Pattern Mix Travel

Whenever I mix patterns, I only do two at the same time.
I haven't mastered the art so I am a bit shy about it.

H&M black trousers - Striped New York & Co. tank top - H&M Scarf -
Forever 21 black and white cardigan - Vera Wang Lavender flats

However since I packed just basics for my recent trip to Mexico,
I realized I had to work with what was in my suitcase to put an outfit together
to get on the plane to go back home....

So, the black and white cardigan, with the black and white striped tank
and the colorful H&M scarf came together and I even got a compliment !


Pauline said...

beautiful mix!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

girl, you are good! i'm having trouble mixing TWO! and LOL at you for saying TAKE THE WHOLE BOWL! hahahahaha I couldn't stop laughing! Great outfit Lorena!

Mica said...

Love your subtle print mixing! It all works so well together :)

Elegance Personified said...

I love the results of this. You look chic & colorful. That gorgeous glass sculpture of that naked woman sitting down - I am in love with.