Remember why you are there !

One important thing to remember when you
are away in a business related training, meeting, dinner, event is:
Red jeans Old Navy "Sweetheart" - Calvin Klein white shirt - Michael Kors black bag - Michael Kors black zipper flats - 
While locations can be new, distracting (check out the views from my room below),
and the place you stay could have tours, pool, spa and many, many amenities. Well, you must remember why you are there.
In this case: for work.

Yes, for work !


SassyUptownChic said...

Repeat that 100x. LOL It's good to have a little fun too! Love those red pants Lorena. It's a beautiful RED! :D Happy Monday!

Kristen said...

Great advice. Although you go to much more enticing places than I do for work! :)

Biba said...

Goodness me, breathtaking scenery!

Anonymous said...

Those are some cute red pants!
That view would be way distracting for me. I think I'd be fired :)

Stacey said...

I sure wish I was in that hammock. I love when you travel and share :)