March Closet edits

I've put editing on hold. I'm currently several pounds over my usual weight and editing would not be right as I may regret my edits, specially considering I plan to get back to my usual weight. Regardless there were some items that left the closet.
A "Bad Kitty" red tee shirt from Stupid Factory, it was too tight. The bright fuchsia satin like top from Apostrophe has been worn 11 times and has been around since 2011, however I have never loved how it looks in any of the eleven outfits:

Two items in on month is not what I aim for, but its what I have for march. What was your last closet edit like ?


Laura Bambrick said...

I like the idea of sharing closet edits! I really try hard to get rid of something for every one thing I buy so maybe I should include that in my monthly budget posts! Thanks for sharing!

Mica T said...

2 items down and nothing added is still a good amount of progress! :) I should be more ruthless with what I own but I'm finding it harder to let things go now I'm on my 6 months no shop, as I am scared I'll regret it and not be able to buy anything similar. Which is silly as it's not like I have no clothes to wear, I've got and overflowing wardrobe, haha!

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Sheila said...

Keeping items you want to fit into again is good - it can work as an incentive for you to stay on track. :) I wasn't as ruthless as I've been in past closet swap-overs, but I LIKE all my clothes! I had a hard time getting rid of some of them.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Mine actually looked like none, hehe!

Good luck with your getting back the usual weight!

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Black Dress Inspiration said...

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Midnight Cowgirl said...

I need to do a closet edit soon! It's time to get rid of a few things that no longer work for me.