I am not dressing up this year.
Not wearing a costume, not handing out candy.

Praia black jumper - Forever 21 orange button down - turquoise necklace - Black flats Michael Kors - grey bag Arena Milano
cute dog: Marshmallow ;)

Yep, this year I am just being a real witch.


This jumper has become an any day favorite.
Black jumper Praia - Qupid grey wedges - Arena Milano grey bag

What's your go-to-garment these days ?

October edits

It's that time of the
month again:
Here are my October closet edits.

One of the things I hate the most is going back
to an item that I have not worn for a while and falling back in love with it again, only discover that it has begun to fall apart.
It's like running into a friend that you love and had 
not seen for a while and then telling them to go to hell.
This is the story of my black Breckelle's peep toes:

Then there are those like the ones below which were purchased
in Berlin a couple of vacations ago, that you just simply get tired of:

Then there are those items just shouting out "retirement":
My beloved Qupid animal print wedges.
They have been repaired so many times.
They have been around for about 4 years, but it's time to retire them.

Finally, a couple of tops:

White Da Moda tank top and white Da Moda ample collar shirt.
The tank is not that white anymore plus it has stains. 
The button down shirt has been worn maybe twice in +2 years
and it just doesn't feel right. 
Last time I wore it, 
I tried it on with at least 8 different garments and nothing worked.

The Fariani top on the left, it was a gift and I only wore it twice in about 3 years.
Also my long green Younique button down is my only garment in this color
which is why I think I have kept it in my closet for so long.
I've had it for at least 4 years but don't wear it often and I have 
never really loved it - so I find no good reason to keep it.

As I continue to purge my closet I find it's a problem for me to let go. 
Why is it so difficult ?

October Purchases

No month has gone by this year where
I have not bought something.
So, October came and I added a few more
things to my about-to-explode closet.

Bathing suit 49.95 - 
White pearl like sunglasses  5.99 -  
Vassarette slip 12.95 

I also added a dress.
It's one of those comfy ones with a fabric that does not wrinkle.
Perfect for travel.

On sale: Nicole by Nicole Miller dress 7.19 USD

A black t shirt from Daisy Fuentes for 2.69 USD
(also on sale)

ANOTHER pair of Old Navy Sweetheart red jeans, just one size smaller.
I realized that the one I had seemed a little big
and when I saw this on sale for 1.49 USD
I just bought it.

An animal print shirt for 21.95 from Antilia Femme ..

Finally two identical button down shirts from Forever 21.
One in blue and the other in orange, also on sale for 9.99 USD each.
How could I say no ?

My grand total for October was 130.74 USD.

Do you keep record of how much you spend per month ?

If so, give me the number !

Looks good, feels weird

This is one of those outfits
where it looks good but feels weird.
Let me elaborate, its all about the culottes.

Culottes Platinum jeans - White button down shirt Angel - Qupid grey wedges - Arena Milano grey bag

I've had them for at least 4 or 5 years and 
never wear them because they are tight.
They zip up at the back and are too low cut 
for me, which is probably the reason I have only
worn them once before HERE on the blog.

I've had to make a real effort to wear these culottes.
Tried them on with many tops and nothing seemed to
look good or help me dissimulate the muffin top.
Only this shirt could do all that.

The thing is to me a garment that works
should be effortless.
Something magical....
Where you put it on and just look and feel like a 
No tugging, no pulling, no holding your breath in.
So, as much as it's my only pair of culottes
and they will be trendy somewhere sometime soon
I am letting them go.

Do you have culottes ?
OR do you consider them a granny thing ?


-unknown author

7 For All Mankind jeans - Blue button down shirt Forever 21 - 525 American Green cardigan - Tsubo yellow shoes - Grey Arena Milano bag
Happy Friday ! 

Silent Campaign

I think you know what the ribbon means...

Black trousers - A.B. Joseph black sweater - Lace top Express - Innovativi shoes - Michael Kors black bag
It means "awareness" .

Happy Pink thursday !

Think pink on Wednesday

Made the appointment ?

Levis Jeans - Green tank top Da Moda - Hello Kitty sweater Forever 21 -
Pierre Dumas silver flats - Arena Milano grey bag

Had the check up ?
Don't forget that October is breast cancer awareness month.

Tuesday - think pink

October is almost over, however it's still 
breast cancer awareness month and you are just
in time to make your yearly check up appointment.

Black t shirt Daisy Fuentes - Black trousers - Breckelle's black flats - Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote

Remember that early detection
can make all the difference.

