In Cancun

Today my work takes me to.... Cancun in Mexico.

H&M black trousers - Forever 21 black and white blouse - Melissa red shoes 

I have to admit, it's difficult to focus on work
when you look out the window only to see the most glorious of oceans
and are just few steps from the beach.

It's even more difficult when I have breakfast and everyone is in flip flops and swimsuit while I am wearing heels... they look at me like I am lost.

However it also pushes me to pull myself together,
get going and finish work as early as I can so I can maybe,
just maybe walk the beach before sundown.

Which is just what I did.

Le Sportsac flats

I really cannot complaint.


Franca said...

so glad you got some fun time on your work trip!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Lorena, you go to the best places girl! I want your job! HAHAHAHA Great outfit and I love your sparkly shoes doll.

Judy C said...

That top is wonderful. And your trip is one I'd love to take. Without the work part.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Lorena

You were first on the reading list
Long time no see, looking great and i envy you to death!
What the heck do hou do to travel so much!

Ariane x

Sheila said...

I can't believe how much you travel! Wow, I get to walk 3 blocks if I'm lucky!

Katie Aman said...

Wow, beautiful! I hope you're able to enjoy your time there a little bit, even if you are working. Can't complain about that view though! I adore the ocean...:)

Mica said...

So glad you got to walk on the beach and relax for a little bit! :)

Lisa said...

I love this outfit, Lorena. I love cream and black together and the cut is very flattering on you.

I imagine you have a glamorous job that takes you to so many wonderful places.

The beach is beautiful; I can almost feel the warm sun on my face and my bare feet waling on the sand when I look at this!

- ME - Fashion Blog said...

Love the blouse!! You look great! Would you maybe like to follow each other??

Well... said...

I love that chic blouse! :)

Trendy Teal

Anonymous said...

That first photo I think is my favorite of you of all time. So envious that you're in Cancun--I was there once for a very short stay.

Elegance Personified said...

WOW Beautiful Turquoise Waters. Love both your sparkly flats & red shoes.

Once again gorgeous photos and I am glad you got to soak in your feet on the sand, too. Your job takes you to some amazing places. I love Cancun, I will never forget my Spring Break from there.

Delane said...

the perks of travel for work. YOu look really happy and pretty in that first photo.

looks like a great way to end a day.