October Purchases

No month has gone by this year where
I have not bought something.
So, October came and I added a few more
things to my about-to-explode closet.

Bathing suit 49.95 - 
White pearl like sunglasses  5.99 -  
Vassarette slip 12.95 

I also added a dress.
It's one of those comfy ones with a fabric that does not wrinkle.
Perfect for travel.

On sale: Nicole by Nicole Miller dress 7.19 USD

A black t shirt from Daisy Fuentes for 2.69 USD
(also on sale)

ANOTHER pair of Old Navy Sweetheart red jeans, just one size smaller.
I realized that the one I had seemed a little big
and when I saw this on sale for 1.49 USD
I just bought it.

An animal print shirt for 21.95 from Antilia Femme ..

Finally two identical button down shirts from Forever 21.
One in blue and the other in orange, also on sale for 9.99 USD each.
How could I say no ?

My grand total for October was 130.74 USD.

Do you keep record of how much you spend per month ?

If so, give me the number !


Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Wow, a dress for $7?? And those red jeans look fantastic. I think you're a very great shopper, Lorena! I am not for-sure, but I think I average about $150/month on clothes and accessories. That does *not* include hair : >

Shybiker said...

What great stuff! The Nicole Miller dress will look fabulous on you.

I'm frugal with my shopping 'cause if I didn't restrain myself, I'd go crazy. I try to limit myself to under $100 a month.

Sheila said...

I should probably record how much I spend each month - it's probably over $200. I don't actually spend money on much else (maybe eating out). I walk to work, I don't buy coffee out...I don't really spend any money on a daily basis, so I don't feel bad about it. I figure clothing is my hobby!

I love those red jeans! What a score!

Anonymous said...

You really find some amazing deals! I especially love the animal print top and the red jeans.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I don't keep track. You got some great deals here. I love your new dress.