DIY: Wrap Around Bracelet

Wrap around bracelets have been around for some time.
Saturday's outfit  needed a hint of color so I picked out my red wrap around and after Hillary's comment I decided to do a quick - hopefully understandable - DIY.
For your wrap around bracelet, you will need:
- 50 inches of plastic braided cord 
- Clasp closure of your choice (I used the lobster clasp)
- Charms (as many as your heart desires)

For this one in particular I chose a braided gold tone and all of my silver charms.
So, let us begin - first you set one clasp, this will avoid the charm from falling. The other end you set after you have finished.

After I set my lobster clasp I tied a knot with the cord, then I put in a charm. Then I tied another knot and put the next charm in. 
There are several ways to do this, as you will see I let the charms hang loose. 
I did not set the charm with an additional wire ring because I plan to take this apart later.
Another option is if you do not find the braided cord, you can braid your own and slip the charms in as you braid it. This is another way to have these set in place. It all depends on your particular taste.
After you have finished slipping in the charms and knotting between them you set your closure clasp.
How to wear, you ask ?
You start wrapping it around your wrist, layering it over one same area. I usually need help doing this.

And voil√° ! You are ready to show it off 

Here`s a better look at my red one. I have seen these done with leather and they look amazing.

I would love to know if you try this out !


Sheila said...

Wow, I totally want to try that. What a great idea! These look amazing, Lorena!

hillary said...

blargh living in a city without craft stores at this moment blow. I will make le husband take me to one this weekend because I HAVE to have one of these. I honestly hadn't seen one until yours and I think its amazing.

Thank you so much for posting this!

Lorena said...

Thanks Sheila, Hillary: If you do make them, share!
I would really, really love to see them !
I have another bracelet using this same type of braided cord... I'll post it later next week :)

AG1978 said...

HI LOrena.... I was wondering where you got the plastic braided wrap around cord ??? I went to a craft store called Michaels, but they didnt have them :(

Lorena said...

Hi you can try on ETSY
see here[]=tags&includes[]=title
let me know if you try it out !