Listography Wednesday !

Welcome to Listography Wednesday!
the day we make lists and learn more
about each other...
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Today's topic is:

List cocktails you have tried...
and I am sorry to report that I am not a drinker.
Drinker of any sort.
I think beer (i know it's not a cocktail!) tastes like
what I imagine horse pee to taste like.
I can drink socially very few times a year
and if I do I will go for really, really basic:
PiƱa Colada.
I have tried Margaritas and don't like them, too salty.
I have tried several types of Martinis and I don't like them either.
I had a "cucaracha" once -it's the one where they light the rim of the
glass on fire.... and I did not like it either.
I usually go for Bailey's on the rocks. Period.
Yeah, I am that kind of person.

But, how about you ?


Miss Emma Kitty said...

I am a pretty much a wine person but if I am out to dinner I will get a mojito or a pina colada.

Taylor said...

Martinis are vile. I used to drink Malibu rum & pineapple juice. Also Tom Collins(es), Tequila Sunrises... now I'm a white wine kind of gal.

Torrie said...

I stick with wine most of the time... cocktails have too many added calories (and if I'm going to add a bunch of calories in, I'd rather do it with food... or ice cream ;).

Loved your Tom Cruise comment... Yes, a totally different person (or so it seemed) back then!