A Timeline

What hangs in our closet is a bit of a life timeline, it reflects stages we are in, jobs, trends, daily activities among many other things.  Today I thought I'd share some random looks from my own blog's timeline.  

2009 Full Post here                                                   2010 Full Post here
Looks like '09 and '10 were my first years experimenting with coloured shoes, I also think color block was trending. I loved that yellow clutch however it fell apart shortly after.
 2012 Full post 

The striped dress era must have been sometime around 2012. This one got a lot of wear. Looking back, all of the items I am wearing here are no longer in the closet.

From 2013 the dress is very Pretty Woman like, so I can only guess I must have seen a rerun. Funny thing, this dress looked so good in pictures, but in real life it was falling apart and odd fitting. However this picture makes me nostalgic for it. 

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In 2014 I held on to striped dress momentum, I also wore this dress a lot and then I gave it away, same as the shoes. 2015 chambray and bangs. I have thing thing with bangs, I want them and then when I get them I suddenly don't want them anymore.

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2015 was probably one of the years where I dared to wear skirts and flats. In my head skirts must be worn with heels. It took me a while to get there. So you can understand why the skirt and sneakers thingie does not seem to be done around here.
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Last year, 2016, all I can say here is that I love this dress. I feel like me in it. 

From this timeline exercise of picking random pictures through the years I can tell you that I have gotten rid of about half of the items I wore. I can also tell you that sometimes I wear things just because they are on trend and not because they look good. Not good. I can also say that you can tell I am wearing heels less and less these days. Also, not good. On the bright side, well, there's always room for improvement ;) 


Beauty Unearthly said...

Looks so good.

Jenava said...

It's so funny, as soon as I scrolled down and saw that white dress I was like, OOOOH, I LIKE THAT ONE....and then I read your comments. Yes, sister, this is so fab.

I often go back in my timeline, too! Overall, my style has improved but my body has gotten chubbier, which I regret.

Mica T said...

I love this kind of post - so nice looking back and seeing how your style changes over the years :) Shame you don't have many of the pieces still in your wardrobe, but I guess our wardrobes evolve as much as our style :)

Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you!

Away From The Blue Blog

Lorna said...

That pink floral bloom skirt is gorgeous! Very feminine!

Raindrops of Sapphire

Yvonne Aeberhard Stutz said...

Love coloured shoes - have green ones on instagram this week and everyone is mentioning them even though I was trying to place focus on the blouse!!!

xoxo Yvonne

backinstyle said...

It is so much fun to scroll through the years, isn't it? I have lots of favorites, but the polka dot dress with the bright blue accessories is so pretty and classic and looks like an outfit I would pick out today as well. Also, your windy day post made me laugh. Sometimes clothes have a mind of their own!

Kim Alston said...

Lorena, let me say...you don't age girl! LOL I think you've worn all trends very well. Nothing looks dated.