I have a lot of things pending to do...

One of them is to tell you about the day I met 
Ralph (aka Allie) from Shybiker.
This was months ago, but I lost the picture in my files
and what I did today was copy the photo from his blog :)
Actually it's the second blogger I've met.
One I actually ran into in April click here.
We met in NY.
I think like me, he must have been nervous at the beginning
but then we just started chatting away like we 
had known each other for years.
We spoke of how long we had been blogging, bloggers we'd
like to meet (Hey Sheila!), how we worried when a blogger
we followed went MIA from blogland, how bloggers are the 
modern day pen pals (we both had pen pals!) 
family, and certainly Allie.
He seemed to be calm, attentive to details, polite, 
a good listener, smart, intuitive, warm and caring.
Just the type of person you are glad to have met.
I know I am late with this post but, it's never too 
late when you mean well ;)
It was a pleasure Allie !


Shybiker said...

Yay!! Thanks for posting, buddy. And thanks a lot for saying such sweet things. I hope I'm as nice as you describe me!

drollgirl said...

how fun! i am glad you two enjoyed each other!

i have never met a blogger i didn't already know. i think i'd be scared to death to do so! i know i would be!

Sheila said...

That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. :) I love that picture!

Kristen said...

Awww, how sweet! And it looks like I have a new fascinating blogger to follow!