Saturday at the Dentist... :(

On Saturday I went to the dentist. 
I had delayed this visit for over a month as I was always busy with something else - wrong. Do not delay visits to the dentist. 
I usually have no fears here and usually fall asleep in the chair but not this time. I have to go back next Saturday to see if my tooth can be saved (fingers crossed).

I wore:
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Turquoise dress like tunic Andrew
- Kenneth Cole Reaction red patent flats
- Red patent tote bag

- Wrap around bracelet

I know that wrap around bracelets have been out for about a year (at least here) but, I needed to give this some color !


Penny said...

Wow, drowners and the dentist! What a bummer:( You do look great though:)

Lorena said...

Thank you!
Hopefully my tooth will be saved... :(

hillary said...

Bummer on dentist. :( I went last week too!

I don't know about wrap around bracelets and I covet yours desperately!! Its red, it has things that dangles it fills up a wrist ahhh love

Lorena said...

Hillary I will do a DIY for this bracelet just for you :)
It's really easy !