In October: think pink

By now, you've definitely heard:
October is breast cancer awareness month.

Levis Jeans  - 525 American Green Cardigan - Fuchsia Apostrophe top - Beige flats - Neiman Marcus Fuchsia tote

Last year, to create awareness I wore pink 
an entire week and wrote about people that 
I knew that struggled with cancer.
However I must confess that even though I was aware enough to blog 
about it  I did not even make a doctor's appointment to get checked.

This time I  not be wearing something pink everyday this week but,
can tell you that I did have my yearly exam.

How about you ?

Being a tourist

Sunday was a glorious day to be
a tourist in sunny Panama where I visited the old city....
Striped dress (no brand) - Exclusive! jean flats - Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote - Panama hat

This colonial area is actually called San Felipe in the city of Panama.

San Felipe has a couple of plazas that bring to life this colonial place.

This magic place sits in front of the Pacific Ocean and has the most
magnificent buildings....

Old buildings I love.

 Big windows, well kept balconies where bouganvillas and ferns hang.

Many of them have been restored to their original beauty.

Others are still waiting to be intervened and in the meantime provide
an interesting contrast....

Walking the old brick streets gives you an idea of what live could have been like.

This place has personality, many interesting paintings and graffitis can be seen
as you walk down the sidewalk.

Here you can find the Presidential palace, shops, museums, exhibitions, churches, bars and coffee shops to make a stop and 
add more flavor and color to your day before going back to reality !

I must admit this has got to be one of my most colorful posts... ever.
The pictures have only been cropped - colors are just like they were :)


I have a lot of things pending to do...

One of them is to tell you about the day I met 
Ralph (aka Allie) from Shybiker.
This was months ago, but I lost the picture in my files
and what I did today was copy the photo from his blog :)
Actually it's the second blogger I've met.
One I actually ran into in April click here.
We met in NY.
I think like me, he must have been nervous at the beginning
but then we just started chatting away like we 
had known each other for years.
We spoke of how long we had been blogging, bloggers we'd
like to meet (Hey Sheila!), how we worried when a blogger
we followed went MIA from blogland, how bloggers are the 
modern day pen pals (we both had pen pals!) 
family, and certainly Allie.
He seemed to be calm, attentive to details, polite, 
a good listener, smart, intuitive, warm and caring.
Just the type of person you are glad to have met.
I know I am late with this post but, it's never too 
late when you mean well ;)
It was a pleasure Allie !

Talking business

This week was totally business oriented as I wrote 
about things we should try to stay away from in order to not only 
be but also look focused, formal and business like.

Levis jeans - Tommy Hilfiger white polo - Brown spadrilles from Spain 

So, I thought I would do a quick wrap up:

1. If going to an event/important meeting do not color your hair the night before. This is for both men and women - you do not need to be remembered  as the person with the crazy hair color.

2. Don't pack the night before, this may lead to overpacking and 
extra heavy luggage - and you must be able to handle your own.

3. Don't be "on time" specially if you are hosting the dinner/event/presentation.
Be early, be there to welcome participants.

4.  Turn the cel phone off. Not only that but don't have it in your hands.
You need to concentrate and pay attention - and you need to look interested and not distracted.

5. Avoid heavy drinking. 
You really don't need to be remembered 
as the one who got sleezy, tried to dance with a post or threw up.

6. Remember why you are there, stay focused.
You are not there as a tourist but conducting business :)

7. Don't have side conversations, the idea of having events in which there are lots of participants is to share, share, share - speak to as many people as possible.  Now, watch out for oversharing ;)

My work week was amazing. Hectic but perfect.
I know it may sound odd, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Don't have a "side conversation"

It's a no-no that I must confess I
have done while in a business dinner: 
have a "side conversation".
You know, it has nothing to do with the
reason you are there and you just want to keep it
between you two - 
Black trousers - black flawy top Ponny tail Pony tail  - Black Breckelle's shoes - Brown patent clutch

I also plead guilty to over sharing....
specially if I really, really like the person I am talking to.
There is a limit on how much information you want to share
when in a business oriented event.

So, what are you guilty of ?

Remember why you are there !

One important thing to remember when you
are away in a business related training, meeting, dinner, event is:
Red jeans Old Navy "Sweetheart" - Calvin Klein white shirt - Michael Kors black bag - Michael Kors black zipper flats - 
While locations can be new, distracting (check out the views from my room below),
and the place you stay could have tours, pool, spa and many, many amenities. Well, you must remember why you are there.
In this case: for work.

Yes, for work !