Today I am feeling uncomfortable in many ways.

Sooki Designs trousers · Divided (H&M white bow blouse · Leila Rose for Payless Green peep toes · Green Vintage bag
First, the pants. I swear they looked good in the mirror, 
or so I thought.
Not so in the pictures....
I 've had these SOOKI Designs patterned pants for about 6 months, just
hanging in my closet. I bought them because they looked bold and
 I thought at the moment that they were an interesting and unusual addition
to my closet, mostly because it's something I would normally not wear.
They are too low and I am not sure.... maybe another top ?
What do you think ?

Another reason I am feeling uncomfortable is I got a call
this morning on someone who was "interested" in my car.
They wanted to pay half of what I am selling it for !
Talk about uncomfortable.

Is there anything in particular that makes you uncomfortable ?


KATHY said...

Lore!! estas de rosita ..que linda!! beijossss

The Vintage Dreams said...

Te sienta super bien el rosa!


Delane said...

I think a slimmer top that is also sleeveless or short sleeved would look better.

Yes, when I have to ask someone for money. I could never work in A/R.

Judy C said...

If you could remove the trim that goes below the waist band they would look better.

LyddieGal said...

Well, I would like to see them with a darker top to be certain, but my initial reaction is that I don't care for them.

I actually had pink pants in my wardrobe as well, but every time i'd put them on, someone would tell me i looked like a crazy grandma and that i should get rid of them, so i did. And haven't missed them yet.

Chic on the Cheap

Señorita said...

Love the earrings!! Cute, cute, cute :)


Anonymous said...

If you're uncomfortable in these I think you should put them in your donation pile. You have so many other clothes that look wonderful on you.