This spot

I drive by this place every single day. For years (literally) I have said to myself
that someday I would stop there before opening hours and take a picture.
Flower print skirt Jolly Chic - Fuchsia tank top Apostrophe - Black cropped jacket H&M - Black patent shoes Zara - Black patent bag vintage  
Today was that day.
The day I took the picture at that spot.


Jessica Cangiano said...

That is such a strikingly beautiful, and very vintage-y looking, skirt. Adore!

Way to go on taking photos in this spot at long last. I've had, and still have, some like that around these parts. In a way I like the fact that some remain because it means we've always got a fresh photo shoot location in our back pockets, so to speak. :)

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Mica T said...

What a great spot! I'm glad you stopped and took a photo there! :)

I really like your outfit too, the colour combination with the top and printed skirt is perfect.

Away From The Blue Blog

backinstyle said...

This is a pretty spot. Love your fantastic floral midi skirt, and such a nice touch with the vintage bag. The silhouette is 50's, but the look is so modern!

Kelly Roy said...

Such a great, romantic look totally suitable with the beautiful building. I see you are adding a strong vintage vibe lately but still look modern.I love to see this evolution of style on you.Do you remember the first photos you snapped? I do sometimes look at them ...and then feel very proud of how I look today.

LyddieGal said...

That's great, and it is a lovely spot indeed. I of course have a penchant for brick in my backdrops.
I have places like that too, where I go by a million times and want to take photos.
Chic on the Cheap

Kim Alston said...

Perfect spot and lovely outfit.

Ay┼če Aksu said...

You look so cute in that romper! Bizim Mekan The outfit really gives it a refresh and classy look in the middle of those lights. Sohbetci Love it!