Jean Jacket Inspiration

I do not wear my jean jacket that often.
5 times in almost two years is not much.
So when I came across this January's IN STYLE page,
I thought it would be worth a try.
So, I got inspired on Emmy's photo and looked for a 
flower print skirt, a colored button down shirt, 
my jean jacket, heels and a bold color bag.

Tracy Evans skirt · Younique green shirt · OUT Jean Jacket · Red Lips shoes · Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote

Well, let me tell you: It did not work, at least not for me.
Don't you just hate it when that happens ?


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you say this didn't work. I think you look really cute in this outfit. Nothing wrong with it at all!


Vanilla said...

I love this outfit too! It SO works :)

Love, Vanilla

Sheila said...

I disagree with you - I think it totally works!

Maybe you don't like it because the skirt is not as full? Reading the comments on the article, they recommend a cropped jacket if you're short - maybe this would be a better cut on you if it was cropped? My jean jacket is cropped and I love that it makes my legs look longer.

Stacey said...

I think it totally works, you look good!! I also think purple shirt would look really good too. I have seen these nice denim wedge heel that I think would work for me to mimic this look. I think you hit on the head!!! GREAT LOOK!!

Natalie said...

I think the outfit is cute too!

Hmm, did you try it with the top untucked and belted? Or maybe, like, Sheila said, the jacket needs to be a little more cropped?

I have a hard time wearing my denim jackets too, but for some reason I keep buying them.

Anonymous said...

Personalmente creo que cuando te inspiras en alguien haces muy buenos looks. Pienso que es más dificil basarse en alguien con lo que hay en el propio armario, aunque parece fácil no lo es para nada.

Besos from spain

十十f十 said...

why did you think it didn't work? i think it's all right. i see you tried to match with all the colours on the skirt. what would've worked, in your opinion? for me, blue denim's not very easy to wear. i tend to limit accompanying colours to just white and tan. black's ok but maybe just blue and black in one getup.

Myfashiontake said...

Found you through Style Generator. I thought you've nailed the look. I've been wanting to pair my denim jacket with maxi dresses but never got around to do it. Now thanks to you another remix inspiration :)


jajaja, qué coincidencia!!! Me encantan las cazadoras vaqueras, sobre todo para el buen tiempo. Estas muy guapa!!


Bombshellicious said...

I think it looks lovely Lorena xx