Almost time to be a Bridesmaid

Back in January I wrote about 
how I felt a bit odd as I was asked to be a bridesmaid.
First, well I have never been one and second I thought it was for
singles and younger gals - However, it isn't so :)

So... my dress is here and I was called in for a fitting.
This is the dress on the model and below is the dress on me.

The dress is about two sizes larger than I would normally wear.

 The seamstress will be working on it during the week as the 
wedding is mid April.

However here is a peek of the dress...
Isn't it pretty ?

Another thing about being a bridesmaid is that in a certain
way you loose individuality as you are all wearing same 
colored gowns in similar styles.
I am guessing most of the maids will go for silver or 
gold toned shoes and accessories to complement the dress. 
I still have not decided on the accessories but
while in the store I fell in love with a pair of shoes :
Satiny red and the rose is the exact same color of my dress.

It was their last pair...
Aren't the fabulous ?


Shybiker said...

The dress is pretty! Many often aren't, but this one looks nice. And your shoes are great. I predict you're going to have fun at this wedding. :)

ana said...

I like the color! you look very pretty!!! and your shoes are the cuttest!

Judy C said...

What a wonderful color for you. And the shoes rock big time. I know you'll have fun.

LyddieGal said...

I think you made out pretty well in the bridesmaid dress dept - but it's tough, they are all so generic!
Your shoes are quite fab though!

Chic on the Cheap

Sheila said...

It's a pretty dress, but those shoes are awesome! I'm so glad you bought them!

Taylor said...

The last pair in in your size? It was meant to be! That dress is a great shape on you, lovely.

Kristen said...

So pretty, and the shoes are to die for! As Taylor said, it was meant to be.