Unthought of

This is one outfit that has absolutely no
thought put into it. 
Da Moda Jean skirt · George top · Qupid wedges · Pagani bag
This outfit was literally something I just threw on.

I feel comfortable and I kind of like the simplicity of it, 
and it gets me where I want to go.

Silver sun pendant/pin & earrings from Mexico

Even though I usually plan what I will wear- not today.
This takes me to the next question:
Do you plan your outfits ahead of time 
or just put them together as you get dressed ?

March's Closet Edits

Some items are a little hard to let go of....
I "rediscovered" this sweater in my closet.
I fell in love with it all over again, but then I realized
that there was a snag in it. 
(Don't you hate it when that happens ?)
I tried to sew it together
and it did not come out well and the thought of taking it to the
seamstress to get it done did not make sense as it was an item
that was not that expensive to begin with... so bye, bye MIX sweater.

I did some walking around in March, as my car was in the shop for over a week.
I wore flip flops here and there only to realize that one of the silver squares that 
decorated these Gotas flops fell off. So they had to go too.

Then there was this thick cotton and spandex white
t-shirt from Down East. I loved it, it kept everything in place.
However, I took a closer look and realized that it was 
not so white, plus it had a tiny stain. 
So, off it went !

How are your closet edits coming along ?

Listography Wednesday : Catching Up

I have had a rough couple of weeks 
however I think it's time to catch up on
Listography Wednesday !

The day we learn a bit more about each other
by creating lists.

For last Wednesday the list was all about:

Fictional places you wish existed.

Well, my list includes:
- Atlantis
- CandyLand
- Willy Wonka's Factory
- Also stepping into the "sets" of certain cartoons.

Today's list is about

Scams you’ve encountered.

I look for scams. Seriously I can almost detect them.
My last one was in a restaurant, well that scam I called
"false advertising".
I requested a brownie and ice cream as listed on the menu.
They brought me something HALF the size of what I 
saw in the picture in the menu.
After arguing with the waiter, I asked him to take it back.
I was paying, I was buying the one on the menu.

OH,  I had an issue with a bank once.
I don't even want to go there, those sons of b...

Almost time to be a Bridesmaid

Back in January I wrote about 
how I felt a bit odd as I was asked to be a bridesmaid.
First, well I have never been one and second I thought it was for
singles and younger gals - However, it isn't so :)

So... my dress is here and I was called in for a fitting.
This is the dress on the model and below is the dress on me.

The dress is about two sizes larger than I would normally wear.

 The seamstress will be working on it during the week as the 
wedding is mid April.

However here is a peek of the dress...
Isn't it pretty ?

Another thing about being a bridesmaid is that in a certain
way you loose individuality as you are all wearing same 
colored gowns in similar styles.
I am guessing most of the maids will go for silver or 
gold toned shoes and accessories to complement the dress. 
I still have not decided on the accessories but
while in the store I fell in love with a pair of shoes :
Satiny red and the rose is the exact same color of my dress.

It was their last pair...
Aren't the fabulous ?

The Chicken

A few weeks back I heard a lawyer in the
family say "Even if you only have a chicken, write a will".
She could not have been more certain.

This morning I could not chose between the 
look on the left and the one on the right.
The only difference is I tied my shirt and unbuttoned my blouse. 
The look on the left, tucked in, looked a bit stiff and 
gave me no shape so I opted for tying a pretty formal 
top and making it more casual.

Banana Republic brown trousers · Elie Tahari Blouse · Carven tank top · Christian Siriano for Payless shoes

I had hopes that things would slowly begin falling into place
after these difficult days pass but they haven't. 
I have a work trip next week, which made me think
that being away would suit me, however I now wonder...

It's been a week..

Just one week and my world is totally upside down.

Grey skirt Casual · Da Moda Silver grey and white striped button down shirt

My home is crowded and the telephone rings non stop.
Michael Kors black zipper flats · American Raglie cardigan
Hello Kitty necklace & earring set from Mexico
I have a business trip coming up and it seems perfect,
I need to get away.

Difficult & Complicated

As you may or may not have noticed 
I have not had much to say.

Black dress · Cable & Gauge animal print cardigan ·Black and silver flats

My MIL passed away last week and things have been not
only difficult but extremely complicated.
Not only am I sad but I am so damn upset.

As I said, things are so very extremely complicated that I am just
completely awed.

... and yes, my dress in on backwards, otherwise it was
too revealing.

Saturday Mass

DKNY Jeans · Black and Silver flats (Germany)

Pink lace top Forever 21


Vintage gown · Christian Siriano for Payless shoes · Marc Jacobs wanna be bag

I am here but I am not....

J.Jill Dress · Calvin Klein studded belt · Obsession Flats

The Stripes are in the Top

Just focusing on staying strong and thinking clearly.

DKNY jeans · Cha Cha Vente striped top · Obsession flats · Neiman Marcus Tote
It is never easy to see anyone go.
As my grandmother says, death is the only thing that
is certain in life and yet we never get use to it.

