How I look is How I feel

I have been feeling awful, 
right after I thought I was getting better.
Not so.
This translated right on to my clothes.
I just threw something on, it has been quite
some time since I did not make an effort.

J Jill dress · Anne Klein flats · Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote

The weekend came on to me and hit me like a truck.
On Monday I barely made it to work in the afternoon, 
I was feeling awful.
I am feeling like a cold is taking over again and I am also
terribly worried about events going on around us.
My MIL is in the hospital and things are not looking well.

Hope at least you have a good Monday :)

Roller coaster Weekend

This was a real roller coaster weekend.
But, most of it was downhill.

INC orange jumper · Calvin Klein cardigan ·
Nine West flip flops · Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote

Vena Caval Spring 2011 inspired nails in 
Marshmallow by Essie and Onyx by Vogue.

DNKY Boyfriend Jeans · Calvin Klein Cardigan · Payless shoes · Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote bag

DNKY Boyfriend Jeans · Eileen Fisher rust Cardigan · Qupid shoes · Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote bag

DKNY Black Jeans · Red tank · Eileen Fisher rust cardigan · Paloma Picasso vintage bag · Lace flats 

I don't have more to share, let's just 
say that the least of my troubles is that I 
am still sick, the rest just goes downhill.

February's Closet Edits

Not many things left my closet during the month of February.
Some items are still in the "iffy" pile that seems to have more and
more garments each month.
This month I let go of:
- LULU mustard bag that had been falling apart 
- Pair of lilac Liz Claiborne sandals that had remained
in my closet for almost 4 years unworn.
- Black star pendant that I passed on to a friend after she complimented me on it - I had not worn in in almost 3 years.
- Lace dress that did not help my figure 
(lord you can even see my belly button!) nor my skin tone.
Also moved on to a better life a printed Charter Club top that my h's mom
gave to me, I just wasn't feeling it.

Finally, also leaving the closet a white eyelet dress from ABS.
Last time I wore it, I asked for your advice. 
I leave you with pictures of other things you suggested and I tried:
Belted                                      With a jacket 

With a tank top underneath      With a tshirt underneath   

I tried your suggestions only to convince myself 
that it DID need to go.

Just a little better

I am feeling better.

Fantazia fuchsia blouse · 7 For All Mankind Jeans · Payless wedges · Neiman Marcus fucshia tote

Still coughing, but better.

I am just thankful it is Friday.
Aren't you ?

Product Review: Smashbox LASH DNA Mascara

I have to say I love Smashbox.
However, this mascara I do not love:
Smashbox Lash DNA
The brush is huge, so huge that it gets product all 
over the place and I am left with smudges on my eyelids
and under my eyes.

The brush also gets in my eye so I am left 
all teary eyed and with make up all over.
Yes, I know I sound incredibly clumsy when 
applying mascara, I swear I am not.
There is just something I cannot control in this
mascara wand.
So, yes I must say that unless you have huge eyes
or decide to use the product with another wand (like I am)
just skip it and try another mascara.

Inpired by IN STYLE

I am still sick and 
 have been coughing in a disturbing way.
However I decided I am not sick enough to stay home.
Being sick does not help my creative side for getting dressed.
SO, today once again I chose an effortless, inspired by look from 
January's 2011 IN STYLE magazine: 

Simple and retro.
Remember I said "inspired by"-  I was not happy with my results.
Then again, I think that if I had the exact same pants and exact same
blouse as the model, I still would not be satisfied.

Liz Claiborne jeans · Forever 21 white top · Qupid wedges · Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote

Maybe I am not happy with the results because I feel crappy.
I can't be happy when I am crappy.

Cough, Cough

I have been feeling awful and am sparing 
you of the (cough, cough) sick face.

Black Cato Jeans · Purple Speechless top · Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote · Michael Kors Shoes

I hope I get better, I hate being sick.
(cough, cough, cough)

Listography Wednesday

Today's listography topic is:

 List all the presidents you can name.

I remember I was taught a riddle in high school to remember
the names of the Presidents of the US, but I forgot it. Completely.
However I do remember a few names...

Bush and Bush


how could I ever forget...

Teddy Roosevelt :

"Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick"

Image via 

I barely made it to 10, how many did you get...
that is without googling "US Presidents"  ?

Jean Jacket Inspiration

I do not wear my jean jacket that often.
5 times in almost two years is not much.
So when I came across this January's IN STYLE page,
I thought it would be worth a try.
So, I got inspired on Emmy's photo and looked for a 
flower print skirt, a colored button down shirt, 
my jean jacket, heels and a bold color bag.

Tracy Evans skirt · Younique green shirt · OUT Jean Jacket · Red Lips shoes · Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote

Well, let me tell you: It did not work, at least not for me.
Don't you just hate it when that happens ?

Green Cardigan

I didn't know what to name the post.
So I named it after the first thing that called my attention in the below pictures:
the green cardigan.

I am not feeling well today, I have been coughing all morning.
I just hope I don't catch a cold.
525  America green cardigan · Dress Freesite · Red lips shoes · Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote

I hate being sick.

Driving by the Ocean

On Sunday we drove out to a restaurant 
that sits close to the beach.
Striped Cherish dress

It was warm sunny day with a cool breeze.
Can you feel the breeze ?
I am a little disappointed on how this dress pictures.
It was one of my Saturday purchases.
I could have sworn it looked good in real life !
Somehow in pictures I am not that convinced....

I wish I could do outdoor pictures everyday.
Nothing beats the sunlight.
Finally I leave you with the ocean view as we drove back home.

Carefree Saturday

Saturday was quite busy.
Going out for breakfast, taking grandma to get labs tests done,
running errands, going to the salon...
DKNY Boyfriends Jeans · Uniform orange top · Blue flower flip flops · TOUS mother of pearl pendant (late Valentine's gift)
Later that day I met up with a friend and went to check the stores out 
and yes I did a little shopping which I will show you in my monthly recap.
Finally we had a great dinner at a restaurant in the old part of the city, 
under the moon and stars...

On toes: Essie's MARSHMALLOW 

It had been some time since I had such a carefree Saturday.
I just realized how much I missed them.

Nail Inspiration !

The girl at the salon looked at me with a funny face when I showed her this :
It's a page from IN STYLE's January 2011 issue. 
They are Vena Cava's runway nails.
She laughed a little when I told her I wanted my nails like that.
For a moment I think she thought I was joking.
The thing is, well, I wasn't :) 

We used:

Essie's Eternal Optimist and Vogue's Onyx.

Since I had them done, I have had people give me the odd look and  
ask me if I "smashed" my fingers.

Honestly speaking I love them.
The fact that I have not seen anyone I know sporting these
make me love their smashed uniqueness even more !

Wardrobe Challenge Re-CAP !

This is 2011's first wardrobe capsule,
hosted by dear Jane from The Small Fabric of My Life.
As I have said, I really enjoy doing it because it's short term
and it is very, very simple.
The capsule may contain max: 10 items + 5 accessories.

Here is my run down:

Loft jacket - Zara turtleneck -MNG Jacket - Luciano Dante top
7 For All Mankind Jeans - Target skirt - Forever 21 Dress

Biviel red shoes - Christian Siriano for Payless shoes 

The above 9 items were joined by :

Earrings - 1.00 USD Brooch - Bag 

These twelve items translated into:

Without realizing it, I kept my color palette very basic, adhering to 
browns and blacks, 
just like Jane !