Lanvin Love - update

Went to one of my stores of "excellence" on Saturday.
As I explored the racks my eye caught a tag, it read "Lanvin", the original tag read 2,185.00 USD, followed by a sale tag from Macy's. I bought it for 1.99 USD.
The thing is all I know is that it is a grey silk dress size 40.
But it has no shape !! Have any of you seen something similar on line ?
So that I can know how it is supposed to be worn ?
It has strings that make me think that it's some type of wrap around....
Ideas welcome ...

**** Update**** Update****
Thanks to a suggestion from a fellow blogger from Make do Style  I logged into and found something that resembles my Lanvin ... could this be it ?
Stay tuned... 

Wardrobe Capsule Challenge Day 3

These are toootally weird... 
I snapped my pictures really quick this morning and as I downloaded them I realized that they look like the same. 
Front and back look exactly the same... 
Anyways as you try to figure these out, let me tell you what I wore on this third day of the challenge:
- Grey pants
- A. Byer brand floral print top
- Black patent shoes PM brand
- Red patent bag no brand
- Gold Gucci earrings

Wardrobe Capsule Challenge Day 2

It's Day Two of this Challenge!

I am pushing myself a little... for example I had never worn one dress over another ! And I did yesterday.
I am doing a very basic palette as you can see...
Continuing with the challenge, today I wore:
- Black and white polka dot dress (RETRO brand) - worn as skirt.
- No brand black sweater
- Red suede leather belt
- Red patent bag (no brand)
- Black patent pumps PM brand
- Gucci white gold earrings
- Blv silver ring (gift from H)

To be honest, I hope it doesn´t show but, I do feel a little bulky in the middle.
I had to fold the top part of the dress and push it down with the belt... it's all cramped up in there !

So what do you think ? Can you tell ?

THIS WEEK: Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

This week should be interesting.
To be honest I am a little shy on it as it's the first time I have done any type of "challenge" clothing wise.
I checked out last years' participants and was awestruck at all the cool stunts they pulled... it also seems like a great a idea to rehearse for when I have to pack for work related travel.
Beginning my challenge week I present today's outfit:

- Black and white polka dot dress RETRO brand
- Black satin dress by Richard Chai for Target
- PM Brand black patent pumps
- Red patent bag
- Gold Gucci earrings

I feel very comfortable and well dressed in this outfit, watch out Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, here I come !

Sunday at Home

I had not slept late for the longest time, I was surprised on Sunday as I woke up at 11 am !
We had family over for a late lunch and had a good time, my great aunt cooked for us and I cannot tell you how amazing her food was !
This Sunday I wore:
- White cotton mini skirt by Issac Mizrahi for Target
- Beige, red and green top Tommy Hilfiger (gift from mom)
- Tan fringe flat sandals (can't remember the brand) - yes I know I have ugly feet :0)

Saturday Night: Out to Dinner

aturday Night we got together with friends.
While taking my Masters degree a few years back I met a guy in class who I thought would be great for a friend of mine.
So I set them up on a double date.
Four of us went out.  It was my H (boyfriend at the time), my friend Jessica, the guy I thought would be good for her and me. 
Today they are married, they have been for a few years now. I feel sooo responsible for this marriage, I have told him that if he screws up I will hunt him down.
We got together with them at the same place we did when I introduced them a few years back, to this dinner I wore:
- 7 For All Mankind jeans
- Zara scarf top 
- Black Peep toe flats by Lela Rose For Payless
- Burgundy Velvet clutch by Adrienne Papel (gift) 
- Gold tone threaded earrings

We had not been out with our friends for quite sometime, so it was a great way to catch up.
Had the best conversation and one of the best dinners I have had in a while, here's a peek:
As a starter: Portobello Mushroom Bruschetta 

Followed as a Main Course:
Wine Steak on a bed of potatoes

Dessert: Brownie with Gorgonzola Cheese and Topped by Chocolate Ice cream

It was a lot of food, specially for H and I who had been holding back a little as our clothes had been feeling tight... but, I can only tell you that you have to give yourself a little break once in a while !

Save the Tooth !

On Saturday I had to go to the dentist to get my tooth checked out. To be honest I was (and still am) a little concerned because I have to travel soon due to work and I cannot even think of having tooth ache away from home.
While I prayed for my tooth to be ok and asked my dentist many many times what could be done, I wore:
- Talbot Jeans
- Younique brand green belted top
- Brown suede peep toe flats by Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Brown suede bag (no brand)

While taking my shoe pictures someone popped in ... it's Marshmallow who is always peeking wondering what I am doing...

