The Friday After...

oday is the Friday after the Difficult Thursday.

Things are WAYYYYY better today, all has been straightened out, there is nothing like getting things that bother off your chest. Let it out.

Getting back into what brings me here (so I say) is what I wore today:
- Jeans from Talbots
- Brown tank top Wet Seal
- Green Sweater from Zara
- Purple suede ruffly flats American Eagle (Payless)
- Brown suede bag no brand (Miami Airport)
- Green and Clear Swarovski bracelts (gifts)
- Silver earrings: 
I will stop at the earrings... here comes a story:

While in Mexico I "stumbled" into a silver and crafts market, was in there for hours. 
They had so many amazing things... of course being the Hello Kitty fan that I am (we are friends, we go way back...) I immediately spotted these earrings:

But, after a closer look I realized it was Mexican Hello Kitty or the Mexican version of her. It was her Mexican cousin Hola Kitty. I bought them anyways.

In regards to the rest of today's wear, I am not happy with the brown tank, now that I look at the pictures, the tank should have been straight neck not boat neck, it would have given the entire outfit a more pulled together feel, now I know !


hillary said...

Hola kitty! snicker snicker

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I think the brown tank works very well underneath the top. Glad to hear you are feeling much better.