The best deals are in your closet

We have to be honest about one thing: when it comes to adding an item to our closet: we do not "need" it 99% of the time, we can live without it. 
But, when we come across an item we like it's like falling in love, you are not thinking straight. 

You want that garment, period. You don't think if it will match other clothes, you don't ask if you're buying a multiple of yet the same garment. Wonder if it fits well, needs dry cleaning ? Will this item take my credit card to its limit ? 
Who cares ?
So when that list of must haves appears each season and kinda new stuff starts being showcased in blogs, we hit the stores or google them until we find our match. 
Our first choice is not usually to see what's in the closet, but it should be, as trends come back and if you've already invested in it, well get your money's worth. 
When I began seeing what's in for Spring/Summer 2017, I focused on 5 trends and even though "Bra-tops" and updated Oxfords are also tendencies they it did not make it into my cut. 

Here are the 5 Spring/Summer 2017 trends that happen to already be in my closet:

1. The Super Stripe: I've got them all ! Dresses, blazers and even skirts.

2. The Garden Party: I've got a floral maxi, floral skirts and even light pastel summery floral scarves. 

3. The Neon: Glad I did not toss out my bright neon trousers or top, I am also happy that I still have this dress..  

4. The Ruffles: I've got to admit over that last two years, I've been editing all things ruffles, but I still have plenty of shirts and dresses to keep me going.

5. The Mix Match: Since this trend came along I've had multiple attempts at getting it right, so to have more opportunities to finally nail it at pattern mixing is on my to-do list.

Have you shopped your closet for the best deals ? What trends are already there ? What do you really need ? 

BTW: I've been on a 3 month shopping ban since the beginning of the year, it's almost over. My tips on how I've made it through these 12 weeks are on this post


Beauty Unearthly said...

You looks absolutely stunning

The Yum List said...

My fave outfit is number 4. I like the ruffles and the shoes.

Mica T said...

You're right, it's so hard to walk away from the latest 'must have' when it's on display in a store or online compelling you to buy it. It's funny how much we already have in our wardrobe when we look though. Fashion is so cyclical.

I was starting to compile a list of all the embroidered pieces I just "had" to have when my no shop was over, but then realised I already have some embroidered pieces in my wardrobe. So I've been getting them out and wearing them instead :) Saves money and helps me stick to my ban!

Away From The Blue Blog

Porcelina said...

Wise words! This season I'm shopping my own closet for pink, I am trying to resist new pink purchases!

Gorgeous maxi dress x

Jacquard Flower said...

Great post and inspiration! Have a great weekend.

Gemma x

Dressed With Soul said...

I see you are already very well equipped! Fantastic pieces, dear Lorena!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Anja Ge said...

This maxi floral dress is amazing <3

Alexandra said...

WOW ! Congrats for going on a 3 month shopping ban! I have to consider taking a break from shopping too! I try to limit myself to 3 pieces a month since the beginning of the year, so fr I'm not doing that bad!

I wanted to tell you how much I love your yellow blouse! Paired with the stripped blazer, I adore it! It gives a nautical vibe without being costumey! Bravo

have an awesome day


Alexandra -

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Your mix and match and your neon dress are two gorgeous looks! Really love those pieces from your closet.

Shea Sayers said...

You are so right, there really are so many trends to be found in your closet. I LOVE that neon dress, it's gorgeous on you! I definitely have lots of stripes and mix/match patterns. I would like some more floral though!

backinstyle said...

Lorena, great job on your shopping ban! Love this thoughtful and inspiring post. I am bringing my spring wardrobe out of storage, and looking at it more closely this year. I'll be looking for continuing trends and things that still look fresh and mixable with new rising trends. Saving clothing you love is a great idea, even if it's not inspiring this season, it is bound to cycle back again!

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

For me: ruffles and tripes. And this stripes look is raally great. I must say next time - bravo :) Especially top: yellow shirt and striped jacket looks cool.

LyddieGal said...

That is the thing about trends, some like stripes and florals will be around forever, and the other ones you probably had to have a few years ago are coming back around again. I'll have to get my neon blouse out...
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