October purchases

So, I picked up a few things in October,
without further delay.. here's what I got:

Silver purse pendant, purchased in Guatemala 24.00 USD

Forever 21 black and white blouse for 12.99 USD on sale.

What seems to be a Merona skirt in size 14 for 5.99 USD. 
It's big on me. I don't care, I loved it and am getting it tailored to fit.

A silver ring from Cancun in Mexico for 34.95 USD - it has a modern 
retro vibe to it that I loved.

I fear November.

Total in October 79.25 USD

Octo edits

In my desire to downsize my shoe collection, I have been
trying to wear shoes I seldom use in order to convince 
myself that they have to go.
I really need the space.

This is the case of my Karen Scott animal print vintage mules.
I have had them for over a year but I just never, ever wear them,
I wore them ONCE and they hurt my feet.

The same goes for my Bamboo multi colored flats.
I never wear them because they are uncomfortable, the back
is too high for my heel and because they are never worn
they began to deteriorate in my closet... humidity is a pain.

Then there was this pair of espadrilles purchased in Barcelona
about 4 years ago. Never worn. Needless to say I passed them on.

Floré beige shorts.
Bought about 3 years ago.
Too low cut.
I have been a little uncertain about these for a while and the fact
that the new seamstress called me fat in them made 
me want to part with these.

Black Charter Club trousers. I loved them and wore them a lot at least 18 times in the past 3 years - as per my blog record ;)
Now, they are faded.

Zenana Outfitters black and white striped top.
About 3 years old, worn max 5 times.
Never quite loved how it looked.

No Boundaries white jacket.
It's a beautiful bright white, but not quite flattering...
only worn 4 times in the past 3 years.
I decided to let it go.

Here's another white item from the closet, a white Milky Way Jeans t shirt.
Too tight, yellowed underarms- enough said.

They are are all gone.

108 have found a new home YTD.


Channeling Frida Kahlo on this Halloween.

I went to work like this :)

Someone in the elevator at work asked me what country I was from...
apparently this lady thought I was wearing the clothes from "my country".
So I had to explain to her the whole 
"It's Halloween and I am Frida Kahlo" thing.

I am sure the kids who knocked on my door trick or treating 
had no idea who I was.

I took clothes that were hanging in my closet
and that are part of my wardrobe to put this together.

  Mexican shirt - Club Monaco black skirt - H&M flats - H&M black belt 

It was quite easy, just googled her name and a million pictures came up.

And I loved the results.

Birth of an outfit

It's the end of October and I still have April 2012 In Style issue 
sitting on my nightstand, half read.

Valerie Bertinelli wine trousers - White t shirt Milky Way jeans - Go International black zipper jacket -
Animal print Aerosoles flats - Michael Kors black bag 
As I flipped through the pages, I saw an ad for
DL Nineteensixtyone and liked the simpleness of the outfit pictured.

I remembered a jacket I had hanging, brand new, unworn sine August 2011.
I immediately pictured it with a white tank and 
my cropped pants in a rich jewel tone.

Black leather rose ring from Argentina

And that.. is how this outfit was born.

Think Pink

Every year in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month
I do a week of outfits that have some pink garment in it with 
the main purpose of creating a bit of awareness.

Awareness and also remind us all to get checked.

Pink jeans Papaya - Pink printed shirt - Innovativi shoes - D&G red bag 

Also during this week I would write in each post, a story 
of someone close who had cancer and where they are now.

This year I have been so busy that my Think Pink week
never came through, but I did have time to get checked.

You should never be too busy to get checked.
Did you get checked ?

Pattern Mix Travel

Whenever I mix patterns, I only do two at the same time.
I haven't mastered the art so I am a bit shy about it.

H&M black trousers - Striped New York & Co. tank top - H&M Scarf -
Forever 21 black and white cardigan - Vera Wang Lavender flats

However since I packed just basics for my recent trip to Mexico,
I realized I had to work with what was in my suitcase to put an outfit together
to get on the plane to go back home....

So, the black and white cardigan, with the black and white striped tank
and the colorful H&M scarf came together and I even got a compliment !

On the beach

It's a funny thing.
I live in a country that has plenty of beautiful beaches.

In fact, the city I live in sits right in front of the sea,
however I never go to the beach.

But, while in Cancun, I had the urge to actually go to the beach.

Not only to feel the cool sand but also to just lay in the sun - 
which is so unlike me.
I do not tan well, I burn.

I applied as much sunblock as I could and just took in all the beauty of the beach.

Luckily enough, the beach was not crowded as it is low season in Cancun.

It's also the time for turtle babies to return to the ocean.
I hope this little one gets to live a full long life.

Chichén Itzá

I decided to take a day off after a long week and spend the day 
in Cancun, Mexico and take a tour of the archeological site of Chichén Itzá.

Faith 21 dress - Panama hat - Le Sportsac flats

Chichén Itzá is a huge pre columbian city built by the Mayan civilization, 
which is very popular these days for their calendar which 
ends December 21, 2012... this night should be the longest night.

The place is full of history and knowledge - the Mayans were 
an extremely intelligent civilization.

For example, take the building behind me, it's called the "Observatory". 
Modern day observatories are modeled from the ones used by the Mayas thousands of years ago.

I had the greatest time learning new things.

I'd love to go back.

In Cancun

Today my work takes me to.... Cancun in Mexico.

H&M black trousers - Forever 21 black and white blouse - Melissa red shoes 

I have to admit, it's difficult to focus on work
when you look out the window only to see the most glorious of oceans
and are just few steps from the beach.

It's even more difficult when I have breakfast and everyone is in flip flops and swimsuit while I am wearing heels... they look at me like I am lost.

However it also pushes me to pull myself together,
get going and finish work as early as I can so I can maybe,
just maybe walk the beach before sundown.

Which is just what I did.

Le Sportsac flats

I really cannot complaint.

Mexico's Alebrijes

I am in Mexico City.

This time I am staying in a hotel that sits in front of the emblematic: El Angel.

I decided to get up very early and try to take a few pictures there.

El Angel, which of course translates to "the Angel"
and stands for Mexico's independence.

As I walked on the main avenue of Reforma I saw color.

H&M black tuxedo jacket - Black trousers H&M - Melissa red shoes - Striped tank New York & Company

Color that caught my attention ... they are "alebrijes" - I was told.

Alebrijes are are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures and they are being exhibited on Reforma.

There are dozens of them...

A-l-e-b-r-i-j-e-s ... i am still having a hard time saying the name!

Traveling to Mexico

I traveled to Mexico very early today and
got there right on schedule.

H&M beige trousers - Pink button down shirt Chelsey & Jack - MNG Mango sweater - Le Sportsac flats 
Got on the taxi that would take me to the hotel on Reforma.
There were demonstrations on Reforma - my taxi could not drive me there.
So, he left me there.

So, it's pass noon, it's hot-hot-hot and here I am dragging my carry on down 7 blocks to my hotel on a main avenue loaded with protesters.

It was an awful walk. I wanted to cry. Seriously.
As i got to the hotel I washed my face, tucked my shirt and 
went on to my meeting.

It was an awful moment - all I can say is I am happy I was wearing flats.