Think pink on Wednesday

Made the appointment ?

Levis Jeans - Green tank top Da Moda - Hello Kitty sweater Forever 21 -
Pierre Dumas silver flats - Arena Milano grey bag

Had the check up ?
Don't forget that October is breast cancer awareness month.


Patti said...

Adorable! Yes, I did it - hope all your readers are too!

Stacey said...

Very cute!! Hello Kitty is awesome!!


ChulĂ­simo el jersey de Kitty, a mi peque le encantarĂ­a :)


Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Lorena, yes i get checked every 2 years! i love the Hello Kitty shirt so cute.

About the dress on my last post, i will put a pic of the dress on the tag me and more of my favorite you
As for NY vintage prices, it depends where you go - I find that Buffalo Exchange and Beacon's Closet have excellent price, it is cheaper than Montreal and i shop a lot for Vintage clothing in MTL - If you ever come to my city i will give the best addresses to shop!

Lots of friendship - Ariane xxxxx

Jenava said...

I love your shoes!