Nail Inspiration !

The girl at the salon looked at me with a funny face when I showed her this :
It's a page from IN STYLE's January 2011 issue. 
They are Vena Cava's runway nails.
She laughed a little when I told her I wanted my nails like that.
For a moment I think she thought I was joking.
The thing is, well, I wasn't :) 

We used:

Essie's Eternal Optimist and Vogue's Onyx.

Since I had them done, I have had people give me the odd look and  
ask me if I "smashed" my fingers.

Honestly speaking I love them.
The fact that I have not seen anyone I know sporting these
make me love their smashed uniqueness even more !


Shybiker said...

You're a trailblazer! An adventurous woman out there on the dangerous frontier of fashion! I admire your courage!

Stacey said...

I love them!!! I would like to do mine that way as well. Was there a template that you used to not go too far up with the black? I tried to do the opposite with the black on top and I didn't do a good job at all. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about creating a similar look with mint green and yellow nail polishes, but never had enough time to mess around.
Your nails look gorgeous!

Iris said...

There was a salon in NYC that was doing that pre Vena Cava. I almost went for it but, it was such a trek just for a mani... I really like the way it came out!

十十f十 said...

i tried this when i was in my nail phase. blogged about it. i got me those stencils now but i'm already out of that phase.

LyddieGal said...

they are awesome. i bet people gave funny looks to who ever came up with the french manicure as well.

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