Stripe Tuesday

Today I am asking for serenity, patience, good judgement
 and most important of all: FAITH.

Striped Dress · 52 Weekends red cardigan · Miz Mooz Red flats · Neiman Marcus black tote bag

Specifically that faith that does not rest on logical proof.
The one that gives you understanding and resignation.
The one that helps you and helps you help others get through difficulties.

Monday in Stripes

I love challenges, simple or complicated.
This week I am joining Megan Mae Daily on
Stripes Week !

Cato Jeans - Zara blouse - Red and white stripes cardigan Exclusive -
Black and gold shoes Guess - Neiman Marcus black tote
This Stripe Week was the best opportunity to use my new striped cardigan.
I doubted so much when I was going to buy this cardigan, I
was not sure if I should get it but I must admit that
I now love it.

I have no idea why it took me so long to get a striped cardigan...
Maybe fear of stripes ?

Just Sunday

I have a terrible headache.
I had hoped for a calmer Sunday but it did  not happen.

Jeans Tommy Hilfiger - Pink lace top Forever 21 - Grey shoes Qupid

My MIL has been in the hospital for over a month.
While her situation is currently stable, her condition is delicate.
We hope she will be sent home tomorrow as they have
said there is nothing else they can do.

On my side I am just trying to be there and put my best
face forward.

Visit from a Butterfly

I was getting dressed this morning when a
butterfly came to visit.
I love butterflies, to me they are beautiful creatures,
an example of struggle and perseverance.

 So, I took it as a good omen and went off to
a busy day...
Say Me jumper - Qupid grey shoes - H&M cardigan - Neiman Marcus black tote

Black Flower leather ring from Mexico

Saying a Prayer for Japan

Color Me Thursday

I have been trying to bring color into my week.
Here is another attempt.

GAP White jeans · Turquoise belt Forever 21 · Junction West colorful top · Purple Cardigan Jennifer · Miz Mooz red flats
On another note, next week I will be joining Megan May Daily
on her Super Stripes Challenge !
If you would like to join all you have to do is :
Wear your stripes !
And tell Megan about it, so she can add your link.

Green leather bag vintage · Red sunglasses (Aruba) · Cartier bracelet · 


Today I am feeling uncomfortable in many ways.

Sooki Designs trousers · Divided (H&M white bow blouse · Leila Rose for Payless Green peep toes · Green Vintage bag
First, the pants. I swear they looked good in the mirror, 
or so I thought.
Not so in the pictures....
I 've had these SOOKI Designs patterned pants for about 6 months, just
hanging in my closet. I bought them because they looked bold and
 I thought at the moment that they were an interesting and unusual addition
to my closet, mostly because it's something I would normally not wear.
They are too low and I am not sure.... maybe another top ?
What do you think ?

Another reason I am feeling uncomfortable is I got a call
this morning on someone who was "interested" in my car.
They wanted to pay half of what I am selling it for !
Talk about uncomfortable.

Is there anything in particular that makes you uncomfortable ?

Listography Wednesday !

Welcome to Listography Wednesday!
the day we make lists and learn more
about each other...
(write in the comments section your answers or
let me know if you are doing Listography too!)

Today's topic is:

List cocktails you have tried...
and I am sorry to report that I am not a drinker.
Drinker of any sort.
I think beer (i know it's not a cocktail!) tastes like
what I imagine horse pee to taste like.
I can drink socially very few times a year
and if I do I will go for really, really basic:
Piña Colada.
I have tried Margaritas and don't like them, too salty.
I have tried several types of Martinis and I don't like them either.
I had a "cucaracha" once -it's the one where they light the rim of the
glass on fire.... and I did not like it either.
I usually go for Bailey's on the rocks. Period.
Yeah, I am that kind of person.

But, how about you ?

Inspired by Gucci

Today I am also inspired by 
January's In Style Magazine...
This time it's by Gucci.

Honestly, I would have never ever put this 
much color together.
In fact I had to "tie" the whole look down to a dark color - the pants.
Mostly because I do not own anything but: 
black, white, beige and grey trousers. 

FRONT        BACK 

Anyways, I had to get a little creative with what I have.
For example, this green Ralph Lauren top is really low cut - so it is not
work appropriate in my book. 
But, since it was the only one that was bright enough to create the contrast
I decided to wear it backwards as you can see.
I was able to do this as I wore a jacket over it.
Black Cato jeans · Orange sash · Green Ralph Lauren top 
Cheap and Chic Moschino heels and Marshmallow to the left.

So, after tugging and pulling I came out with this look:

Red Nicole Lee Bag - GEORGE turquoise jacket

I adore all of these colors coming together and I really like
how it looks.
The thing is I do not like how "it feels" .... knowing I have a shirt on 
backwards, keeping the sash in place and the heels... 
for some reason they are killing me today !!