Friday Night Out: To the Movies

Friday Night, H and I decided to go out to the movies. 
There were many options but once we got to buying the tickets all were were sold out, so we were kind of forced to see THE UGLY TRUTH.
To tell you the truth it was much more than I expected and I enjoyed it, got a good laugh.
Since I did not have much time to get dressed I kept part of my work assemble (the tank top) just changed jeans,the Sawary jacket worn a day before and added an animal print scarf and heels:

The Friday After...

Today is Friday .

Nothing like getting things that bother off your chest. Let it out.

Getting back into what brings me here (so I say) is what I wore today:
- Jeans from Talbots
- Brown tank top Wet Seal
- Green Sweater from Zara
- Purple suede ruffly flats American Eagle (Payless)
- Brown suede bag no brand (Miami Airport)
- Green and Clear Swarovski bracelts (gifts)
- Silver earrings: 
I will stop at the earrings... here comes a story:

While in Mexico I "stumbled" into a silver and crafts market, was in there for hours. 
They had so many amazing things... of course being the Hello Kitty fan that I am (we are friends, we go way back...) I immediately spotted these earrings:

But, after a closer look I realized it was Mexican Hello Kitty or the Mexican version of her. It was her Mexican cousin Hola Kitty. I bought them anyways.

In regards to the rest of today's wear, I am not happy with the brown tank, now that I look at the pictures, the tank should have been straight neck not boat neck, it would have given the entire outfit a more pulled together feel, now I know !

TODAY: It's so Difficult to keep myself together

I am having a difficult day.
Tried to cheer myself up with this colorful skirt but, I don't think it is working.
I try to be an honest person in everything I do. Really. I know I have flaws, I know I am far from perfect.
When I find something out I ask, to get the story straight. 
When I ask, there in that moment is your opportunity to make things right, you answer with the truth. 
If you don't in my head it means that there is something else you are keeping from me.
I am sorry for this ranting, I need to keep myself together. I need to be able to think clearly.

Today I chose to wear:
- Colorful Amichi brand skirt (hand me down from a friend)
- IZOD white collar top (gift from mom)
- Baci brand brown textile shoes with bow (E Bay)
- Suede brown bag no brand (purchased at Miami Airport)
- Beaded wood and seeds bracelet
All I ask for today is enlightenment from a higher power and positive vibes my way.

I think I am going to get sick

It could be the flu, my ears feel like I have a butterfly inside, maybe I had a few raindrops fall on me yesterday as I got to the office...
I got this little jacket a few weeks back and this morning while I was running around trying not to be late I put this together:

- Beige jacket with thin white stripes - Sawary brand
- 2 black tank tops, one is embellished (one was not enough... too much could be seen)

- Lands End brand beige/khaki pants
- Black Red Lips brand sandals
- Black patent Neiman Marcus brand tote bag (gift from mom)
- Vintage watch (seen here) 
- Vintage ring (also seen here )

Did I take too many pictures ? Although I am happy with my new spot in the balcony (love natural lighting) I was not really happy with any of these so I just threw them all in...

DIY: Wrap Around Bracelet

Wrap around bracelets have been around for some time.
Saturday's outfit  needed a hint of color so I picked out my red wrap around and after Hillary's comment I decided to do a quick - hopefully understandable - DIY.
For your wrap around bracelet, you will need:
- 50 inches of plastic braided cord 
- Clasp closure of your choice (I used the lobster clasp)
- Charms (as many as your heart desires)

For this one in particular I chose a braided gold tone and all of my silver charms.
So, let us begin - first you set one clasp, this will avoid the charm from falling. The other end you set after you have finished.

After I set my lobster clasp I tied a knot with the cord, then I put in a charm. Then I tied another knot and put the next charm in. 
There are several ways to do this, as you will see I let the charms hang loose. 
I did not set the charm with an additional wire ring because I plan to take this apart later.
Another option is if you do not find the braided cord, you can braid your own and slip the charms in as you braid it. This is another way to have these set in place. It all depends on your particular taste.
After you have finished slipping in the charms and knotting between them you set your closure clasp.
How to wear, you ask ?
You start wrapping it around your wrist, layering it over one same area. I usually need help doing this.

And voil√° ! You are ready to show it off 

Here`s a better look at my red one. I have seen these done with leather and they look amazing.

I would love to know if you try this out !