Inspired by Gucci

Today I am also inspired by 
January's In Style Magazine...
This time it's by Gucci.

Honestly, I would have never ever put this 
much color together.
In fact I had to "tie" the whole look down to a dark color - the pants.
Mostly because I do not own anything but: 
black, white, beige and grey trousers. 

FRONT        BACK 

Anyways, I had to get a little creative with what I have.
For example, this green Ralph Lauren top is really low cut - so it is not
work appropriate in my book. 
But, since it was the only one that was bright enough to create the contrast
I decided to wear it backwards as you can see.
I was able to do this as I wore a jacket over it.
Black Cato jeans · Orange sash · Green Ralph Lauren top 
Cheap and Chic Moschino heels and Marshmallow to the left.

So, after tugging and pulling I came out with this look:

Red Nicole Lee Bag - GEORGE turquoise jacket

I adore all of these colors coming together and I really like
how it looks.
The thing is I do not like how "it feels" .... knowing I have a shirt on 
backwards, keeping the sash in place and the heels... 
for some reason they are killing me today !!


Judy C said...

I totally love the whole outfit. I wish I could wear shoes like that but I am stuck with flats. By the way, I'm glad you weren't inspired by that Marc Jacobs.

Franca said...

love this, such good colours for you! that green shirt is divine!

Biba said...

Fabulous outfit!

Taylor said...

You killed in this! Love love love the top - ingenious to wear it backwards. I always admire people who can take looks in magazines and redo them to suit themselves. I am not that creative.

Vanilla said...

LOVE this outfit, the colours look SO great together and I need to get some wide leg jeans! they are gorgeous :)

Love, Vanilla

Delane said...

I like the bold colors!!!

Nothing worse then an uncomfortable outfit.

Stacey said...

I love it!!! Could you wear the shirt turned around and maybe put a shell underneath for the other splash of color just for comfort? I know there is nothing like fidgeting all day :)

drollgirl said...

well you are looking great! inspired by gucci is a good thing!

Frances Joy said...

LOVE it! The color of that top is so flattering on you and the heels are divinely gorgeous, even if they are uncomfortable.

LyddieGal said...

I love the bold colors! They really look fabulous together.
I've never been a fan of wearing things the wrong way either... anything requiring constant adjustment isn't worth it.

Chic on the Cheap

Sheila said...

I love all the bright colours together. The jacket every everything looks fantastic.

Michelle Lee said...

how did you get all of those colorful outfits? love so much :)

Angeline said...

How fun! I love how you turned the shirt around to get a completely different look...I'm going to have to start flipping things just to see how they look. I love it!

Louise said...

Just discovered your blog and love it! Now following you xx

The Vintage Dreams said...


Victoria no tiene Secretos said...

cuanto color! divina!

Bombshellicious said...

Love it xx