Think Pink

Every year in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month
I do a week of outfits that have some pink garment in it with 
the main purpose of creating a bit of awareness.

Awareness and also remind us all to get checked.

Pink jeans Papaya - Pink printed shirt - Innovativi shoes - D&G red bag 

Also during this week I would write in each post, a story 
of someone close who had cancer and where they are now.

This year I have been so busy that my Think Pink week
never came through, but I did have time to get checked.

You should never be too busy to get checked.
Did you get checked ?


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

It's important to get checked!!! LOVE your top Lorena! What a lovely pink and print. Looks great with your white pants. Pretty bracelet too!

Kathya stryzak said...

preciosa la estampa de la camisa si!!

besos y buen miércoles

drollgirl said...

my mom had breast cancer, so i have to get checked -- a lot. it is unpleasant and very stressful. but it is good to be proactive with these things.

Elegance Personified said...

I love the message you are giving by both your outfit and your words, in this post. What a gorgeous blouse, bracelet & purse!!

One of our best local hospitals offered free Mammograms for women all month of October. Unfortunately, since I am pregnant I couldn;t have one done. I plan to get one a few months after I give birth.