Birth of an outfit

It's the end of October and I still have April 2012 In Style issue 
sitting on my nightstand, half read.

Valerie Bertinelli wine trousers - White t shirt Milky Way jeans - Go International black zipper jacket -
Animal print Aerosoles flats - Michael Kors black bag 
As I flipped through the pages, I saw an ad for
DL Nineteensixtyone and liked the simpleness of the outfit pictured.

I remembered a jacket I had hanging, brand new, unworn sine August 2011.
I immediately pictured it with a white tank and 
my cropped pants in a rich jewel tone.

Black leather rose ring from Argentina

And that.. is how this outfit was born.


Lisa said...

Lorena...I'm often inspired by the outfits I see in magazines. I have scrapbooks full of outfits I've torn from magazines.

I really really your leather rose ring.....

Mica said...

Love your inspired outfit! That jacket is beautiful, you should wear it more often :)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I love getting ideas from magazines. LOL that you let that magazine sit that long! HAHAHAHA But you have a super busy schedule and mainly away so i definitely understand. Great styling and can I have that ring?

Elegance Personified said...

I love IN STYLE and their great inspirations. That was my favorite monthly fashion magazine and the one I could relate the most to, due to their cheap vs. pricey options as well. I, too was always super-behind with their issues. Sometimes it got ridiculous. I had magazines from as far as two years back unread. So don't feel like you are the only on in this.

Great recreation to the outfit. Love the bad-ass blazer and adorable, girly ring. I wish I could see the flats better but they look cute.