I think I am going to get sick

It could be the flu, my ears feel like I have a butterfly inside, maybe I had a few raindrops fall on me yesterday as I got to the office...
I got this little jacket a few weeks back and this morning while I was running around trying not to be late I put this together:

- Beige jacket with thin white stripes - Sawary brand
- 2 black tank tops, one is embellished (one was not enough... too much could be seen)

- Lands End brand beige/khaki pants
- Black Red Lips brand sandals
- Black patent Neiman Marcus brand tote bag (gift from mom)
- Vintage watch (seen here) 
- Vintage ring (also seen here )

Did I take too many pictures ? Although I am happy with my new spot in the balcony (love natural lighting) I was not really happy with any of these so I just threw them all in...


ana said...

You look great in that outfit... the jacket is really pretty!

Sheila said...

Great outfit! I love the attention to detail. A pop of colour would be nice - the bag or the shoes?

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Hope you are feeling better.
Watch and Wedding Band Hmm! I think wedding band and watch are both functional - like underwear so cannot come under the 5 accessories rule. Great question though and I will post it on the final recap.

Lorena said...

Thanks for coming by ladies!
I am guessing a pop of color, maybe a red or yellow bag would do the trick--
Oh I am soo looking forward to next weeks Wardrobe Capsule! Yay!