The Chicken

A few weeks back I heard a lawyer in the
family say "Even if you only have a chicken, write a will".
She could not have been more certain.

This morning I could not chose between the 
look on the left and the one on the right.
The only difference is I tied my shirt and unbuttoned my blouse. 
The look on the left, tucked in, looked a bit stiff and 
gave me no shape so I opted for tying a pretty formal 
top and making it more casual.

Banana Republic brown trousers · Elie Tahari Blouse · Carven tank top · Christian Siriano for Payless shoes

I had hopes that things would slowly begin falling into place
after these difficult days pass but they haven't. 
I have a work trip next week, which made me think
that being away would suit me, however I now wonder...


Pol said...

Qué padre que compartas tus looks, mis blogs favoritos son aquellos en los que postean looks! ehhh :) saludooos!

KATHY said...

Lore..ame el mi estilo!! besosss

Judy C said...

Oh, Lorena. Your outfit is terrific. I would love to have a blouse like that and I love the way you have styled everything.

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I LOVE the look on the right! I am sorry things are still not right. Hopefully a trip will help a little.

Iris said...

I like the look on the left alot.

Jenava said...

It's very beautiful both ways. I'm so sorry you are stressed out!

Sheila said...

I like it both ways - it's a lovely outfit just the same.

Delane said...

very chic!!!

Kristen said...

It's lovely both ways. So sorry you are going through so much pain and worry these days.