white Halston dress from Sex and The City ? Yes, I have it too. White handbag, check
You get it, I love white garments and accessories. It's an easy wear, white is canvas and does not take much thinking. As much as I love it, the only thing I do not own in white are shoes, although I did have a pair of sandals not that long ago. White shoes remind me of the shoes nurses wear. 
How about you, is white a basic player in your closet ? Where do you draw the line, what would you never wear or have in white ? 
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Mica T said...

I have so few white pieces. I'm just too clumsy and it seems to attract spills! Before my no shop challenge I was looking for a white pair of shorts or a white tank (I had a white maternity tank I passed onto a pregnant friend that I kinda kept clean). Sadly I never found anything that wasn't see-through. To me white's a hard colour to find and keep clean so I don't have much!

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Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

You know me, I like simple classic combination like this. It is just ideal look for me, cool shoes and sunglasses (fit great Your face).
PS. In fact blouse looks better in zoom out pics, like a plain dark

Beauty Unearthly said...

once again very lovely. xx

Shybiker said...

White has a surprising boldness to it. We expect it to be bland but it is actually quite bold. You look great in white.

Jane Droll said...

simple, crisp, clean and perfect!

i think white shoes are a NO for me. can't think of the last time i even wore them. oh wait -- really really white athletic shoes long, long ago. somehow i think white shoes can look cheap? or maybe just ok for a bride? idk. something for me to think about.

Kim Alston said...

Lorena, I love black & white! Your outfit looks so good. I can't get enough of the pairing in my closet.

Sheila said...

Love this outfit - it really looks great on you. I like the sash belt.

I don't mind white flat sandals for summer, but I'm not really a white shoe person either.