Octo edits

In my desire to downsize my shoe collection, I have been
trying to wear shoes I seldom use in order to convince 
myself that they have to go.
I really need the space.

This is the case of my Karen Scott animal print vintage mules.
I have had them for over a year but I just never, ever wear them,
I wore them ONCE and they hurt my feet.

The same goes for my Bamboo multi colored flats.
I never wear them because they are uncomfortable, the back
is too high for my heel and because they are never worn
they began to deteriorate in my closet... humidity is a pain.

Then there was this pair of espadrilles purchased in Barcelona
about 4 years ago. Never worn. Needless to say I passed them on.

Floré beige shorts.
Bought about 3 years ago.
Too low cut.
I have been a little uncertain about these for a while and the fact
that the new seamstress called me fat in them made 
me want to part with these.

Black Charter Club trousers. I loved them and wore them a lot at least 18 times in the past 3 years - as per my blog record ;)
Now, they are faded.

Zenana Outfitters black and white striped top.
About 3 years old, worn max 5 times.
Never quite loved how it looked.

No Boundaries white jacket.
It's a beautiful bright white, but not quite flattering...
only worn 4 times in the past 3 years.
I decided to let it go.

Here's another white item from the closet, a white Milky Way Jeans t shirt.
Too tight, yellowed underarms- enough said.

They are are all gone.

108 have found a new home YTD.


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Lorena, let em go!!! That's the only way to bring in something NEW. I would contemplate too when it came to my closet, but now I let go a lot faster. No regrets hun!

Mica said...

You are so inspiring with your cloest clearouts! I wish I could make space in my wardrobe more often, I should try harder!

LyddieGal said...

you are so good. i wish you would come and clean out my closet.

and your seamstress called you fat?
that is so rude!

Kristen said...

That's it. I have officially started my own monthly edits, thanks to you.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love reading your edits. You always inspire me to find stuff to purge.


Elegance Personified said...

Good for you Lorena. Your Closet edits are some of my favorite posts of yours. You always have great reasoning behind each item you let go. =)